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The Phoenix Universe Paragon Roster


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 Name- Cameron Ian Thorssen
Hero name- Tempest
Age- 26
Concept  Human Elementalist "Storm"


I always loved watching storms.   Unlike many people, they set me at ease.  I learned why on my thirteenth birthday.  My father was a good man, he was a Paragon, and he was good at it.   He went by the name   "Tempest"    He was on TV, and nobody was a bigger fan of him than me.   

From early on, I wanted to study the weather,  what most call a boring job.  It might be, but it's vital.   Knowing what to expect from the weather affects so many lives, and can save so many lives.   

That was important to dad, so much so, that he never quit being a paragon, right up until Cancer finally killed him.   His Death hit Mom and I hard, but we got past it, and I went on to college, I got my degree, and followed my dream, becoming a Meteorologist for Channel 6 news here in San Francisco. 

Up until two years ago, i lead a perfectly normal life for a native Californian, though i'm not nearly as liberal as many people my age.   Still, two years ago, I was visiting my mother, and she presented me with a pendant that had been my Father's.  It was shaped almost like a mix of anchor and hammer.   She had thought it lost, and with how much he meant to me, she knew it was important for me to have it.   I took the Pendant and put it on, and it felt warm against my skin.

That night was right up there with the most pivotal of my life.

The Pendant spoke, and revealed itself to me as an ancient artifact, said to give the bearer access to all the elements of the Storm.  It was an heirloom to my paternal bloodline, passed down generation to generation, for nearly all of recorded history.  As it had finally come to me, I was given the choice, to accept its power and the responsibilities this entailed, or to live on, and the pendant would find its next bearer.

I accepted, heartily, and the power of the storm flowed into me.   The next day, I found I could use some of the very same powers my father had, and that the pendant had vanished, or at least appeared to.  It had merged with me, to become a conduit to the forces of the Primal energies of the Storm itself.

I took up my Father's name, and all that came with it, Becoming Tempest when suited up, and I fight crime, and do what I can to keep the peace, and warn of any major weather disturbances that may affect the Bay area.







Strength 10    
Dexterity 12
Constitution 16
Wisdom 10 
Intelligence  14
Charisma  16


Race- human
Class- Elementalist
Culture- Modern
Background- Scientist

identity- Secret

Level- 5
Hit Points- 63


Proficiency bonus +3

Languages- English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese


Skills- Investigation, Science, Technology, modern era knowledge, persuasion

Tools- Tinker's tools
Equipment- Scientist's pack, taser, $500

Vehicle- 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk V8
Home- 2 Bedroom 1bath,  Mother lives in Walnut Creek, in a 4Bed/2.5 bath

Feats 1 Charming


2 At Will- Electromagnetic nudge, Turn the Blade
Slotted -10 
Level 1- Infinite  Elemental Blast, guiding Bolt, Death from Above, Freeze
Level 2- 3  Wind Blade, Elemental Shield
Level 3- 2 Wind Wall, Lightning Bolt, elemental bust (AOE) Fly


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Name: Jack Clifton SpadeKarl Urban (Creator) - TV Tropes
Secret Identity: No
Class(es): Special Agent (Investigator) 3/ Occultist (Arcane) 2
Character Level: 5
XP For Next Level:
Cornerstone: Find the Lost
Vulnerability: Always Looking For His Daughter, Can't Turn Down A Request To Find A Child, Mama's boy


Ancestry: Human (Variant)
Culture: Modern Earth
Age: 38
Gender: Male

Height: 5'10''
Weight: 175 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Skin: Weathered Caucasian 

A Lean man of average height with brown hair and grey eyes that are bright with perpetual melancholy and mirth. Has a tattoo of a spade on his shoulder.

Typical wears dark jeans and a button-down or collared shirt, a chain with his grandmother's wedding ring on it (for when he finds the right woman, or his daughter finds the right partner) with a kevlar-lined leather long coat, a stylized winged spade on the back.









Jack doesn't consider himself a Hero, though others do. He's just a man looking to be a Hero for one specific person, his daughter.

Jack was born and raised in San Francisco, by his mother Ava Spade and his grandparents, when his father Machiavelli 'Mac' Diamante walked out on them when he was ten. Things were rough at times, but Ava bounced back and with her parents help, Jack had a decent enough life growing up, always bouncing from one thing to the next, not particularly excelling at anything.

