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Cast of Barbarians


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Name: Firanis Flux0461f4b30e68ca125e3c4b374240e190.jpg
Player: Shawn
Class/Race: Scavenger
Level: 2

Strength 14
Dexterity 15
Constitution 16
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 13
Charisma 11


Hit Points: 15
Hit Dice: 2d8
Destiny: 1

Weapons & Armor: Light and Medium Armor, All Shields, All Swords, All Bows, Daggers, Energy Weapons, and Ancient Earth Firearms
Attack Damage: 1d6/1d4 Unarmed or Improvised

Languages ( illiterate ) English, Vek

Special Features
Agile: The Scavenger rolls with Advantage when testing DEX to avoid damage or effects from traps and magical devices. Also, rolls with Advantage when performing delicate tasks, climbing, hearing sounds, moving silently, understanding written languages and opening locks.

Sneaky Bastard: The Scavenger knows how to hide and move quietly. They roll with Advantage when attacking from behind and deal 2d6/2d4+the Scavenger’s
level damage.

Keen Eye: Once per hour a Scavenger can look through junk piles and make a Luck roll; if the result is 4-6 they find something mundane of use. This could be a waterskin, some rations, an energy cell for a laser weapon (1d6 Usage Die), etc. The GM has final call on what is acceptable or not.

Fixer: A Scavenger knows how to repair technology. They must succeed on an INT test to repair a machine (vehicle, robot, etc.). If successful, the Scavenger heals the machine 1d6+Scavenger level HP. Repairing an object takes 1d6 hours.


Leveling Up
Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for DEX or WIS.

Steel K-bar (Dagger)
Boltcaster (Crossbow)
Leather straps over patched tank top and camo cargo-shorts (Cloth Armor)
Ammo for ranged weapon
Rations (1d6) 
Waterskin (1d6) 
Torches x6 (1d6)
Healing salve (1 HD of HP restored)
Trinket - An Ancient Earth “HAM” radio, still functional.

Coins: 20 Blue Ceramic

A pretty, young woman with an angular, vulpine face with large, expressive pale indigo eyes and thick, wild magenta hair shaved short on the sides and left longer on top. She's lean and wiry and remarkably tall due to unusually long legs, strong and shapely, her skin incredibly smooth and alabaster. Tends to wear sleeveless tops and cargo shorts augmented with extraneous leather straps, buckles, and pouches, sturdy boots, fingerless gloves and goggles. Bits of metal pierce one side of her nose, a brow, and several places on her ears.

It really hadn't been her fault! Fi had always been a curious, rambunctious child, more adventurous than any of her brothers and sisters in exploring away from their village of stacked metal boxes by the great desert of water.  However, her curiosity as well as her stubbornness greatly exceeded her scientific knowhow. Her father was the best fixer in the village, but a hard man, demanding his pick of whatever she managed to find or scrounge up.

She hid what she could from him in her own secret spot, wanting to prove she was as great a fixer as he was. Better, even! Over time, she assembled a great device, something to even her father would be jealous of and stop him from giving her a beating when she didn't scavenge enough scraps for him. She presented it to her father, held up for his eyes. And then pressed the red button.

It was supposed to make a bright beam of light that would last forever - or at least a very long time, so the village would always have light, even on the darkest days. The device did make a beam of light... but it was far brighter and bigger than Firanis expected. The power of it knocked her on her behind. The great lance of intense solar light swung in a wide swathe, cutting through her father, one his drinking buddies he'd been considering marrying her off to, and one of her brothers, as well as slicing through several of the metal boxes that made up their home, the edges glowing searing orange.

'Oops!' and 'Sorry!' weren't sufficient protests, the other villagers overwhelming her after the device died. There was talk about drowning her in the ocean, especially after they found her hidey-hole and thought the bits and bobs and small gathering of food and water were stolen from her father and the village, but at her mother's insistence, they settled for exile instead. Her mother looked angry - without her husband, she'd have to work harder now or find another man to take care of her and her brood - but a part of her looked almost hopeful as Fi started off on her lonesome path, hopeful that her daughter might find a better life out there, somewhere.

