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Name: Coraline Hess


Appearance: 6 feet of athletically-fit African-American female in the prime of health, Coraline Hess's brown hair, brown eyes, and easy smile helps her stand out in the best of ways. The latter has been somewhat rarer in her life since moving to Shelly for her Bohemian exile, a lingering somberness quick to descend if asked why she's in the city. She dresses for practical effect, well most of the time.


History: Born and raised in New York City, Coraline 'Call me Cora.' Hess is the only child of a prison warden father and veterinarian mother. She's lived in the city most of her life, soaking in the culture of the 'greatest city in the world', always possessing an artistic bent. It was a close battle between painting and dance in the choice of which art to focus the lion's share of her drive on, the former winning out. Her father's genes kicking in to give her a series of dramatic teenage growth spurts affirmed the choice in her mind. After all, who ever heard of a six foot tall ballerina?


Her height did help her become very good at her favorite form of exercise, LARPing. Dramatic and violent, it tickled her fancy, a fancy that's followed her to this day. Coraline's scarily passionate about it to be honest and happily takes the hours long drive to the nearest LARP societies in Montana.


She enrolled in the School of Visual Arts, the resulting BA in Fine Arts launching, or as close to launching as you can get, her artistic career. It's been a bit of a feast or famine affair, struggling in the cruel tide between soulless easy commissions vs heartfelt unsalable works, 15 minutes of fame in the art columns balanced by droughts of creative block where everything she makes is utterly, completely hideous and droll. Her father was her rock through all this, unshakable and happy that his child was creating something after a lifetime dealing with the dangerous prisoners in a challenged New York penal system.


Life was going good rolling into Coraline's 34th year of life, but life has a way of kicking your feet out from under you. Her father, previously healthy as a bull, despite his 65 years of life, came down with a bout of rapid onset cancer, winnowing him like rot through a tree's roots. In less than a year, he was 

dead, and Coraline had never gotten along with her mother, the both of them shrinking back like reluctant hedgehogs. Social gatherings lost their flavor. Inspiration came harder and harder.


An idle evening brought to mind a town in Montana where her Father had nearly picked up a job when she was twelve, a backwater straight out of a ye old 'move to a cabin and write the next American Novel' fantasy. It was dumb. It was stupid. But... Coraline had the money, her share of the cursed inheritance, to rent a cabin and live simply for six months. Not like it was doing her any good in her bank account. Maybe there was something out there worth seeing that almost tempted her family out of NYC? The vistas ought to be be spectacular at least.




Name: Coraline Hess Nationality: American Age: 35 Gender: Female


Background: Larper     Profession: Creative     Class: Tough      Archetype: Scrapper    Lvl:2     Wealth Lvl: 3


STR:16 DEX:10 CON:14 INT:10 WIS:10 CHA:16

DF: 14 INI: +0 Speed: 30 HP: 25 Hit Die:2


Saves: STR+5/DEX+0/CON+4/INT+0/WIS+0/CHA+3 Passive Perception: 10


Skills: Insight+2, Arts and Crafts +5, Athletics +5, Persuasion +5, Streetwise +2, Performance +5


Proficiences: Languages (English, Spanish, 'Enochian', Chinese), Basic Equipment, Historical Equipment, Advanced Equipment, Improvised Equipment, Saves (CON and STR)


Background: Playing Possum (Gain Advantage on Charisma (Deception) to 'Play Dead'.)


Profession: Artistic Focus (Gain Advantage on ability checks related to Painting.)


Class: Payback (+2 to Hit foe who hurt you last turn), Tough as Nails (DR 2)


Archetype: Opportunist (Foes using Disengage provoke AoO, Foes Attacking Allies while within your reach provoke AoO, Foes damaged by you have Movement reduced to 0 until end of turn.)


Feats: Cross Training (Use STR Mod for Athletics, Acrobatics, and Endurance Checks), Skill Training (Streetwise, Performance)



*Badass Costume

*Foam-Covered Sticks

*Painter's Tools

*Fashionable Clothes

*Examples of Her Work

*Everyday Pack (2)

-Normal Clothes

-Bag Stuff. Packet Stuff.

-Common Car w/ Car Stuff

*Fitness Pack (2)

-Exercise Clothes

-Fitness Gear

*Sword Two-handed (Graduation Gift from her Father, 3)


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Name: Ackley "Ack-Ack" Heron



Appearance: 5'10, Leaning towards a medium build, Dark hair, Dark eyes. 