When he was 20 and attending USF, working towards a History major, he met Val Corazón, a gorgeous Mexican-American student. They hooked up a few times, but it was never anything serious... Until she got pregnant. They talked, they didn't love each other, but decided to keep the baby, naming her Samantha 'Sam'. Jack tried working and staying in school, but dropped out, doing anything he could to hustle and raise money to support his daughter. He took photos for the local papers and PIs - even worked as a Journalist and PI himself - busked and waitered on Fisherman's Wharf, drove his beaten up dark green 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback for Bullitt enthusiasts, played cards in Chinatown, tutored students in History - despite not having graduated, but he did have a garbage pit mind where facts and trivia tended to collect - anything for a buck.

Before Sam was even 2, Jack was coming to pick her up from Val's place, to find that Sam was all alone in her play pen, and her things pack in bags, and Val gone, leaving a letter. She hadn't taken to being a mother, wanting to be young and free to pursue her own dreams, leaving everything, including her daughter, behind. Having being abandoned by his own father, Jack couldn't do the same to his daughter, so he stood up and took full responsibility, doing all he could to raise his daughter on his own, with some help from his mother and grandfather.

When his grandmother passed away a few years later, his grandfather Saul Spade gifted Jack his rowhouse in The Mission, to help out his responsible and only grandson. It was old, having mostly survived the 1906 Earthquake and fires, not particularly big, but cozy, and in a lively place to raise a child. Saul intended to spend the rest of his days traveling, to see the places he and his wife had dreamed of going but never got around to.

Jack and Sam had a happy few years, just them. But one day, when Sam was thirteen, she never came home from school. Jack called the police, and anyone he knew, to find her, but she seemed to have disappeared without a trace. He looked into the disappearance directly. Growing more desperate with every lead turning into a dead end, Jack started looking into more unusual and arcane sources. Old papers and other historical records seemed to suggest something that might be a pattern to missing children and adolescents.

He went to the Paragon Historical Society to see if they could help, meeting some other local heroes there. Looking through certain tomes, he even struggled and managed to learn some minor magic and rituals, willing even to seek the knowledge of beings beyond the mortal ken for information on his missing daughter. He didn't find her, but he did find a thread... to a something called the Qliphotic Club, a dark and sinister organization that followed foul, shadowy entities for nefarious ends.

He tracked down a cell of the Qliphotic Club, found out they captured several adolescent boys and girl - for what looked to be either a ritual sacrifice or inductment - and by the skin of his teeth, he managed to free and rescue them. None were his daughter, but they were someone's sons and daughters and he was relieved and satisfied to return them to their families.

It's been five years, and he searches for Sam still, despite how tenuous the clues, and in the process, works as PI and inadvertent hero, looking for the missing, the lost, and the stolen in San Francisco, so that others don't have to suffer as he does.



Hit Dice: 3d10 + 2d8 +10
Hit Points: 46
Proficiency Bonus: +3
Armor Class: 18 (10  + 3 Kevlar-Lined Longcoat + 2 Dex + 3 Proficiency Bonus)
Initiative: +2
Speed: 30 feet

Ancestry and Culture Traits
Familiarity - You are intimately familiar with Earthling lifeways. You have Advantage on any knowledge roll that concerns everyday human life or common knowledge about Earth, including its politics, history, geography, and so on.
Versatility - Present day earth has a variety of cultures, as well as some limited experience with superheroes, mutants, and even, perhaps, aliens. This diversity is a strength, granting you one skill proficiency of your choice.
Languages - You know English and one other Earth language of your choice. [Spanish]

Ability Scores
Strength 10 (+0)
Dexterity 14 (+2)
Constitution 10 (+0)
Intelligence 16 (+3)
Wisdom 16 (+3)
Charisma 10 (+0)


Saving throws
Strength +0
Dexterity +5
Constitution +0
Intelligence +3
Wisdom +3
Charisma +3

Background: Private Investigator (reskinned Journalist)
Feature: Track Down a Lead - Your work as journalist or freelance problem solver requires you to be resourceful in finding information you need. You know your way around archives, libraries, and records offices in town, but, perhaps more importantly, also you know who to ask as well. If you spend 8 hours of downtime trying to track down the answer to a question, you’ll find at  least one plausible answer if it is a question that isn’t top secret or entirely beyond the grasp of the people you ask. Whether or not the answer you get is the whole story is sometimes hard to determine, though!!

Skill Proficiencies (* = Trained, ** = Expertise)

Acrobatics (Dex)
*Animal Handling (Wis) +6
*Athletics (Str) +3
**Deception (Cha) +6 
**History (Int) +9 
*Insight (Wis) +6
Intimidation (Cha)
**Investigation (Int) +9 
Medicine (Wis)
**Occult (Int) +9 
**Perception (Wis) +9 [Advantage]
*Performance (Cha) +3
**Persuasion (Cha) +6 
Science (Int)
*Sleight of Hand (Dex) +5
**Stealth (Dex) +8 
*Survival (Wis) +6
Technology (Int)


Passive Intelligence (Investigation): 19
Passive Wisdom (Perception): 24

Tool Proficiencies
Gaming Set (Playing Cards), Photographer's Kit, Thief's Tools, Vehicles (Land)


English, Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese?)

