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Psion: A Subquantum Weave (Recruitment)


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Since I've had enough indications of interest in the chat rooms, and I'm willing to pick up a game again.  It will be the end of August to the beginning of September likely before I'm ready to start, but plenty of time for folks to consider characters if they are interested.  Here's the setting and concept.


Setting (Trinity Aeon)

The year is 2130 (7 years later than the main setting), the quantakinetic order is back and respected again, the Doyen are known enemies of humanity, the proxies of the Legions and the Æsculapian are the prodigies of the of the previous prodigies, as General Lassen and Dr. Zweidler were killed in what is now called the 2nd abberant war about 3 to 4 years back.   Additionally, the number of potential latents is higher, and at this point, the number of active psions is increased by about 80%, though teleporters and quantakinetic numbers remain much lower (roughly 1600 and 800 total respectively)

  • Total number of active Psions: 160,000 aproximately
  • Unidentified Latents: Present indications suggest that there are way more latents then originally thought, as a few were discovered with what is now called 'potential latency'.  As in individuals who do not intially test as latent, but after some time and exposure to noetic energies and biotech somehow awakenes latency.  These individuals have no ability to hold noetic energy (Psi), but if they gain a biotech device that stores psi, can develop psionic abilities, which is how the first of them were discovered, non of these have enough latency for teleportation or quantakinesis, but they can awaken to any other aptitude, though they often have to work harder to develop strongly then a normal latent, and it appears they can't reach proxy tiers (though this might not be true, perhaps it will just take them longer).   Going though the Prometheus chamber awakens them to being full psions, and apparently fixes the problem of their inability to store psi.
  • Presently, it's believed that there roughly 2.5 to 3 million potential latents, and about a 200,000 undetected regular latents.


Trinity Psion Game - A Subquantum Weave 

  • Year: 2130, January
  • History - Last 7 years 
    • Invasion of Chrome Prime (War with Chromatics end, though some problems remain) (+1.5 Years)
    • The Coalition Ark Invasion and Destruction: Ruins of the Ark remain on Mars and in parts of the asteroid belt, about 3000 aliens who escaped the destruction now live among humanty  (+3 Years)
    • The 2nd Abberant War (+4 years)
      • Proxies General Solveig Larssen and Dr. Matthew Zweidler both die heroically in the conflict.  Dr. S.K. Bhurano, Proxy of the Chirta Bhanu returns with her order (turns out, reports of her death were greatly exaggerated).   Trinity and other Psion Orders take control over their faction Prometheus chambers in the aftermath.  The shear amount of Flux involved in this mess prevented any of the clairsentient's from seeing past this point with regards to Humanities home star system's future.
  • Aftermath: 
    • The return/redemption of the Chitra Bhanu, humanity (and their allies) now know much more the Doyen and their manipulations, especially from the Chitra Bhanu (since she learned a great deal about them while possessed by one) , and know this will lead to further problems  
    • A tentative alliance with the leaders of Eden with regards to dealing with the doyen, but due to them being Abberants (Novas), most still preferring to keep some distance between them and the rest of humanity.  At this point, consulting with the hyper intelligence nova's on research project and on occation assistance in terms of extra-solar colonies is causiously pursued.  (+5 years)
    • Close to a 25% of the orbitals around earth were destroyed during the latest war, and a dozen leaders were possessed by doyen, some of whom were killed in the conflict.  Plus 25 million humans died, so it was one of the most devastating periods of combat, it has taken the last 3 years to even begin to recover.  However, the quantakinetics have proven to be able to deal with Flux zones and diseases, so in time some worst damage of both Aberrant Wars may be undone.
    • The War with the Doyen has begun, though it's only in the early stages there have been some problems on extra solar colonies, besides the ones that already exist.
    • New Proxies 
      • Dr. Magalie Alcine has stepped up as the next vitakinetic proxy, having been Dr. Zweidler's protégé and the one he relied on to lead the order when he was busy with a research project.  Somewhat more flexible in a spiritual sense then her mentor, however, the order hasn't changed much under her leadership
      • General Morgan Taylor has stepped into General Lassen's shoes, as the next psychokinetic proxy, promoted from the 4th legion, he's pretty much pursued the same goals as she did, with only a few minor shifts that no one has any problem with.  
  • NOTES regarding the Quantakinetic Order: Dr. Bhurano was being somewhat restrained at adding more Quantakinetics during the period of being possessed by a Doyen, in part because of the Doyen restraining her.  Since she hates the Doyen and knows they fear Quantakinesis, she's more willing to create more then she was previously, and the order now has several subdivisions, but she also has a long memory, and trusts few outside of her order, she'll work with them, but those she trusts are few and far between, which is also why the Order's Prometheus chamber location is completely secret and remains so.  The number of Quantakinetics outside the order are few, but there are some, not more then 10% however, and more of those are Norca than another other, since she trusts the Biokinetic Proxy much more than any of the others.
    • Presently, the order has 4 divisions, a research division (which remains the largest), a covert division, an medical division  and a combat focused division. 