Ackley Heron was born in the summer of 1987, much to the enjoyment of his parents, Marsha and Tom Heron. Although he was born into a small middle class nuclear family, he just never seemed to fit in with the neighborhood kids in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Sometimes his own family was even weirded out by him. Ackley was a quiet kid. Even in pre-school and kindergarten, he was more interested in observing and listening. His aloofness soon made the other kids think of him as a weirdo and an annoyance, at the same time. As a sometimes Latchkey Kid, Ackley was given a lot of time to himself. Rather than spend time with the other kids in the neighborhood, or sit around watching mindless cartoons, he began exploring the woods behind his house. Within a couple of month he even began sort of building a small hut somewhere in there where he could retreat and get lost for hours.   He used that hut as his “Base of Operations” in his continued explorations. He soon began to notice all the different small and large wildlife in this pine forest. He got a book from the local library and began keeping an eye out for specific types of birds and other animals. He made sure to learn tracks too, so if there was something dangerous, he didn’t run into them. Once he became a teenager, he replaced his old base of operations with a newer hut/treehouse. He also slowly began to get into Hiking with his father and mother after they decided to be more active in his life. He never mentioned his old base to his parents and kept it quiet from his parents through to his college years.


While he did enough schoolwork at a high level, he soon learned to despise being in public school. His favorite time of the school day was Study Hall where he did his work alone, and then was able to read books he brought from the library. Once he got into middle school, the name-calling and occasional beatings would take their toll on Ackley. He became sullen and withdrawn, and even for a time adopted a goth persona and look. Eventually, when he emerged from Middle school and entered high school, he ran into a new crowd that didn’t mind if he was quiet, or a little weird. He soon discarded his goth phase and entered his metal phase. In 2002 at the age of fifteen, Ack-ack, as he was now known to his friends, discovered his favorite band of all time, ‘Godsmack.’ The music reached down into his soul and took him on a journey. This time of his life also lead to him developing a strong idea of right and wrong. He found that his time observing from the sidelines allowed him to figure out what was on people’s minds easily. His insight into people and their motivations caught the attention of the local “Mystery writers club.” Although he wasn’t a writer himself, he was keen to read new material. When this club offered him a gig as a beta reader, he jumped at the chance to help authors tighten up their works. This led to a lifelong love affair with mysteries and thrillers. When he left High School, he still wasn’t a 100% sure what he wanted to do with his life, aside from finding some way to marry his now obsession with solving mysteries and the great outdoors, where he felt safest. His reading was mostly taking place during his daily excursions into the woods, which had become hours long. He was fanatical about the privacy he sought on his journeys. Later into his teens, he came out of his shell and let a couple of younger neighborhood kids into the secret of his old base. He hoped that when he left for college, they’d take over the care of the woods.


Soon after entering the college system, he found out about the career of a game warden. Initially, Ack-ack was a little confused that this could be a real career. However, upon learning more about it, this was if not the ideal marriage of his two loves, a compromise point between them. He changed his major to Wildlife and Wildlands Science and Management, with a minor in Criminal Justice. Upon graduation, he began applying for positions in various counties in the northern states, like Montana, Idaho, The Dakotas, and even Wyoming. Getting his first job was HARD. It seemed like the game wardens were very cliquish group, leading to the same family or group of families keeping that job for years at a time. Eventually, he broke into the field in a county on Wyoming’s northern border, Big Horn County. His skills and experience grew with each passing year. Eventually, he decided he needed a new challenge, so he left the force in Wyoming at travelled even farther north, to Shelly, Montana.


Once there, he was soon hired as a new assistant game warden for the county. Not more than a year after that, his mentor and boss, the fish and game warden John “Granite John” Rock retired after some poachers shot him in the legs during a small sting operation. After John retired, Ack-ack was promoted and has been in this position since. At his age, Ackley is slowing down a little bit socially, but still is mentally as sharp as can be. He just doesn’t seem to care if you like his attitude or not. He will defer to the sheriffs of the area except when it comes to crimes in his area of expertise. He’s also always willing to help, if asked. But the politicians are the ones who he reserves his disdain for.


Most nights, except when he’s on a mission, you can still find him by tracking down the loud music coming from his truck, if he’s in town. If he’s out in the wilderness, good luck finding him before he finds you.  