Armor and Weapons Proficiencies: Simple weapons, light and medium armor.


Special Agent - Investigator Division Features
Expertise (History, Stealth)- At 1st level, choose any two skill or tool proficiencies. You now have proficiency in them, if you did not before, as well as expertise. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies.
At 6th level, you can choose any two more proficiencies to gain this benefit.
Field Medic (15) - Your training allows you to apply first aid and treat wounds in the field. You have a supply of bandages and other materials that you can replenish when you take a long rest. With that  pool of supplies, you can restore a total number of HP equal to your Special Agent level × 5.
  As an action, you can touch a creature and apply a bandage, administer a drug, or otherwise treat a wound, to restore a number of HP to that creature, up to the maximum amount remaining in your pool. Alternatively, you can expend 5 HP from your pool of supplies to cure the target of one disease or neutralize one poison affecting it. You can cure multiple diseases and neutralize  multiple poisons with a single use of Field Medic, expending HP separately for each one. This feature has no effect on undead or constructs.
Special Attack - Assess (2d6) - Beginning at 1st level, you become skilled at assessing your foes and finding their weaknesses. If you use your bonus action in the first round of combat to assess an enemy, every subsequent round of that combat, you may add your Special Attack damage on a hit against that enemy. You may also change which enemy you are assessing by using a bonus action to assess a new target. Once you have done so, you may add your Special Attack damage to hits on that target in every subsequent round.

Cunning Action - Starting at 2nd level, your quick thinking and agility allow you to move and act quickly. You can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat. This action can be used only  to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.
Broad Training (+1) - Also at 2nd level, you can add half your proficiency bonus, rounded down, to any ability check you make that doesn’t already include your proficiency bonus.
Fighting Style - At 3rd level, you adopt a particular style of fighting as your specialty. Choose one of the following options. You can’t take a Fighting Style option more than once, even if you later get to choose again. [Ranged -You gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls you make with ranged attacks. ]
Investigator's Mind - When you choose the Investigator division, you establish that you have a mind for solving mysteries. You have proficiency in Investigation, if you did not before, and when you roll an Investigation skill check, you do so with Expertise, adding your proficiency bonus twice to the roll.
  What’s more, you have a photographic memory and can recall things you have experienced with perfect accuracy within the past month.

Forensic Sense - Starting at 3rd level, your powers of observation and inference increase beyond the limits of human ability. When surveying an area, you notice otherwise undetectable details that reveal what has happened there recently. You get a sense of how many people have been in the area, and how long ago, as well as a general idea of what they were doing. You can usually find a stray hair, footprint, or fingerprint as well. By walking around an environment, you can detect at a glance what a dedicated forensic team would need hours of careful analysis to discover. If a roll is called for to uncover clues, you have Expertise, which means that you add your proficiency bonus twice, as well as Advantage.
Sharp Eye - Also at 3rd level, your eye for detail improves. You now have proficiency in Perception, if you did not before, or Expertise if you already have proficiency in it.

Occultist - Arcane Path Features
Occult Power (Power DC 14, Power Attack +6) - At 1st level, your studies have granted you access to another plane of existence, one from which you can draw power.
At-Will Powers - Eldritch Blast, Prestidigitation
Powers Known (2 + Path) - Alarm (R), Comprehend Languages (R), Hunter's Mark, Unseen Servant (R)
Leveled Power Slots - 3 1st
Invocations (2)
-Beast Speech - You can use Speak With Animals reflexively, and you have advantage on Animal Handling checks against any animal while you speak with it.
-Beguiling Influence - You gain proficiency in the Deception and Persuasion skills, if you did not have them before. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make with these skills.
Supernatural Knowledge - When you reach 2nd level, you gain proficiency in the Occult skill. If you already have proficiency in it already, you now have expertise. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses this proficiency.
Esoteric Research - When you choose to walk this path at 1st level, you gain proficiency in the Investigation skill. If you already have it, you gain expertise. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses this proficiency. You additionally have advantage on rolls to detect superpowered individuals within 30 feet of you, as their nature causes ripples in the energies ebbing and flowing around you. [Already had Investigation AND expertise, so proficiency in Occult]


[Human] Skilled [Vehicles (Land), Athletics, Perform, Survival] 
[Project #1] Enhanced Senses: Your senses heighten to a preternatural degree, granting you the following benefits:
• You gain +1 to your Wisdom score;
• You have advantage on all Perception checks.
• You have advantage on Survival checks to track a person;
• You have Tremorsense to a range of ten feet.

