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Dragon Ball Victory

Character thread


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Name: Calvin K. Briefs

Species: Human (with Saiyan ancestry)

Affiliation: Capsule Corp





Calvin K. Briefs is many things. Billionaire, genius, martial artist and part of the famous and powerful Briefs family. While he is a direct descendant of Bulma Briefs and Prince Vegeta of the Saiyans, after a couple centuries the Saiyan genetic inheritance has dwindled to nil and Calvin possesses no Saiyan abilities. As far as he's concerned, that's no problem. Calvin has pushed himself to be a master of both the mind and body, an exemplar of the family legacy.


While he holds an ill-defined position in Capsule Corporation, Calvin has directly contributed to or designed much of Capsule Corp's latest technology and innovations. This, along with his family ownership, has given Calvin a great deal of authority to swing around at his own leisure. And of course, as with any young egregiously wealthy super-mind, Calvin works hard and plays hard. It's good to be him.

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Name: Ginka of Planet Vegeta

Species: Saiyan

Affiliation: Saiyan Healers Corps



Appearance: Petite, wiry, and brown-haired with a distinct pair of bright yellow eyes, Ginka proclaims her saiyan-hood with the long, furry tail she lovingly-maintains as one of her few personal vanities. The long hours she works and lives that have slipped through her fingers show in the bags under her eyes and utilitarian garb. She can usually be found with at least one or two pieces of alien tech on her person, most notably an ever-blooming lotus she wears in her hair.


Background: Someone has to keep headstrong Saiyan warriors alive through their many battles. No one said they'd be nice about it after dealing with headstrong Saiyan warriors most of their careers. On galactic walkabout after burning out on her fellow Saiyans, Ginka is on Earth looking for someone who helped her and left her with both questions and a bothersome debt that gnaws at her tenuous patience even more than normal. 

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