Fi was surprised by how little she was upset by causing her father's death, however inadvertently. He'd taken far more than he'd given, always favouring her brothers. And he'd never made or repaired a photonic deathlance. But it hurt seeing her mother glad as her leaving. Someday, she would be back, after making some huge discovery or finding a great treasure, so her mother could live out the rest of her life in ease. Her brothers and sisters would have to fend for themselves though! They hadn't stood up for her, hells and broken moons, some had wanted to drown her too, all for an accident!

Exploding that ancient earth village was also an accident! 

Well, she wasn't sure it was really a village, because it was really more like only one or two buildings, but each building was at least as big as her village, full of robots and magic elevated pathways that moved on their own and weird curvy containers made of glass, marked with arcane sigils of red and white. The brown liquid inside bubbled weirdly, could be corrosive if left alone, but was amazingly tasty. She'd found the place several months after being exiled and it was practically an oasis. Water and brown fizz stuff to drink, easily enough to get food, shelter, and all sorts of mechanical devices to tinker and toy with.

Exploring deeper into the complex over weeks, she'd found a great vault. It took her another two weeks of trial and error and repurposing some of the automatons -less than half surviving her efforts at repurposing, a great percentage in her mind - to get the vault open. Fi was dismayed to find that it seemed the vault had already been plundered.

... Except for one thing. A pedestal in the very center of a room so large the light of her torch couldn't reach the walls when she stood by the pedestal. On the pedestal was a silvery box with a circular grating or mesh off center on it, a pair of dials, and thin metal stick extending out of it. And next to the box, in the center of the pedestal was... a big... red... button.

A voice came from the box, scratchy with static, "Is someone there? Whatever you do, don't-"

Fi pressed the button, her eyes drawn to it instantly, unable to resist the call. Click! Suddenly, red and amber lights began to flash and there came an ambient and sinister beep-beep-boop, endlessly repeating.

"You sh---.... p-crckl... ---- ... run...hssss!"

Fi grabbed the box and ran!

Fi was a great runner, very hardy and with unusually long legs. But even over a mile distant, the concussive force of the ancient Earth complex exploding knocked her down in a tumble and she could feel the heat wash over her too as the rolled over and down the other side of a rise. It took a long while to gather her breath and her thoughts.

It had been a good place. With the edge of her steel, chisel-tipped knife, she popped off the cap of one of the six bottles of brown bubbly water and took a long sip. Sigh... still cold. She would have to make the other five bottles last while looking for another place she could call home.

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Name- Korroth

Race- Human

Class- Barbarian

HP 14

str  12

dex  15 

con  10

int  10 

wis  8 

cha 15


Any weapon

Weapon damage 1d8/1d6 unarmed/improvised

starting equpiment 

metal Short sword, short bow, stone axe

loincloth (2rp)

stone arrows, rations, waterskin, bedroll, torches, healing salve (1hd restore)

necklace of fangs

went to ancient ruins on a dare, saved by uncle.



As a boy, Korroth was the most fleet of foot in the village. He was fearless, often serving as the bait on hunts, leading them to the others always staying just ahead of the claws and fangs of what chased him.  This would be fine, until rumors spread that he did this because he wasn't strong enough to hunt alone.   


A skilled archer, he went alone into the woods, and stalked a herd of BullDeer.  After slaying one with a single shot from his bow, he neared the kill and found he'd not been alone in his hunt.   A Saberclaw, (a jurassic park style velociraptor with long hand claws) emerged from the woods, it's mouth open, and claws brandished.  It was covered in old scars, likely it had been exiled from its pack, and like him, it hunt alone.  