The Team

Your team of psions is the member of a troubleshooting team that is was formed to deal with problems wherever humanity has traveled too.  Due to your exceptional talents you were asked to be part of what is being called the Soulweave project (See Noetic Synergy Weave below) and to become part of a permanent team.


Gear: The following is available to everyone on your team without cost, you can start with them for free, keep track of tolerance though, it still matters. Some of you may want most of it, or only one or two things, or things not on this list.

  • Bio Enviromental Suit (BES)
  • Biofilter (From Distant Worlds, page 119)
  • Electrolaser Gauntlet  (you may if you wish, purchase other weapons or trade this for a different gauntlet of your preference)
  • Biocomp
  • Space Maneuver Pack (SMP)
  • Medical Symbiot
  • Vision Enhancement
  • Orgotech Noetic Link (Distant Worlds pg 120)
  • Wrist Tools (Distant Worlds pg 127)


Special Equipment

  • Your team has been assigned a Orgotek Scarab Strike Frigate (Phantom Class) with also includes 2 locust hybrids, and a special bioamp skin that allows a Quantakinetic to cloak the whole ship from psionic detection, or even use Null to render it completely undetectable, and teleportation helm to allow the entire 80 meter ship to be teleported.   The Phantom class is a joint work between Ogrotech and Chitra Bhano for a more covert ship, there is presently a work to create a Leviathon ship with similiar capabilities, but that project is still in the works.
  •  NOTE: A Scarab has a crew of up to 16, if no one wants to play the teleporter, I'll assign one as an NPC pilot for mobility.  Also, the Serenity from Firefly was 82.1 meters, so it's roughly the same size, though wider, so internal surface area is a bit more, granting a good bit of room.
  • I'll let your team decide what you want to name your ship.


Noetic Synergy Weave [NSW]

  • Created recently by a several of the Orders, using information that Dr. Bhurano pulled from the Doyen that possessed her and consulting with one of the hyper-intelligence Nova's of Eden.  Those involved in the design calling this a 'Weave' or a 'Soulweave' (by those with a more spiritual mindset)  as it ties a group of Psions together in some fairly interesting ways, broadening their capacities when working as a team.  The process is similar to how one is made into a psion, as it also involves a entering a series of connected chambers like but not identical to the Prometheus chambers.
  • First: Members of the weave have a consent permanent and sense of kinship with one another, how this is expressed varies between members [as players you decide].  This connection extends to noetic, so that one always has a Sensory Connection with all other members of the weave, and they can willingly allow another member of the weave to share senses if they permit it.  
    • This means a telepath can connect with and telepathically speak with a member of their weave at any distance, or create a network with all members of the weave with a tought, a vitakinetic can sense and heal damage being done to members of the weave, a clairsentent can see them no matter where they are, a electrokinetic, quantakinetic or psychokinetic can protect another member of the weave at any distance, a teleporter can teleport to a member of the weave or teleport them to the teleporters side, etc.
  • Second:  Since everyone is connected in a sensory connection, all members of the Weave can reach out to combine powers with one another no matter how far apart they are, per the Combining Psionic Aptitudes (pg 208 of Aeon).   They can also use their powers though each other, as though they were there, by sharing senses, though doing so from a significant distance does suffer a greater difficulty.
  • Third: Should a member of the weave reach 4 dots or more in a mode, without psionic dysfunction then everyone who is part of the weave can purchase one more dot in that auxiliary aptitude themselves.    Should they reach 7 dots in a mode, again without psionic dysfunction, that increases to two dots (to a maximum of 4 dots for a proxy tier).   
  •  NOTE: Your team is one of the most recent and early members of such a weave, as all of you are exceptional or extremely driven psionic talents. 



  • Enhanced Edge: Indomitable (Psion version) [Still requires Iron Will 3]
  • Developed by a powerful quantakinetic, a close friend of the Quantakinetic proxy using Fundamentals as a base, though he also researched Vitakinesis and telepathy to fully develop it.  It can be learned by any psion who develops even a single dot in fundamentals, pscychebending,  or augendis, or significate number of dots in transmogrify, though it does not strickly use those aptitudes, it is sort of a unique thing that not ever psion can learn.  But your characters are not every psion.  Presently, there is work on creating a biotic device that can allow anyone to do this, but it's not quite in the prototype stage.



  • A note on artifacts.  These can be used to break some of the usual rules and can be quite unique in some way or another, contact with Eden means even some truely outlandish devices are possible, though Eden presently prefers to advice and guide Psions to create their own devices rather than create things for anyone.  And quantum flux devices are pretty much out for any Psion.