Name: Ackley Heron Nationality: American Age: 35 Gender: Male


Background: Misfit     Profession: Outdoors     Class: Wisdom      Archetype: Sleuth    Lvl:2     Wealth Lvl: 2


STR:10 DEX:12 CON:13 INT:14 WIS:16 CHA:10

DF: 15 INI: +3 Speed: 30 HP: 18 Hit Die:2D10


Saves: STR+0/DEX+1/CON+1/INT+5/WIS+6/CHA+0 Passive Perception: 22


Skills: Athletics(p) +2, Deception(c) +2, Insight(b) +5, Investigation(c) +4, Natural Sciences(f) +4, Perception(p)* +7, Security(c) +4, Social Sciences(f) +4, Stealth(p) +3, Survival(p) +5


Proficiences: Languages (English) Basic Equipment, Advanced Equipment, Saves (INT and WIS)


Background: Devil in the Details. You gain advantage on Wisdom checks made to discern personal details about someone by directly observing them.


Profession: Tracker. You gain advantage on Wisdom (Survival) checks to track in a wilderness setting.


Class: Concentration (Reroll failed wisdom check with focus), One Step Ahead (choose not to fall prone when diving for cover)


Archetype: Deduction (reroll failed Int check once per check), Sixth Sense (Various abilities), Weak spot (1 focus = 1d6 extra damage and attack with advantage), Investigative Expertise (Perception)


Feats: Scout (Advantage on passive perception and advantage to defeat traps), Skill Training (Social Sciences, Natural sciences)





*Denim Jacket with Metal band patches all over.

*Hunting Rifle

*4WD vehicle

*Frame Backpack

*Camping Kit

*Detective Pack

Survival Kit

Armored Clothing

Ballistic Vest (Concealable)

2 Small Faraday pouches


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Name: Shay Fiona Cassidy (played by rewolfmi)image.jpeg.9146fdaf7d8bca95e3d9f6d3e1063615.jpeg
Nicknames: SFC, Gay Shay, Tits, Hootie McBoob
Known Relatives: Jack Cassidy (Father; Deceased; Renovations/Landscaping, Electrical, and Plumbing contractor; 6'), Carolyn Cassidy (Mother; Deceased; Homeworker, part-time accountant; 5'7''), Teagan Cassidy (Sister; Deceased; US Ranger,  High School Star Athlete, about to be married; 5'10''), Laurelei Cassidy (Sister; 18; Shelly High Senior; plays Volleyball and Basketball; 6'4''; played by sabrina.n.smith)
Date of Birth:
 October 31, 1995
Nationality: American
Home Region: Shelly, MT, USA
Occupation: Various, currently self-employed doing mobile electrical and mechanical repair, maintenance, and contracting 

Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Caucasian (Irish, German, Norwegian, trace of Blackfeet)
Age: 26
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 121 lbsRewolfmi : u/Apprehensive-Most-57
Eyes: Large, exotic, tilted eyes of stormy blue-grey
Hair: Deep Mahogany
Handedness: Left


Shay is an extremely attractive woman of modest height and far from modest curves, with a pronounced, top-heavy hourglass figure, who looks somewhat young for her age, and has little compunction about using her looks to her advantage. Tends towards casual jeans and flannel, with a tight or low cut - or both - top underneath, but can dress up for fun when the occasion calls for it, especially for cosplay pics or Halloween. Her hair is a deep mahogany brown with reddish undertones, which falls to mid-back. She typically ties it up in a bunch or a tight braid when working. Her eyes are large and a striking blue-grey, intelligent and stubborn 

Shay was born and raised in Shelly, the second of three daughters. Less athletic than Teagan and Laurelei, she more than made up for it with a fierce and restless intelligence. Somewhat tomboyish, she generally enjoyed working on the family farm, though she preferred driving and maintaining the tractors and other equipment, than planting and harvesting the fields. But she always wanted more than just being a farm girl.

She got involved with roleplaying games, both video and tabletop from a young age. Being smarter than most everyone else, she started getting aimage.thumb.jpeg.6e127594b3d058a70765169ae5474a7b.jpeg reputation of a nerd. Then seemingly overnight, during the summer when she was ten, she went from flat to needing a full-sized bra. Her reputation changed, for better and worse, as she developed ahead of her peers. Smart and gorgeous, there were growing pains, but she was popular across the various cliques in school and she knew she would get out of Shelly and have an amazing life. 