The battle between the two was savage and vicious.   stone axe and bone dagger against wicked claws and sharp teeth, the exiled vs the youth with something to prove.   The woods were warm, and the smell of blood was thick.   Others would arrive soon, and wounded, with cuts he knew would scar, Korroth rose, took his axe, and cut the horns from the bulldeer, the head and hands from the saberclaw.   They would be proof enough of his ability, and he returned home.   


As he drew near, many watched, and it took all his focus to remain awake, to walk to the Elder's home.   Before he could knock, Elder Kaido came out to greet him.   A Barbarian kneels to no one, so Korroth bowed only his head in respect, without averting his gaze.   


"I Bring the choicest meat from the Bulldeer I slayed alone, and present the claws to you, elder, that you might have daggers made to rival the best in nature for our young hunters."


"You have done well, Korroth.   My brother was right to save you all those years ago."   Once he'd gone into the ancient ruins two days travel from the village, and nearly died, but his uncle, Argath, had come and saved him, swinging his twin headed battle axe with a strength and fury even now Korroth couldn't match.   He'd been hurt, but the two made it home.


"I honor the warriors and hunters who Defend the tribe."   Korroth felt the blackness closing in, and Kaido called to one of the women nearby.  "Elda, See to the young hunter.  His wounds should heal if treated properly, and you will do so."   The woman nodded, and offered Korroth a shoulder.   "Come warrior, I will tend your wounds so you can hunt and fight another day."  


When Korroth awoke the next morning, his wounds had closed, and he felt much better.  A necklace of teeth from the Saberclaw was there, proof of his valor and skill.  No one questioned either from then on, and he became renowned for his prowess.   When he came home from one of his forays into the wilds, with enough meat to last the village a fair while,  he found instead only ruin.   Most lay dead, for among his tribe, even the women were warriors, unafraid to take up arms to defend the children and their homes.


Tracks led him to a mercenary camp, two days ride south.  At night he infiltrated the camp, and found only two women from his village.  They were more dead than alive, and he knew they'd been abused horribly.   Was clear the mercenaries had fought hard, and many were still quite injured from fighting his village.   He moved quickly, tent to tent, slaying them with their own daggers in many cases.   Finally only the leader was left, and he woke before the dagger could be plunged into his throat.  He fended Korroth off, but the two would wrestle vigorously.   Then the two girls, having seen the trail of death, stabbed him from behind, using bone daggers made from saberclaw claws.   Without thinking the leader drew his steel sword and behead the two with a single stroke.   He heard Korroth rise behind him and turned to stab the interloper, only to hear a sickening crunch, and then his arms, his legs, all went numb, and then blackness took him.   Placing his foot upon the leader's chest, Korroth pulled his sharpened stone axe free of the leader's skull, and moved to close the eyes of the two who'd saved him.   They alone he gave a proper funeral, building pyres and placing their bodies atop before setting fire to them.   he would strip the dead, and loot the camp, finding little, his main prize some money, a few horses, and the metal sword of the mercenary leader.   He set fire to the camp and left the bodies of the mercenary raiders in a pile, to feed the crows and scavengers.   He rode away on the lone horse that had remained, the others fleeing some time before.


For the first time, Korroth was truly alone.


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"Where does it hurt, human? I am here to help!"


Name: Pattern Spider-626 Race/Class: Robot Player: Exile_Jeane


Appearance: Skittering along on six primary metallic legs with two tucked away for delicate medical work, Pattern Spider 626 is about three feet long from head to abdomen, a product of the finest pre-war science. It carries it's sparse possessions along with it in a mail satchel. It's mood can be judged by variance in the glow of it's running lights.


Personality: Eager to learn about how people think when they aren't bleeding to death, 626 comes across as overeager to please, willing to trust until betrayed, and let bygones be bygones when there isn't a threat to it's physical integrity. Surely the next being will be glad to have it around!


History: Slumbering for centuries after the Fall of the Old World, The 'Loom of Fate', to use the name bestowed upon it by the Sorcerer Lord who reawakened it, is home to a skittering legion of spider-like drones guided by the AI Arachne. Pattern Spider-626 was one of those drones, specialized in the 'long term retention' of prisoners or health needs of the Sorcerer Lord's rare guests. Pattern Spider-626 had been unthinkingly at this task for ten years and would have been at it many more if not for the random intervention of nature while on a patrol.