Morphological Freedom:  Members of Sudamerica and UAN embrace changes to the basic human template, as do some other groups of humans, though most avoid making changes to the point of appearing as one of the sub-Aberrant infected.  This means your characters can be quite unusual, to the point of having fur, or feathers, or tiger/leopard patterns on your skin, or claws and fangs, etc.  Of course, those with Transmogrify can have even more changes, but with the combined work of a Biokinetic and a Vitakinetic, you too can have laser eyes.  If you want unusual abilities, spend the xp for them, I'm ok with it.  Simple cosmetic changes, such as natural blue hair or pearlescent skin, that don't offer any bonuses can be part of your character at no cost.


On Combating the Doyen

  • Killing Doyen - Since you may end up needing to do this... there are several ways, besides the easiest method of the 7 dot Quantakinesis Power.  Which is the quick and easy way, but there is less then a handful of Quantakinetics who can do this.
  • The 2nd easiest way is using various Aberrant (or Nova) powers which can also kill Doyen, they are fairly vulnerable to the disruptive effects of Quantum energies on their noetic pattern.  This is pretty much limited to Nova's however, and the only friendly nova's are on Eden.  
  • In Theory, a Quantakinetic could built a device that can do it, if that was it's only purpose, such a device would be a at least artifact 3, it would also need a psion to opperate, this would be covered by the Artifact edge.
  • Combinations of several psionic powers can also manage it, these require either several Psions with different Aptitudes working together, or a Psiad with both of the below powers.  A Psiad could actually combine them into a single psionic attack.  
    • The combination of Fundamentals 3 (Drain) + Thermokinesis 4 (Temperature Extremes) 
    • Drain knocks them out for a scene, so it's much more effective than the stun effect of Electromanipulation which they can potentially recover from quickly if it's not constantly applied.
    • The combination of Electromanipulation 3 (Enhance used offensively with the Combined Stun tag) + Thermokinesis 4 (Temperature Extremes)
    • Using either of the above with Plasma or Fusion weapons
  • In theory, a telepathic attack could keep them pinned down, but it's much more risky as it does not stun or immobilize the Doyen, who are all Proxy tier who can and likely will counterattack.  You had best be Proxy tier yourself before trying this.
    • Along the same vein, a Proxy tier teleporter could make use of Selective Transmassion with Spatial Mastery to try to rip the Doyen appart.  The Doyen is a Proxy tier with Psi 7 and high stamina, however so this is problematic, it could be done, but you would have to be lucky and the Doyen unlucky.
    • The same applies to the Vitakinetic power Morbidity.
  • A fusion bomb or missile with some method to prevent them from teleporting away, of which there are actually several ways, but it is much more complicated than any of the above.
  • As you can see, Quantakinesis or Quantum Powers are the easiest method, but it is not the only one.


Character Creation

  • Character types: Psion, All Aptitudes available.
  • Exceptional/Experienced Talents: 150 XP for Character Creation
  • According to the book, this should require one taking 2 path dots, I can see where they are coming from, but I see this as a sort of xp tax for such characters, so you get + 2  path dots for free, for a total of 5 path dots instead of the normal starting of 3.  As strong latent+ (or very experienced psions), you get + 1 Psi, + 3 mode dots in your aptitude, +2 dots to spend on auxiliary modes of your choice (no auxiliary dot should be more then 1 without spending XP and having a Psi rating 6 or higher).   
  • Notes on Psi: Your starting Psi (With the above +1 bonus) Psi is 3.  Anyone may choose to trade up their bonus attribute point from step 6 of basic creation for an additional +1 to Psi to raise it to a starting Psi of 4, before spending XP, or you can just keep the extra attribute point if you wish.  You may raise Psi all the way to 7 with your XP, note however, that cost for raising it above 5 is doubled.
  • XP Costs are unchanged from page 124 of Aeon.
  • Theme: A bit of mix between Serenity and Stargate, a touch of Star Trek.
  • Regarding Organizations:  There is no requirement for you to be the same order as your aptitude, as the Orders trade aptitudes with each other, certain orders are better for this then others, and your welcome to discuss this with me and each other.
Edited by Krul
Some adjustments to character creation.
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Hm, interesting. I've never been much on the 'metaplot' of Aeon, but this seems like a fairly cool setup with lots of potential for conflict, drama, etc...


I'd love to try teleportation or quantakinesis, since those are things that are often proscribed (or that I have simply not elected to play), so it'd be a bit of variety for me.

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so, presently, looks like about 6 players.

  • Nina: Quantakinetic scientist 
  • SalmonMax: Teleporter pilot
  • Asarasa: Biokinetic covert operative (retired)
  • Shameless: Psychokinetic warrior, bioVARG pilot, legionnaire
  • Veral: Electrokinetic Drone Master
  • Kaoleth has indicated some interest, not sure what he wants to play yet.

UPDATES:  I'd prefer characters not to overlap on their Aptitude, since there are eight aptitudes, it should only happen if we have more then eight players, which I don't expect to happen.

Edited by Krul
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