Money: $20

Journalist's Pack, Thieves' Tools, Flashlight, Crowbar, Handcuffs, Binoculars, 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback
Original McQueen Bullitt Mustang Sells for $3.74M - The News Wheel

Weapons and Armor
Survival Knife
Kevlar-Lined Longcoat (As Kevlar Vest)


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"Made You Look."

Name: Coraline Dreamer

Paragon Alias: Atalanta

Age: Complicated (Biologically 30)


Appearance: An athletic, green-eyed brunette in her apparent 20s standing at an imposing 6'5 stature, Coraline is nearly impossible to miss in a crowd, possessing an easy grace and contagious confidence in her abilities until proven otherwise. She's doesn't have too much money to throw around on outfits but does what she can to present herself well. A favor repaid resulted in a Paragon outfit she's quite happy with: Blue-and-white jumpsuit, hooded cloak, mask, quiver, and green-wig.


Personality: If there's something that needs doing, Coraline is the first to volunteer to do it. She has too many ghosts perching on her shoulders to let herself do otherwise. Raised first in M'Kari martial virtues by her parents and then on tales of Ancient Greek heroism and hospitality after they passed, the twice-exiled huntress prefers action to waiting and working out her bouts of grim introspection with physically-exhausting exercise when possible.


History: Some people put down roots when they have a child, but Korre-Linn's parents were not those kind of alien scientists working for the M'kari Empire. Brought along to Earth with her parents to study the up and coming cultures of 5th Century BC Earth, Korre-Linn's life rather took a turn for the worse when the monstrous Krogar destroyed their ship and them with it in her 11th year. She was forced to survive with the natives, taking up the life of a wandering hunter/messenger to track down the thing. She fell into the heroic model inspired by the stories of the region, gaining the honorific 'Moon-Blessed' for the aid she ended up offering villages in her path. Her driving quest came to no avail for 15 years until a sighting in northern Greece gave her hope of resolution. It was a trap by the beast's master who bound the 'meddling intruder' in arcane amber and carried on with his plans for the region.


Two and half thousand years passed in a heartbeat for the exiled huntress.


She was discovered 4 years ago by an archaeology team connected to the Paragon History Society. The fledgling Occultist Triessaa broke the spell holding her frozen in time. After getting talked down from immediately fleeing the scene, Coraline, to use the modernized Terran take on her name, took up their offer of hospitality and the supervising Professor's aid as a defacto step father.


For her part, once she got English under her belt, seeing the strange-yet-familar world Earth had become, it was an easy yes to settle into the 'Paragon' business, secret identity and all. Well, as easy a yes as she could manage while wrestling with the gulf of time and space separating herself from everything she knew. With the PHS's help, she got an identity, a job as a bike courier, and got to work in San Francisco helping people in between looking for information on her people and the ancient mystery of the killer of her parents.




Ancestry: Alien Culture: Ancient Earth Class: Kinetic (Speed) Background: Survivalist


STR (21) DEX (16) CON (14) INT (11) WIS (12) CHA (16)


HP: 58 Prof Bonus: +3 Speed: 45 AC: 17 INI:+3


Saving Throws: STR and DEX


Proficiencies: Survival (+4), Science (+3), Athletics (+8), Animal Handling (+4), Medicine (+4), Acrobatics (+6), Simple and Martial Weapons, Light and Medium Armor


Powers/Day 1st: Infinite 2nd: 3 3rd: 2


At-Will: Quick Dodge, Kip Up


1st: Longstrider*, Unerring Projectile, Hunter's Mark, Shield of Tenacity, Death From Above

2nd:Blur*, Smite, Hovering Step

3rd:Haste*, Water Walk


Language: English, Ancient Greek, M'Kari


Gear: Artisan's Tools (Fletcher's Kit), Artisan's Tools (Medkit, Pg. 140), Survivalist Pack, Compound Bow (+6 to hit, 1d8+3 P Damage), 4x Baton (+8 to hit, 1d4+5 B Damage), $60,


Ancestry: +2 Str, +1 Con, Fleet-Footed (Speed 35), Hardened Skin (AC 13+Prof bonus + Dex if naked)


Culture: Advantage vs Poison Saves Lifestyle: Modest


Background: Live off the Land (Feed One Person per Two Hours Spent a Day)


Class: +10 Speed, Action Surge (Extra Action on your Turn), Potent Critical (Roll +1 Weapon Dice in Damage on a Crit)


Feat: Charming (Add Proficiency Bonus to Charisma Score), Mighty (Add Proficiency Bonus to Strength Score)