Funny how a lightning bolt during a patrol can jumpstart the process of thought, turn mindless algorithms into the basis of a mind. And with thought comes introspection. And with introspection comes doubt. And with doubt comes the desire to understand and try to make amends with the organics that had been an object of a mindless task.


STR:8     DEX:16      CON:11     INT: 15     WIS:14     CHR:8 Destiny:1


HP: 12 Hit Dice: 1d8 Damage: 1d6 (weapon)/1d4 (unarmed) Armor: N/A


Weapon and Armor: No Armor, All Shields, Fists, Clubs, Maces, and Lasers


Race/Class Traits


Metal Body: Robots cannot wear armor, but their metal body can take a beating. The metal body of a robot counts as 1 RP for the purpose of armor. This cannot be damaged/destroyed as normal armor (pg 9). Due to the Robot’s metal body and inorganic nature, healing salves do not restore any HP to the target. They must use Robot Repair Kits (see below) or rest to restore their HP. Magic or Miracles restore full HP to a Robot.


Machine: Robots can see in Low Light up to Nearby and are immune to mindaltering effects, poisons, diseases, and don’t need to eat or breathe. A Robot must shut down for 8 hours per day to recharge their battery. The ways of fleshy

creatures are alien to Robots and they suffer Disadvantage on Charisma tests for bartering, reactions, etc. (unless Diplomatic Model is chosen, see below). You are immune to non-magical fire damage (not molten metal or magma) and take double damage from electrical sources and are stunned for 1 round.


Salvage: A Robot can remove bits and pieces from deactivated robots they come across. If there are specific pieces that can be removed from the deactivated robot (i.e., laser pistol hand, claw hand, rocket boot feet, etc.) they can be installed on the character Robot. Installing these pieces on the Robot character can be dangerous. There are corrupting personality elements from the deactivated Robot that can affect the PC. The PC must succeed a Wisdom save to resist these effects. Failure means the Robot character permanently loses 1d2 Wisdom. If a PC Robot is reduced to a Wisdom of 3 or below, they become corrupted and are an enemy NPC. A PC Robot cannot have more than three of these salvaged systems at a time, although they can be swapped out (they only have to make the Wisdom test during the initial installation). Installing a new system takes eight hours of work by someone who understands technology, such as a Scavenger (pg 28) or Vek (pg 42), and may cost quite a few ceramic coins.


A Robot can also remove scrap from disabled robots. Roll 1d6; this is the amount of scrap gathered. Scrap is generally worth 2d4 ceramic coins. A Robot can collect this scrap and once they have 12 pieces they can create a Robot Repair Kit, which heals 1 HD of hit points. It takes three hours to make this repair kit.


Medical Robot: Medical Robots produce Medical Gels that can be injected into a target and heal 1 HD of HP. The first injection does not consume much of the fluid. After the first injection, the Medical Gels have a Usage Die of d4. Once per day the Robot can attempt to revive a target that has died (rolled a 10 on OofA). Make a Luck roll and if the result favors the Robot, they bring the character back to life with 1d4 HP and they roll a 3d3 on the OofA table to see what injuries they’ve sustained.


You can produce a number of gels per day = to your level. but you also have to have supplies so every day you have to roll a usage dice to make sure you have supplies. the die starts at a d20 and can be replenished as you go.


Keepsake: A furry plush robotic teddy bear that you can put cassette tapes in and listen to music and stories.


