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Horrible monstrous Kaiju hellbent on destroying all that man has built, super tech mechs built as a last ditch effort to defend the human race, sexy elite mech drivers with over active hormones ... what could go wrong




you know the drill...

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More Godzilla, King of Monsters and Pacific Rim than anything Anime that y'all might be used too. Oh and a lot more sci-fi than either of those.


Details are minimum right now but will solidify if there is any interest, that includes deciding on a system to use.


I am envisioning a dynamic that will encompass a mix of solo and ensemble play.


no, the kaiju are not playable.


I will answer some questions about the setting but I will not get detailed or specific at this time.



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I am looking at systems as we type. I need something that can handle different scales well or something that is designed from the ground up with this genre in mind. am open to suggestions



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Honestly, previous mech games I've been in have been sort of kludged. MY longest running one was based on Shadowrun. You essentially built two characters, your meat suit and your mecha, but it was messy to say the least. Fun, though.


Cthulhutech also has mecha in it, which was decent. But like many Cthulu based games, the players are constantly in extreme danger, and it focuses a lot on their mental health, which is not something you're looking for, I think.


 Noir had tried to get a Mekton (or was it Jovian Chronicles? I can't recall) game going. IT's specifically designed around Mecha, so that could be an option, but it's very Gundam and Anime in it's approach, from what I recall. Both systems could be viable though.


BESM allows for mecha characters to be created, from what I recall, but you'd be better off asking Justin about that one.


Around that, I'd actually need to sit down and think. Those are the ones I can recall off the top of my head.

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if i get enough interest >cough< replies here >cough<  i will maybe put up a little poll to see what the prospective players would prefer. I have a couple i'm looking at and a few more to peruse. 


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Pac rim is heavily anime influenced... just sayin  Guilermo Del Toro is a huge fan of Mazinger and basically all super robot shows.

Oh yeah


as if there was any doubt.

admittedly, Mekton is the best system for a game like this, though it's damn crunchy, and can be abit annoying at times.

BESM is easy enough to do it in, admittedly 3e is better than 4e because we're certainly all more familiar with it.

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While I am personally not that into mecha vs kaiju I would like to recommend using Fate Condensed, which is a newer version of the Fate Core game.

The system's relatively simple, using Aspects, Fate Tokens (bennies) and customizable skills/stunts/etc.


It is very modular and can be rebuilt to represent anything, but! it is less crunchy and more theatrical in nature. It feels a bit like the MiniD6 system from STO.

It can be gamed a bit easy if you know how the mechanics work, so it's better for collaborative storytelling than a more gamey situation, which is why it might work here.

The Fate dice can be tricky, they roll +, 0 or -, but they can be replaced with D6 easily if needed (1 and 2 is minus, 3 and 4 is zero, 5 and 6 are plus).

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1 hour ago, Laughing Crow said:

While I am personally not that into mecha vs kaiju I would like to recommend using Fate Condensed, which is a newer version of the Fate Core game.

The system's relatively simple, using Aspects, Fate Tokens (bennies) and customizable skills/stunts/etc.



one of the systems i am looking at is Mecha Vs Kaiju which is a fate condensed game. it has a lot of supplements and would require little modification to fit my setting.

i am also looking at my stand by system of choice Trinity as it has the scaling that i desire and i am familiar and comfortable with it.

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2020 never did get better, and China became the country which kept on giving.


The monsters first appeared in late 2020 in the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in western Mongolia on the border with Northern Xinjiang, People's Republic of China.

Their first appearances were picked up in late November when odd troop movements of the Chinese army and air forces were detected. It appeared that China was fighting someone but there was no indication of who.


Intelligence was eventually collected which showed that the Chinese army were in battle with a large group of unknown animals of immense size. When queried by the west China denied anything of the sort saying they were just conducting live fire exercises.


Thru December reports kept coming out of northern china and while nothing could be corroborated, even with satellite imagery, descriptions of strange mutated wildlife, including huge creatures which resembled “Reptilian insects” larger than elephants, kept surfacing in unofficial reports and grainy images on the internet. The exercises ended abruptly in late December with three nuclear detonations each in the megaton range in the area where the “Chinese Exercises” were being held.


The west condemned what appeared to be above ground nuclear test which the Chinese admitted to with apologies. That should have been all the warning needed that something was up. But despite the continued Chinese buildup of military forces in that remote region, the west accepted the explanations and apologies, after all, the continuing Pandemic crisis and various economic melt downs plaguing the world were still on going so who cared if china was screwing around in their own backyard.


It was a mistake, but it probably did not matter.


January 28th 2021 a previously undetected asteroid slammed into the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park right in the center of where the Chinese nuclear “tests” had occurred. The asteroids size was estimated to be about 200 meters and the resulting explosion upon impact was roughly 3600 megatons. The devastation in the remote region was terrible and an estimated quarter million Chinese military were obliterated along with their tanks and artillery that had been placed there at the end of their “exercise”.


Eighteen hours later a similar asteroid strike impacted in the South China sea. The resulting tsunamis were devastating to the Asian coast and to the Island nations in the area with horrifying loss of life. But that was only the beginning.


Back on mainland China something emerged from the wasteland created by the impact. A half dozen creatures that could never be mistaken for terrestrial animals strode forth. These things were Bipedal and appeared to be a chimeric cross between mammal, reptile, and insect. Each was subtly different, and they all stood between 10 and 12 meters tall. Accompanying these gargantuan monstrosities were dozens of smaller creatures of nightmare these ranged in size from 2-5 meter and were all different in appearance.


to be continued...

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okay that three so that is enough to start working on it.


as it stands right now I will probably stick with using the story path system from Trinity with some house rules and additions from other sources to add the appropriate flavor. I'm leaning this way because it can handle the scale shifts  and because i am comfortable with the system which is easily adaptable and expandable.


I will make a Club tomorrow and add some details and instructions there


Recruitment is still open if anyone else wants to throw in their hat


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  • 3 weeks later...

I'd love a chance to join this game. I have a concept that I think would work. 


Xenobiologist(Up close and personal edition)


The way I see it, the Kaiju are the ultimate in cryptids/unusual lifeforms, but they are extremely dangerous. So, by having a scientist mindset while being a mecha pilot, this character may have a leg up on his fellow scientists trying to figure out Kaiju biology. While this is going on, he is going to butt heads with more traditional scientists and because he wants to study the various aspects of Kaiju, he will also butt heads with more traditional soldier types. This will not be a completely antagonistic relationship, however. I have more on the concept if you want to hear it, in private. 



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sounds good are you  on discord yet? if not join

aside from that go ahead and put together a charcter and submit it here via pm

you can use the posted characters as a template and house rules are in the house rules thread


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