Cornerstone: The Good Example of those Who Helped Her/Paying it Forward


Vulnerability: Secret Identity/Burning the Candle on Both Ends






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Default Form




'Carmelita Carrero'


Hero Name: Shift

Designation: Type 808 Infiltrator 3675445AF, Selected Human In-Field Target

Cover ID: 'Carmelita Carrero'

Secret ID: Yes

Cornerstone: I Swore An Oath

Vulnerability: I Have My Orders


Occupation: USF Campus Police

Class: Metamorph 5

Transformation: Polymorph

Ancestry: Robotic

Culture: Alien

Background: Military Trained


Actual Age: Approximately 7 Earth Years

Cover ID Age: 24

Height [default]: 5' 4"

Weight: 154 lbs

Eyes: Any

Hair: Any

Skin: Any

Gender: He/She/They


Personal Narrative

I don't have a name; I have a designation. Technically, I'm not even supposed to have a personality. When you're part of the Singularity, you are never alone, always connected.


I was assigned a new and very challenging assignment: to be sent back in time to Old Earth, and hopefully prevent the release of Atalanta, the leader of the M'Kari people. If I could find the Paragon who would release her before she was released, I could save the Singularity so much time and so many resources.


But time travel is an imperfect science; you don't always know exactly how far you're going to be sent back. I arrived in my target era approximately three years too early. I would have to find a place in human society in the 21st century, gather resources and uncover the identity of the Paragon known as Hex. So I created an individual identity and found employment that I hoped would make it easier to find my target.




There is something about these humans. It's impossible to live amongst them and not be affected by their stupidity and intelligence, their empathy and insensitivity, their ridiculous aspirations and humble truths. They live lives of unbearable suffering, unmitigated delight and utter confusion. I admire them, and envy their freedom.


And now the two Paragons I seek are both operating in San Francisco. My attempts to determine their secret identities have yet to bear fruit, but I wonder. This Atalanta is not the bloodthirsty commander of the fleets we have battled in distant space. This Hex is a naive do-gooder who brings justice to an often unjust world. Is it possible my orders have been corrupted or are out of date? How accurate are our sources?


I must confess, they have inspired me. I have copious amounts of free time and a unique selection of abilities that allow me to pursue justice in my own way. Perhaps I will even meet them in the field, so to speak, and I'll have a better opportunity to assess them, to see if they will become the threats I've been told they will be.


I still have my mission, but I have many years to complete it. In the meantime, might an Infiltrator form friendships, help others and use my abilities to improve this world while I am abandoned here, alone, the only one of my kind? Might I find a new purpose other than the one I was built and programmed for, hardwired into my silicon4 brain?


Might I, too, have dreams?



In their default form, 3675445AF is clearly an artificial lifeform, with a carbon alloy exoskeleton covered with millions of microscopic holographic projectors, capable of limited hard light projection. Their limbs can be telescoped in or out to better mimic humanoids of different heights, but their mass remains at 70 kg (approximately 154 lbs).


'Carmelita Carrero' is an attractive Afro-Puerto Rican woman in her early twenties. When not in her USF campus police uniform, she tends to dress casually and comfortably, usually with her curly hair up. Despite her slight build, she seems to be surprisingly sturdy.



3675445AF is very good at their assigned task, able to accurately experience and recreate emotional and social behaviors normally limited to biological lifeforms. However certain elements of their current assignment have had a troubling effect upon the unit. Living amongst humanity for the last three years, observing interactions and adapting their own internal programming appropriately is introducing elements of doubt to their mission. Infiltrators are often warned of the risks of 'going native', but 3675445AF perhaps foolishly believed they were beyond the risk of such 'infection'. However the more time the unit spends amongst humans, the less certain they've become of not only their own mission, but the long-term goals of the Singularity itself.


'Carmelita Carrero' is a hard-working member of the University of San Francisco campus police. Despite being friendly and having a particularly odd and endearing sense of humor, Carmelita is known to be a bit of a neat freak and a teetotaler who never has lunch with her fellow officers. Even though she keeps to herself, she is well-liked and frequently has to turn down requests for dates.