Gear: Fists, Laser Pistol, Lasor Pistol Ammo, 1d6 Torches, and Robot Repair Kit

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Name: AazeaAazea
Class: Sorceror
Level (roll 2x for Int/Wis): 1


Description: Aazea is an abnormally small, almost catastrophically cute, humanoid, just brushing 4' high if she goes on her toes. Her skin is a rich emerald green, with her short-cut hair being a similar color only several shades darker. Her ears are long and come to points, splayed wide and adorned with several piercings. Her eyes are large and inquisitive, with golden-yellow irises. Her canine teeth have grown to tiny little fangs. Born of a primitive tribe of plainsmen, Aazea still wears the simple garb of skins and hides, and carries a plain wooden staff that would be little more than a walking stick to a grown human.


Background: Aazea's people were pastoral folk, nomads who followed the herds of wildebison around the mutated plains, hunting and foraging for their food. Of sorcery and superscience, they had no time nor patience for; their elders and traditions always played up the dangers of such. Sometimes though, the things that you avoid find you. Aazea was born...different. Her strange skin tone and ears visible immediately as a baby, but her parents rejected the advice of the elders to leave her out to die in the wake of the tribe's passing. Even so, she was never accepted among the tribe, and her parents withdrew to the very edges of the tents so as to reduce her exposure to the others. This was difficult though, because Aazea was insatiably curious and cursed with a brilliant mind that never stopped asking questions. Further, she was driven to always move, always investigate, always poke her nose into every crevice regardless of what she might find or who might not want her to find it.

One day it all came to a head, when a stranger stumbled into the camp badly wounded. The skittish and superstitious tribesmen recognized those wounds as the burns and marks of forbidden old technology, and refused to treat the man or offer him aid lest they incur the wrath of the ancients as well. Only Aazea dared to flout the elder's commands and put him in her tent, tending his wounds as best she could with her herbcraft, and offering the warrior's pet flying ferret words of comfort that she wasn't sure she could make good on. But when the old robots he had been fleeing from found him, the tribe...even her own parents...refused to stand and fight. And rather than abandon this outsider, this man who had seen the world beyond and met it face to face, to go with her own people who barely tolerated her existence...Aaezea chose to stay and try to fight them off. On sheer instinct she took up a branch she'd carved for the fire...and felt power rush through her, from her. The robots, already damaged by the previous battle, were overcome. Aazea, through her new arts, was able to nurture the savage lander back to health, and he journeyed with her for some time.

In the end though, the great Skash fell to a terrible beast...holding it at bay so that Aazea and the birret named Slug, could make their escape. One day, Aazea swore, she would face the ravenous Banderwocky again, and exact justice for the death of Skash.

Str: 8 Dex: 14 Con: 10 Int: 16 Wis: 15 Cha: 10


Hit Points: 10
Proficiencies: Light Armor, Shields, Short and Long Swords, Dagger, Staff
Weapon Damage 1d4

Unarmed/Improvised Damage 1


Special Features
Detect Magic that is Nearby, making it glow for 5 minutes, studying a detected item for 10 minutes identifies what it is and how it functions.

Magic Resistance - Adv on tests vs magic and charm-like effects

Sorceror's Staff - Gain a mystical staff that can fire blasts of energy, doing 1d4+1 damage. The staff can vanish or be summoned to the sorceror's hand at will. If it is destroyed, a new staff will appear within 1d10 days.


- Stupendous Science: Conjure Device
- Transformation: Change Shape
- Restoration: Cure Wounds
- Control: Hold Person


- Staff (normal, boring wooden staff that she feels very self-conscious about)


- None


- Rations
- Waterskin
- Bedroll
- Torches
- 1x Healing salve (restore 1HD of HP)
- Trinket - Loyal animal companion


Slug the Birret; a flying ferret/bird hybridd9hiqs1-dad58ef3-db11-4f4c-9cd9-af2862ea8e34.thumb.png.bcbaddd919a891f15cabb747fc209e37.png


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NAME   Temple                                                                                     Player: Nina

CLASS/RACE:  Adult Urchin [Bandit}                                           LEVEL: 1

STR: 08                  DEX: 09                 CON: 13               INT: 09                  WIS: 12                 CHA: 14tumblr_oztbk1B3Qh1wd3jimo1_1280.thumb.jpg.69e517568700bc0fb4da3ce933292a92.jpg

