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Give me an Idea of who is playing and a concept of who you will be playing.


also if you have any questions ask here


the world is still forming and i am open to hearing any suggestions...might not follow them but i'll hear them 🙂


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I'm considering two approaches, One will be a military man who joins the IAMC out of patriotic duty.    Was thinking on either him being a former Delta/Ranger, or barring that, a former mechanic/engineer.  probably want a high firepower tanky Mech for this one

The second idea is an assassin, one who was contracted by one of the megacorporations to Test out their latest mecha design.  This would be a stealthy sniper type machine possibly with flight capability.

Are you going to give us a "Base frame" for the mecha, that we can then make some additions/modifications to to suit our playstyle?

What type of power source are we talking here?

I'd advise against any sort of nuclear fission power,  Something like a Shielded Plasma drive,  or dare I say the Magnetic containment Fusion engines from battletech...  I guess it depends on how much you want the normal laws of physics to matter....

The Original Kaiju are  10-12m, are they larger now?  Are the mecha built to that scale?


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1 minute ago, Shameless said:

Are you going to give us a "Base frame" for the mecha, that we can then make some additions/moddifications to to suit our playstyle?


Yes. this is something I will be working on along with CC rules.  If you have the Aeon Expansion book it details VARGS which will be the basis for our Mecha you can get an idea since most of it will just be nomenclature changes.



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sorry for not getting anything here. turns out this is more work than anticipated and on top real life intruded. will be working on this but realistically no eta as of yet.


but you can still do your concepts and we can work on fluff together if you have questions or need some bit of background filled




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quick question for the other players.  What sort of mecha are you looking at piloting?

My own choice is something like the Arbalest from Full Metal Panic.  Humanoid, fully functional hands, which operate mech-scale weaponry (shotgun, machine guns, heavy ballistic Cannon)  Molecular cutting blades. It's a generalist, with the ability to carry a modular payload, and function as a "trooper-type" mecha. I was thinking of giving it the Electronic Camoflage System (re: cloaking device)

a picture for reference

I'm figuring we're going to be our own Element, though I could be wrong.  Still a little coordination over mecha roles and capabilities and such  won't hurt.


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Looking at a support Mecha. It'll be nowhere close to humanoid. It's a quad legged design with arms as well. It's a smaller version of this. With less weaponry, just the chin mounted phased array laser and a plasma blade in the right arm. Also, it has a cargo hold, and hoist to get stuff in there. In addition, it possesses a highly advanced sensor system for analyzing Kaiju biology. It's at the high end of size 2.





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Oooo, Nice you two. For myself, I'm thinking a jaunty little Scout packing mobility and sensor upgrades as well as two lightning cannons for hands. The original was a kaiju scale threat killer, too, and someone in IAMC probably wants to avenge Korea with a little irony.



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As of today I am putting this on permanent hold. we gave it a shot but to be honest I'm not the best person to run a giant robot vs monster game. Think i will leave that for the experts next time. Thanks for the attempt guys

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