2012, her life took a complete turn. She'd skipped a grade and was a senior at 16. School had just started and she'd already earned a full-ride scholarship to Berkeley. She had accepted that she was gay, despite trying to convince herself and everyone she was straight since she was twelve. 


Then there was the Wildfire of 2012. September had continued to be particularly dry. The cause had never been determined, though the main suspect had been a mechanical failure at an oil causing a spark. It  was like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. The dry conditions, plus possibly methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wells, made the fire spread and rage at a terrifying rate, and with an unexpected intensity. 

The firetruck had an issue and was slow to get going. By the time it got on the scene, it had already been cut off from several farms. Including the Cassidy farmstead. 

Shay and Laurie - 8 at the time - had been at school. But the whole Cassidy clan had been at the farm, gathering for Teagan's wedding on the weekend. The Wildfire seemed like something alive, with a malicious, malignant will. By the time the fire had been wrangled, with help from Great Falls, and water planes from Helena, it was too late. 44 people had lost their lives, including the 22 Cassidys at the farm. The fire had been so hot, the bodies so burned and charred they couldn't be identified, though oddly, only 21 bodies were recovered. Miraculously, Laurie's pet pygmy goat Rascal survived.

With no family to take them in, Shay and Laurie were scheduled to be put into the foster system. Shay was having none it. She dropped out of school, got her GED, got emancipated, and got herself named Laurie's guardian. Shay had already been working at Bunnee's for some extra cash, and with some insurance payouts and selling some of the Cassidy farmland, she raised her younger sister herself.

It was tight at first, she and Laurie, living in a trailer at first before Shay could earn enough, and had time enough, to build them a small bungalow on the edge of land they retained. Shay hustled, taking any job she could to that Laurie could have what manner of regular life she could. Over the years, Shay worked all over Shelly, taking one job or another. She's worked at Bunnee's, as a waitress and on the line. Marias Golf and Country club, as a groundskeeper and at the restaurant. Field hand and rancher for other farms. On oil and gas wells, and for the Well Done Foundation, to plug up abandoned ones. She delivered food for Pizza Hut and Wok and Roll. She worked as a janitor and handyman for various businesses, and as a general contractor and landscaper for others. She had an Instagram and TikTok account, and even tried her hand with OnlyFans.

Shay never seemed to settle in one job, desperate and restless. Sometimes she'd explode with frustration, get sexually harassed, be accused of sexual harassment herself, or something else would happen, and she'd move on to something else, despite being given chances from some due to her circumstances. She did her best to hide from Laurie how rough it was on her.

Laurie shot up like a weed with puberty, and started getting involved in Volleyball and Basketball. Shay tries to go to every game she can. She tried her best not to resent her younger sister when it felt like Laurie needed new clothes every other month during her teenage years. What skills she learned making her own cosplay outfits for her own amusement and online business, she turned to tailoring and making new clothes for her sister, and herself.

This year, Laurie is a senior at Shelly High and aiming to attend UM in Missoula and play for the Griz, and Shay assured her sister she'd cover the cost of college, hiding her bitterness as best she could. Shay loves her sister, her only remaining family, dearly, but can't help but feel a robbed, that she had to be the big sister, the mother, at sixteen before her life really got to get started. Laurie gets to go to college, while she didn't, will get to travel while she probably won't.

Shay might not have gotten the life she wanted, but she told herself it was worth it every time Laurie laughs or smiles. The last few years hadn't been so bad, working for herself with a small mobile mechanical, electrical, and general repair and maintenance business. Laurie's pet goat Rascal is old, but still alive, and Shay added a pet raccoon named Bandit to her household. If she drank a bit more than she should, well, it was always off the clock.

Her love life was hit or miss. She might not mind teasing and flirting with men, but that was as far as it went. Shay was definitely gay, and it wasn't like she was swimming in options in Shelly.


The Wildfire had destroyed her life before it could start, but Shay would be damned if it would chase her away.



Name: Shay Cassidy    Nationality: American    Age: 26    Gender: Female


Background: Gamer     Profession: Agriculture     Archetype: Smart    Class: Engineer    Level: 2     Wealth Level: 3


STR: 10 (+0) DEX: 10 (+0)  CON: 12 (+1) INT: 20 (+5) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 14 (+2)

Hit Points: 12 
Hit Die: 2d6 + 2
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Defense: 15
Initiative: +0
Speed: 30
Passive Perception: 10


Saves: STR+0/DEX+2/CON+1/INT+7/WIS+0/CHA+2


Skills: Arts and Crafts (Int) +7, Computers (Int) +7, Insight (Wis) +2, Investigation (Int) +7, Mechanics* (Int) +9, Natural Sciences (Int) +7, Performance (Cha) +4, Persuasion (Cha) +4, Security (Int) +7, Survival (Wis) +2, Vehicles (Int) +7


Proficiencies: Languages (English, -Place Holder-), Basic Equipment, Advanced Equipment, Improvised Equipment, Saves (DEX and INT)


Background - Exploit: When you roll a 1 on an ability check, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll. You cannot use this ability again until you finish a long rest.


