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The Phoenix Universe, 4 color Supers Role Playing


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The Phoenix Universe is a 4 color superhero game inspired by the styles of the Silver and Bronze ages of Comic books but with more modern content. It will use the Supers 5E rules system which is based on D&D 5E.


The Game itself is modeled after the original Marvel Comics Universe; in that it is an original setting that takes place in an alternate earth based on our own Earth. In this version of Earth, Superheroes, called Paragons, after the first superhero, have been known to the public since the turn of the twentieth century and The Paragon’s actions during WW I. In reality, supers have existed in one form or another since the dawn of time and before.


This Universe features all the hall marks of the most popular comic book Universes, origins can include, science accidents, mystical beings such as sorcerers or monsters, aliens, Atlanteans (2 different versions), robots, and much, much more. Your characters will be new entries in a world that already has hundreds if not thousands of super powered beings both good and evil at all power levels, but don’t fret due to the S5E’s level system your characters will be competitive in your weight class.


I am looking for 4 to 6 active players (more can be accommodated). 3 players are the minimum needed to get this off the ground and one or more players may have to run multiple characters in this case. This game will not be replacing any of my other games but will be in addition.


If you are in other games weigh carefully whether you have the time and will to commit to regular posting in any new game.


If you are interested, please post below and if you have any questions ask them here or in Discord in the channel I set up there for this game.

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