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After about a week to come to terms with your new status, each of you slowly becoming accustomed to your connection with one another, you are all introduced to your new ship and ranks within the ship, for it's shakedown cruse.  First, of course, had been the meeting with the Admiral, and then for the official documents, each of you had been appointed and assigned your place on the crew of your new ship.  Of course, the ship was a prototype, and as of this point, one of a kind, though several others were in the works.


Meanwhile, the Admiral called the members of the weave, who were also the officers in command of the ship to his location, a hidden base on Charon, the moon of Pluto.  "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Elysium, and the Nemesis project.  You lot have been tasked to my command for the purpose of bringing the fight to the Doyen, as well as the Abberants, and any other threats we might find out, like our encounters with the Coalition.  But you also a exploration and discovery ship, in part because the Doyen are cowards who are not interesting a direct fight, but also because allies and discoveries will better help us in what is likely to be a centuries long conflict, baring some particularly useful discovery."


She gestures to the Qin beside her.  "This is Emerald Rain Clarity Mind Zhong Fu  who has asked to join you on this mission, as the Qin are our allies, the request was accepted."


The Qin, whose biosuit had a feminine cast, and as xe spoke the voice reinforced the impression, though those of you in the know were aware that Qin did not have genders as such, which meant that the impression was deliberate.   The Qin made a formal bow of sorts, seeming very polite.  "Since humans prefer shorter names, Clarity is an acceptable alternative.  I look forward to working with you."


The Admiral nodded, then turned her attention back to the rest of you.  "So, once you've run the ship though the paces, I have a request from Khantze Lu Ge for assistance that I'd like you folks to look into, since a cloaked ship can get behind enemy lines in a way non our other ships can..  any questions?"

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"Clarity," Melara said as she scooted her seat over towards the Qin. "Nice meeting you. You know, I think you're the first Qin I've ever actually served with?"


She offered a hand. "Melara Richter. You can call me Mel. For short." At that the pilot winked, like sharing a private joke just between the two of them.


Then Mel looked over at the Admiral as if mildly surprised he was still there. "Khantze Lu Ge? What kind of assistance do they need from us?"

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Leonidas watched as Mel moved to greet the Qin added to their crew.  "I am Lieutenant Colonel  Leonidas Johnston, it's a pleasure to meet you as well, Clarity."    As Mel asked the same question he'd have asked, he smiled.  

"Admiral, while I would echo Melara's question, I'll ask the others on my mind.  Should we find ourselves in hostile situations, what rules of engagement are we following, or will be leaving that to our hosts?"  He wanted to know exactly how far they were permitted to go.   "What's our timeframe on the shakedown cruise, and when we are expected to meet with our ally?"


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Siân shook her head almost imperceptibly at the fawning over the alien and muttered sub-vocally, "Gwlithod ffycin" (fucking slug), in her native tongue, though the weave allowed those in the net who perceived it to understand what she said. She turned her attention to the military men particularly the blustering Colonel who was part of her weave and her 'commander'.


"Our rules of engagement Colonel are, we kill them, eliminate them, destroy them. Preferably before they realize we are even there. It is what they intend for us. or worse"

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Cliff looked over at the Qin, and quickly made his way over towards xer, extending a fur-covered hand. "Cliff. I think this will be an interesting mission, Clarity, and it will be made moreso by the presence of one such as you." He turned to the Admiral,  "What's the request and why send us on this task immediately? Is it time sensitive?" He drummed his fingers against his thighs, showing a bit of nervous energy. 

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