Profession - Animal Husbandry:  You gain advantage on Wisdom and Charisma checks made to influence animal behavior.


Archetype - Smart
Plans (6): Customize, Expect The Unexpected, Overload, Shocking Blow, The Right Tool, When a Plan Comes Together
Genius (3): Your incredible Genius allows you to devise and enact cunning plans that can accomplish what seems impossible until you explain how they came to fruition. You can enact any plan you know by spending 1 Genius. The Smart Hero table shows how much Genius you have based on your level. Genius recharges when you finish a long rest. Provided you have Genius, you can use any of your plans without restriction.
Mental Refresh: When you take a short rest, you can refresh your mind with a nice snack, a power nap, and/or some light reading. You regain 1 Genius point when you finish that short rest. You can do this only once before you finish a long rest.

Class - Engineer
Practical Applications (replaces Mechanical Companion): 

  • You can use Intelligence instead of Dexterity or Strength for any attack or damage roll you make with Basic, Advanced, or Improvised Weapons
  • You are trained in Advanced and Improvised Weapons
  • You may use Intelligence instead of Wisdom or Dexterity when you roll for Arts and Crafts or Vehicles
  • (5th level) Once during your turn, when you take the Attack action using a Basic, Advanced, or Improvised Weapon, you can make two attacks as part of that action.

Field Training (Replaces Field Repairs): Choose another skill from the Engineer list.
Practical Expertise (3rd level - replaces Fine Tuning): Choose one skill from the Engineer list. You must be proficient in a skill to take expertise in that skill.

Seducer: You have developed undeniable sex appeal through a combination of looks and attitude. You gain advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) and  Charisma (Deception) checks with people who are attracted to your gender.)
Skill Training: Performance, Persuasion



Coveralls, stained t-shirt, work boots, combat/tool harness
Everyday Clothes
Bag Stuff
Pocket Stuff
Car Stuff
High-end Gaming Laptop

F-150 Raptor (4WD Vehicle with an extra +1 Stamina)
Covered Utility Trailer

Camping Kit
Electrician's Kit
First Aid Kit
Mechanics Kit
Survival Kit
Welder's Kit
Machine Parts
Duct Tape
Workshop 2

Farmer's Almanac

Stun Gun
Pump-Action Shotgun
Hunting Rifle


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Name- Andrew Joseph Carmody
Age- 34
Height- 6'2
Weight- 200lbs
Eyes- Blue

Dirk Pitt - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia


Andrew Carmody, AJ to his friends and family, was born in Shelly, and never really expected to come back to Shelly to live.   When he was young, he was a star quarterback, from the Peewee leagues through high school, leading Shelly's team to the state championship three consecutive years.   This brought him to national notice, and he would end up playing for USC.  


Though USC never won the championship, he was their starter for his tenure there, with a reputation for both resilience, and reliability.   He earned his bachelor's degree in Criminal justice while there, and met and married his wife, Anya Riksend, there.   Anya earned her degree and credentials as a nurse, and just prior to him declaring to enter the NFL draft,  He received the news that his  Family had been involved in a deadly auot accident.  His Father and elder brother were slain, his mother was seriously injured, with both a broken left arm and leg.  His younger sister, Maya,  who was only thirteen, suffered a broken left arm, and lacerations from broken glass.


Throwing aside his aspirations to be a pro football player, he headed back home, to Shelly to take care of his mother.  After six months of rehab, his mother was finally able to move around enough to live without constant care.   Anya was easily able to get a position working for Marias Medical Care, while Andrew took care of his Mother and sister.  Once his family was well enough, he'd planned to see about getting ready to put his name in the ring and attending several pro team tryouts.   Just as he was going to tell Anya, she surprised him with a big smile and her own news.   She was pregnant.  He was quite happy, even though this definitely was unexpected.


