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It's Not What I Expected


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This is a freeform game I have come up with to tide us over the lean holiday season. 


The premise is you are an ordinary person who wakes up one day and discovers you have A super power. You can be any age, and background but you are a normal person, in fact superpowers aren't real they only exist in movies and comics and books. Their are no other people like you  (that you know of) and this is your story.


I am not using any system at this point. I am not taking submissions for characters. If you want to join you can join by simply following the directions below.


To Join


choose one power from this list. only one.


as soon as you choose your power post that power below in this thread so that everyone will know that that power is taken.


Build the person who is going to discover that she has that power.   


write their day of discovery.   


do's and don't - there are no eruptions, no radioactive spiders, no genetic experiments, no super power origins. you simply discover you have this power one day.


You are all from the same city/town. In my example i did not name it or place it anywhere. other than that there are some forested hills north of town. It probably has a population of 20 to 30 k. but could be larger or smaller. if you name your town you  get braggin rights and everyone else needs to follow your example consider this shared world building.


As we are not using any specific game system the powers are simply names currently. you may describe them as you see fit and consider them broadly. there is no rank, level, limits, or restriction. this is a story use what you feel is best for the story. the power is yours and yours alone make it what you wish.


if there is a resolution needed I will use a diceless system to determine outcome but usually the story will do that for you.


Time frame is today in our modern world, all of you discover your power on the same day but your story doesn't have to limit itself to that day only.


If you have any questions or need advice i am available.


have fun


Here are the powers available if there is something not on the list you would like to use run it by me





Healing Factor (regeneration/slowed aging)





Cyberkinesis/Electrokinesis (control electricity/technology)







I will post the beginning story now




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