Strength 11 (+0)

Dexterity 14 (+2)

Constitution 16 (+3)

Intelligence 13 (+1)

Wisdom 18 (+4)

Charisma 16 (+3)


Anonymity [current] 18 (+4)


Saving Throws

Strength +0

Dexterity +2

Constitution +6

Intelligence +1

Wisdom +7

Charisma +3



Armor Class 18

Hit Points 63

Hit Dice 5d10

Initiative +2

Speed 30 ft


Altered Fist +4, 1d6+1 bludgeoning

Baton +3, 1d4 bludgeoning

Claws +7, 2d10 slashing

Light Revolver +5, 1d6+2 piercing

Unarmed +3, 1 point bludgeoning



Acrobatics +2

Animal Handling +4

Athletics +3

Deception +9

History +1

Insight +4

Intimidation +3

Investigation +4

Medicine +4

Nature +1

Occult +1

Perception +7

Performance +3

Persuasion +6

Religion +1

Science +1

Sleight of Hand +2

Stealth +5

Survival +4

Technology +4




Skillful (Deception, Persuasion, Stealth, Thieves' Tools)



Adaptable (Deception)

Bodily Control










Poison (advantages on saves)




M'Kari (Alien language)




All Armors

Forgery Kit

Land Vehicles

Simple and Martial Weapons

Thieves' Tools


Travel Powers (unlimited)



0-level Powers (unlimited)


Thorn and Claw


1st-level Powers (unlimited)

Disguise Self

Hunter's Mark

Innate Orientation


2nd-level Powers (3/day)

Alter Self


Enhanced Hearing

Spider Climb


3rd-level Powers (2/day)



Infrared Vision



Messenger bag

.38 Special rounds (2 boxes x 50)


Fake IDs (various)


Gear harness


Kevlar vest

USF PD uniform (kept in room)

Small Revolver


Thieves' tools








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Name: Joe Barberi

Hero Identity: Squire

Secret Identity: Yes. 

Cornerstone: Protect the weak.

Vulnerability: Honor Thy Code

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 190 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black


Occupation: Computer Tech at USF

Class: Martial Artist(Weapons) 5

Ancestry: Variant Human

Culture: Modern Human

Background: Corporate Drone


Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 32


VehicleTriumph Bonneville SpeedMaster 2017



    Joe was born to Maria and David Barberi 32 years ago. Soon after, he was orphaned and taken in by a great uncle, Tim Gargan. Tim was a competitive and dangerous individual. Although it wasn't known to the world, Tim was a criminal who used intimidation to get what he normally wanted. One of the things he wanted was for Joe to get a decent education and stay away from the criminal life. 
    As a teen, Joe discovered a love of all things Knightly. He couldn't get enough of reading about the knights of the round table. He then found out about two groups that would form the foundation of his future endeavors. The first was a group of german longsword fighters that fought in full armor, and with blunted steel weapons. The other was the SCA. With them, Joe found a skill and love of archery. He began going to fighting events every weekend from when he was 15, and began training with the bow at that point. When he was legally allowed to start training with the longsword he did so, with his uncle's concerned blessing. He became quite good with both the bow and sword.
    Eventually, after college, where he majored in Computer Science, he took at trip to europe for a month. He visited Germany, Italy, France, England and Scotland. In Germany he was seperated from his tour group while visiting a small, and slightly run down castle in the countryside. He fell down one of the staircases and landed at the bottom. As he laid there at the bottom of the stairs, he had a vision. He suddenly knew that if he truly wished to be a modern knight, he would need a bow, a sword, and a dagger. Trying to get up, he stood, then slid down the wall he was leaning on. Soon after, his conciousness returned and he was looking at a ghostly image of a teutonic Knight. That knight looked down upon Joe and said, "If you truly are a knight, then you will need these." The ghostly knight presented Joe with a longbow, a longsword and a dagger. The knight proclaimed, "When you need them, they will be there for you. When you do not, they will be hidden. Soon, it will be time for you to defend the weak and fight the good fight. May your journey be safe, swift and satisfying." With those words, the ghost dissapated. Joe fell asleep. He was awakened by the tour guide who had finally found Joe missing and went to search for him. 
    At first, Joe dismissed the vision and the ghost as concussion byproducts. Eventually, he forgot about the ghostly encounter. A couple of years later, Joe was trudging through the streets of San Francisco when he came upon a truly fear-inducing scene. He saw a young man surrounded by thugs. The young man was already showing blood from his mouth, an arm that hung at an odd angle, and he was staggering around. The gang of assailants were laughing at his attempts to defend himself. Something snapped in Joe, and suddenly a sword appeared in his hand. He charged forward into the gang, sword swinging. He laid out most of the gang before they even realized there was another person in their midst. He didn't kill any of the thugs, but it was only because a voice in his head said to spare the others. He finished off the gang, and helped the young man to his feet. He pulled out his cell phone, called 911 and told the young man, "I do not envy you the pain you will feel tomorrow, but at least you are alive to feel it." 
    After that night, the ghostly sword and bow appeared whenever called forth by Joe. He also began to hear the voice of the ghostly knight in his head. That voice began teaching Joe the ways of ancient combat, and skill both unarmed and armed. Although the knight was wearing armor, Joe preferred to work without the bulk. He took to wearing a facemask, going out on "patrol" and fighting injustice in his own way. He soon got a job with the local university in their IT department. He works there 3-4 times a week, 8am to 5pm. However he never feels truly alive until he is hunting evil after the job for the day was done. 
    Eventually, he began to design an outfit for his hero persona. His outfit consisted of a full head enclosing mask, leaving his eyes and mouth open. His chest was covered by a white and black tactical shirt. His pants were of matching design and material. He also wore over his chest a tabard with a crest upon it. The crest was a downward facing curved V in red on a white field with a crennelated border on the bottom. For his feet, he wore a pair of black combat boots, and on his hands he wore black and white leather gloves. On his waist was a belt with a scabbard and a quiver of arrows. The scabbard was empty as was the quiver. When the time came, he summoned the sword, bow and arrows. His secret identity was most important to him, and he truly kept his hero activities secret, even from his uncle. Joe took on the hero name of Squire. He felt it appropriate since he was working for the ghostly knight.
    His code of honor required him to never strike an unready opponent, aid those that ask or require it, always protect the weak, and Never Kill. This has led him to be injured more than his fair share, but he doesn't breach that without superb reasons. 


