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BotRE Sea1/Ep2 'Waking the Sleeping Dead'


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The Barbarian and his friends had traveled many days from their last adventure when they had come upon a wide swampy bog on their way to a mountain retreat that supposedly held many wonders and might be able to tell them what the book was and who those depicted in it were.


Crossing the bog had been difficult as it was full of treacherous paths that led to bottomless pits of quicksand, and they had been under merciless assault by various bugs and flying insects all wanting to eat them.


Sleeping in the bog had been a nightmare and this morning they had risen tired, hungry, and cranky. And already the insects were out…


The insects dived at them almost constantly, Slug didn’t mind they were tasty but everyone else was miserable. It didn’t help that every so often they herd the crackle and pop as their newest band mate fried the insects attacking her with her mind leaving her relatively unbothered, and she had become a favorite of Slug as well, to Aazea’s consternation. The fried bugs were crispy and crunchy and had a nice aroma that made his mouth water.


Fi who had been scouting signaled the rest to halt she had seen something that might warrant further investigation. She went ahead alone to see if it was what she believed and was proven right. She had discovered the remnants of an ancient road. Not a path made by the wheels of carts and wagons but a real road made of the stone that was not rock, what she saw was a road way the stood on thick pillars  that wound through the bog a dozen lengths above the soft sucking ground. The twisted cypress trees grew tall around It and over it shielding it from the air. These old paths four times as wide as any wagon trail often led to ancient ruined cities that could hold amazing treasures. And this road wasn’t on their map!

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"If it will get us away from these accursed insects, let's follow it.  I can't imagine most of us being in a worse general mood than we all are."  Korroth said with a tired tone to his deep voice.   This was a rare time he wished he had on more clothing, but still, They spent so long being miserable it took effort to not snap at each other over even small things.   Of course, Temple zapped any bug near her so she was mostly fine, but that didn't hold true for the rest of them.

He chuckled as he looked back at her, and Slug riding on her.  "Looks like your furry friend found a new ride."  he lightly teased Aazaea.

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Fi's eyes brightened with excitement at the discovery of raised man-rock road. It would make traversing through the bog much easier. It with it not being noted on their map, there was a greater chance to find treasures not yet plundered. She raised her boltcaster, studying the road and trees for dangers. A great beast or twisted mutant could be using the ancient road as a hunting ground.


If one were, Fi saw no immediate sign of it and really, the risk was worth potential reward. Especially if it got them through the detestable bog all the swifter. Firanis loved exploring, traveling, going to new places... but she seen enough of the muggy swamp to last her for quite some time.

Fi slapped at her neck, lips twisting at the sight of crushed bug and blood on her hand. She rubbed them off on her work pants and then skulked back to the rest of the party, a lightness in her step and in her eyes.

"The mood, I am having something to raise it!" Fi claimed, catching Korroth's comment as she returned, a wide grin on her face. She pointed over her shoulder with her boltcaster. "There is one of the Old Roads, from before the world broke. It looks sturdy yet, and we can make swift way with our boots above the muck. And more, perhaps, find it leads us to ruins unspoiled."

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