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Your Stories


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Ok what I want each of you to do is give 2-4 story Ideas for each your characters.


should be just one or two sentence blurb with a plot. no details just a general thing.


Need at least two, they don't have be connected or have anything to do with each other or they can be intertwined. I don't care as long as its at least two separate plots 


For example


Brigits' story

1) Brigit has to answer in court for the injury her eruption caused to the other fighter.

2) Brigit has come to the attention of the criminal mastermind of Chicago, who sets a trap for her to discredit her.


get me those and good things will happen to you

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For Ryan, One big one is the Mission to Mars, the Asteroid belt and beyond.   It's not just as simple as he goes there, collects samples and what not.  His powerset makes it possible, but for him, it's the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

another I've had is that Ryan can help with undersea operations as well, and is contracted to help construct them.   A variation of this, is also the potential for something akin to the Hollow Earth stuff, finding life-filled caverns beneath the earth's surface and investigating.

The Kelptapus returns.   Kaiju combat at its finest.  A potential test for the Crisis response team, and possible closure for Ryan.


Utopia sends Emily to try to recruit him, playing up on their bond.


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Let's see

1) Partially due to her hypersensitive sense of smell, Sean finds herself infatuated with or at the very least drawn to a man who really isn't good for her, thanks to pheromones and/or something else. She knows the guy isn't good for her, isn't even decent in general, but the sex is phenomenal... 

2) Someone tries to get Sean Cassidy involved in the Ordo Ex Incarnatus Venii, The Order of the Incarnated Venuses. A female focused cult that masquerades as a networking group for the betterment and furtherment of their female members. Secretly, they believe that the particularly attractive and visibly spectacular female Novas are aspects of Aphrodite/Venus incarnated in semi-mortal form. Furthermore, they believe that sleeping with male novas and/or consuming of their essence (in quite the literally sense of seed, blood, or flesh) can elevated one to the Incarnate, but the men are nothing more than a means. Women are the vessels for divinity, men merely a channel for it.

3) A politician of some level who is wary or against the Empowered in general tries to muck with her immigration/visitation status to try and get her deported. How dangerous the American Empowered potentially are, they should be especially wary of foreign ones.

4) Rich mundane offers Sean a truly indecent proposal for a ludicrous sum. If Sean refuses, turns towards more nefarious means than money.

5) Someone believes it's Sean fault for the dissolution of their marriage and does something drastic about it.

6) Sean travels about the world, seeing places and wonders she never thought she would ever see, using both conventional and quantum travel (with also expands places she can open portals to without direct sight). Mysterious deaths start appearing in proximity to the places she travels to.


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