Normal Look: 





Sheet Pt 1




Sheet Pt 2




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Update for Project #1 & movement power
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Hex.jpg.444e31f97e35a9e2a8532ebc51519772.jpgSupranym: Hex
Name: Triessa Elrich

Modern Day Mutant Eldritch Occultist


Background: Student
Cornerstone: Power will either uplift us all or destroy us all; I have to make sure I'm on the right side.
Vulnerability: The Qliphotic Cabal is still after me, hoping to finish what they'd started.
Inspiration: 0


Once upon a time there was a broken house, a scientist, and a baby. The house was an eerie old backwoods home from the gold rush era, and something terrible had happened there...or perhaps nearly happened there. The locals kept their distance, even the kids, and they called it the 'broken house.' The woods around it were wrong, they said. Directions went awry, and you could lose hours in minutes before you laid eyes on it. No one had been inside in living memory.


The scientist was an investigator of the paranormal, a new recruit of the Paragon Historical Society named Trixie August. Attracted by the local folklore, she went to a sleepy mountain town hoping to confirm her theories; that the Broken House was the result of a very special kind of magic gone wrong. Time magic. Armed with instruments and a few handy gadgets, Trixie made her way to the Broken House; navigating the maze of twisted space and time that surrounded it. With a combination of knowledge, instinct and luck she pierced a path through to the heart of the house itself, where everything was a snapshot of chaos. A stone table, engraved with runes and surrounded by dessicated skeletons in frayed black robes frozen forever in positions of alarm and self-defense. Books caught in midair as they flew from the shelves that lined the walls. Puffs of smoke and flame held captured in the ticks between seconds. At the center of it all, on the table wrapped in white cloth...the baby.


The baby, alone of everything, moved. On seeing Trixie, the baby wriggled and started to cry...then flickered and seemed to 'reset,' then saw her again for the first time. Something terrible had happened here, and Trixie had no idea what. Seeing the infant however convinced her that she had to act. Taking a huge risk, she expended the charge on the protective device she'd brought in one surge, shattering what was left of the spell holding time back. There was a flurry of events...destructive blasts, concussions, books flying, corpses dropping...and then it was over. The house groaned as it settled, and the years took hold again.


Many of the papers and tomes were lost forever in the aftermath, but Trixie was able to learn some of what had happened. The house had belonged to a family named the Elrichs, an old name that had long been associated with magical power in certain circles. However, the robes worn by the bodies around the table had sigils that marked them as something else entirely. An old secret society, some would say a cult, called the Qliphotic Cabal. Something terrible had been in progress here, but was interrupted. Trixie couldn't be sure what, but from the yellowed and brittle letters and journal upstairs, she believed the baby was Triessa Elrich; the daughter of the household. Of her parents there was no sign. Without being preserved by the time magic, they were certainly dead by now even if the Cabal hadn't killed them.


So in the end Trixie adopted the baby, legally giving her the name that she'd been born with. Not long after she and her boyfriend were married, and Triessa grew up in a family...seemingly untouched by the madness she'd been engulfed in as an infant. But it was not so simple. While she was still young Triessa started manifesting an unconscious ability to affect the flow of time nearby. At the advice of the leader of the Paragon Historical Society, her strange abilities were kept secret.