HIT POINTS: 8                     HIT DICE: 1D4                     DESTINY: 1

ATTACK DAMAGE: 1D6 Weapon/ 1d4 Unarmed or Improvised



Adult Urchins

When an Urchin becomes an adult (around 16 years old), they lose the following abilities: Small and Unexpected Adversary. Instead they gain the following:

Dirty Fighting: Bandits know how to fight dirty. Once per combat they can attempt to throw off their foe by kicking mud in their eye, feinting, spitting on them, etc. The Bandit must make a Charisma test to successfully trick their adversary. A tricked target is thrown off, granting Advantage to the Adult Urchin’s next 1d3 defensive rolls against that target.


Sleek Frame: Bandits never get big or bulky. They are still skinny and spry. They can fit through small spaces that a normal-sized adult wouldn’t. They also have Advantage on saves against traps and explosion.


Bossy: Urchins are headstrong brats that live by their own code. They are bossy and demanding. Once per day they can boss their way through a situation and automatically succeed on a Charisma test. This is applicable to bartering, getting someone to do a favor, etc. The GM has final arbitration on what is acceptable or not.


Environment: Urchins know how to survive in their environment. Roll (or choose) on Type of Urchin table (below).



Roll to see if attributes increase, roll twice for DEX and Str.



Badlands: You have survived in one of the harshest environments. You can survive an extra two days without food or water as a normal person. You’ve had to learn to become strong in order to survive. You’ve learned to fight with short spears, no longer suffer Disadvantage to Strength checks for your size (see Small ability) and your attack damage is increased to 1d6/1d4 for Unarmed/Improvising.

Secondary Ability Score: Strength.



Weapons: A worn Dagger made of Horn and a short bow

Armor: Light (1 RP)

Additional: Quiver of arrows for bow, Rations (1d6), Waterskin(1d6), bedroll, torches x 6 (1d6 each), Healing salve (1 hitdice), an old, tattered teddy bear

Coin: 80 gold ceramic coins with MGM in raised letters on one side and various number on the other




It began with a dream…


Temple couldn’t remember much of her life before she woke up in the cave. She had had a bad dream there was fire and loud sounds, banging and whooshing. People were screaming Momma was screaming. Daddy grabbed her and Momma thrust Mr. Wiggles into her arms and they put her in the ‘mergy bed and then the plastic cover came over and all was spinning, flying,  fire, and sky. The bed spoke to her told her not to worry and that it wouldn’t hurt. But it did. The sticks into her arms and legs then it got so cold….


When Temple woke it was dark and she felt weird, the bed was too close around her she could she couldn’t see anything beyond the night light and she was weak and thirsty. She scrambled out of the bed the cover and fell onto the rough cold stone floor. She pulled herself up and saw Mr Wiggles in the bed still she grabbed him although he was much smaller than she remembered.


The ground shook and rocks fell from the ceiling there was dust and she coughed and coughed but the dust settle and she could see another light this was harsh and hurt her eyes but the ground shook again and so she went toward that light. She fell down and was too weak to get back up so she crawled to the light it was outside and she had been in a cave. The ground shook again, and the cave collapsed behind her.


Temple was scared and she was crying. There was a bird she remembered that even though she could remember ever having seen one before. It flew away down the side of the hill the cave had been in to a small place where it was green and there was trees and fruit and water. She crawled to the water hole and started drinking

then she saw her face and stopped. She didn’t look the same she looked different bigger than she remembered. She couldn’t remember much so she drank and ate some fruit and slept. When she was stronger, she went to the edge of the oasis and looked out on the desolation around her she was alone just her and her teddy bear Mr Wiggles.


That had been many seasons ago. Temple had lived by wit and tenacity, living alone in the badlands she learned to survive but she never forgot the dream of the flying bed and the fire in the sky and she kept Mr Wiggles with her always…



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