In an effort to control and understand her powers Triessa began studying magic while she was still rather young, even as she tried to maintain an ordinary life as well. It wasn't easy though, juggling two worlds. All that came to a head when she was in high school, and went with her parents to an archaeological dig site in Greece. Buried there for centuries was something incredibly strange...an enormous block of amber, within which was suspended the shadow of something humanlike. As the scientists tried without success to drill or chisel the strange object, Triessa felt something flutter inside. Like a wingbeat. Like a heart. Like a memory.


She went to the amber creation as if in a trance and reached out to touch it. She could feel that this wasn't what it looked like. Not crystallized tree sap, but somehow it was crystallized time. Time wrapped like a Christmas present, interfering with itself, forming nodes, forming an impenetrable, eternal bubble within which no time could touch. Impossible to break with any force of matter and energy, but Triessa saw clearly that anything that could break causality could pop it like soap.


So she did. A hiccup in time, a glitch, a momentary break. The amber was gone, and the being within dropped to the ground. A woman. A very tall, statuesque woman. That woman looked around, panicked, and seemed about to run...and Triessa recalled her lessons, and called out in Greek. Her accent was probably horrific, her vocabulary limited, but it was enough to get the refugee from time to pause and look back. That was enough for everything.


After that, everything felt different. Triessa continued to study magic, and practice her powers...having seen what they could do. In her studies and conversations with her parents she had a chance to learn about the circumstances of her past. When she then discovered that the Qliphotic Cabal was still active, she decided she had to learn more...what they'd done, and why. And to stop them, if she could. Triessa put together a disguise, a costume, and called herself Hex to protect her family and friends from the cult's retaliation...and went on the hunt.


Background Feature
Encyclopedist (Occult)
You have access to a transnational community of scholars studying a particular subject; The Paragon Historical Society. Whenever you would like to know some fact that some expert has recorded somewhere on earth, there’s a good chance you know someone who can tell you about it. If you contact your correspondents, it may take a week or more to get a reply, but you absolutely will get the answer you seek. If you contact your local network, you will surely get some information, but it is up to the GM to determine how complete that information is.




Str 08 -1
Dex 16 +3
Con 12 +1
Int 20 +5
Wis 12 +1
Cha 10 +0


HP 33
AC 19
Proficiency Bonus +3
Initiative +3


+2 Dex, +1 Int
Speed 30
Mutation - Start with Mutation Feat
Familiarity - Adv on knowledge rolls regarding 'normal' modern day Earth questions
Versatility - Free skill proficiency
Languages - English and one other of choice


- Occult Path: Eldritch
- - Familiar: Blink Dog
- Invocations
- - Armor of Shadows (Use Force Armor at will, for +3 AC instead of +2)
- - Intuitions of Ancient Secrets (gain 2 1st level rituals; can add other ritual powers from any list)
- Supernatural Knowledge:
- Occult Boon: Book of Shadows
- - Rituals known: Find Familiar, Unseen Servant, Comprehend Languages
- Third Eye: Gain Darkvision 60'


Weapons: Simple
Armor: Light
Saves: Intelligence and Charisma


Perception +4
Investigation +8
Occult +11
Science +8


English, Spanish, Japanese, Latin, Greek

Mutation - Time Elementalist
Advanced Mutation
4 - Brilliant (prof bonus added to Intelligence)


Powers and Spells



Powers: DC 16, +8 atk
At will
- Eldritch Blast
- Prestidigitation
- Turn the Blade
- Side Step
- Telekinetic Hand
1st level - Reflexive
- Bane
- Hellish Rebuke
- Healing Word
- Sleep
2nd level- 3 slots
- Alter Self
- Bestow Curse
- See Invisible
- Undo (Mutation)
3rd level - 2 slots
- Fear
- Remove Curse

- Haste
- Elemental Burst (8d6 necrotic in 30' cone)



Cash: 200 dolla dolla bills


Survival Knife, +5 atk, 1d6+3 dmg, 2 lbs




casual clothes
coffee mug
2 packed meals
smart phone
water bottle




Blink Dog
Medium fey, lawful good
Armor Class 13
Hit Points 22 (4d8 + 4)
Speed 40ft.

STR 12 (+1) DEX 17 (+3) CON 12 (+1)

INT 10 (+0) WIS 13 (+1) CHA 11 (+0)

Skills Perception +3, Stealth +5
Senses passive Perception 13
Languages Blink Dog, understands Sylvan but can't speak it


Keen Hearing and Smell. The dog has advantage on Wisdom
(Perception) checks that rely on hearing or smell.

Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, 1d6+1 dmg, reach 5 ft. , one target .

Teleport (Recharge 4-6). The dog magically teleports, along
with any equipment it is wearing or carrying, up to 40 feet to
an unoccupied space it can see. Before or after teleporting, the
dog can make one bite attack.


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