Deciding that being a pro football player wasn't going to happen, and that things were just more important, he went and applied for a position with the Toole County Sheriff's office.   Sheriff Donna Whitt immediately saw the value in having someone with Andrew's pedigree, and agreed, hiring him as a deputy.   After three years, She would arrange a transfer to the Cascade County Sheriff for him, which would give him more opportunities to work with other larger law enforcement departments, and gain new skills.  


It was a hell of a commute, but worth it, as the position did pay more than what he'd been making.  After three years and the birth of his twin  daughters,  She asked him to come back, and for three and a half years, the veteran Sheriff groomed him to take over as Sheriff from her.  Her endorsement lead to his election as Sheriff of a grossly overworked and stretched department.   Had he stayed there the entire time, there would be only two deputies with more time in Uniform for the County.  Both of them, fully supported Sheriff Whitt's choice, and neither ran against the untested newcomer, having served alongside him as she groomed him for the position, and finding him to be reliably fair, and earnest in his dealings.


Father (D)- Esau Aaron Carmody  He was a prominent Doctor, specializing in heart disease.   He provided very well for his family, and was regarded as one of the more prominent citizens of Shelly.


Brother (D) Liam Jackson Carmody A medical student from Montana State, he was working towards his medical doctorate when he was slain. he was a year older than Andrew, and while just as tall, he was far lankier.


Mother (L) Margaret Marie Carmody  Mother of three, and one of the High school teachers for English at the local school.  An Avid quilter, she's worked hard to get back some semblance of normalcy following the death of her husband and eldest son.   She spurred a love of reading in all three of her children, and is doing the same for her three grandchildren.


Sister- (L) Maya Denise Carmody   eleven years younger than Andrew, she was the baby of the family.   She's just returned to Shelly, having earned her masters in education, with specialization for early childhood.   She is a very doting aunt to her nephew and nieces.


Anya Carmody (L) Wife   Loving wife of twelve years, She was incredibly supportive of Andrew's dreams, and has supported all his choices.   The two have a strong partnership, and have thrived, despite the challenges they've faced.   She loves being a mother, though he­r job as one of the head nurses does sometimes cause her to be away from her children longer than she likes.   She attends bookclub with her mother-in-law, and has learned the basics of knitting.   Her family is from Seattle, and they have come to see the kids, and She and Andrew have taken them there on vacation to visit her family.


Miles Jonothan Carmody(L) Son  Nine years old, he looks very much like his father, with the same sky blue eyes and brown hair.  He's tall for his age, though he doesn't show his father's affinity for sports, aside from riding his bike, he prefers to spend his time with books or computers.


Annika and Katya Carmody (twin daughters)  at six years old, the identical twins have blonde hair and blue eyes.  They do well in school, and love to read and ride their bikes, which they do with their brother and their parents.





archetype Agiile class Sharpshooter profession Law Enforcement  backgroundAthlete

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 12
Charisma 14


Proficiency bonus +2
hit points 18
Defense 15
initiative (Advantage) 14


Saving throws Dex/Int


Skill proficiencies



 Chevy Tahoe 4WD (police cruiser) cruiser kit
Chevy Silverado Diesel 4WD (personal) 
Weatherby .300 hunting rifle
Sheriff Uniform bag stuff, pocket stuff, police kit
service 9mm 
stun gun
pepper spray
police radio
medium ballistic armor
small knife
clothes, gear 
ATV and trailer
camping kit
2x conceal carry pistols+ holsters

weapons sniper rifle, service 9mm, TASER,  carryouts, knife

wealth 3


cross training dex use dex for athletics acrobatics endurance rolls
Resilient advantage on resisting and recovering from exhaustion intoxication paralyzed, sickened, stunned.


gunslinging- can draw 2 light 1 hand weapons as free action and reload 2 weapons as part of the same action
sharpshooting-  when using a 2 handed range weapon, gain +2 to attack if you don't move.
Quickness dash or disengage as bonus action advantage on athletics as part of gain ground in a foot race


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Lily2.jpg.55bc4ff15dd69f8dcb543ff42997d429.jpgName: Aapiwabigonan

Nicknames: Lily, Lillian
Known Relatives: Apisi (father) and Kimi (mother), Ahanu (uncle)
Date of Birth:
July 13, 1997
Nationality: Blackfeet
Home Region: Shelly, MT, USA
Occupation: Private Security, Private Investigator, Bail Bond Tracking

Physical Traits

Gender: Female
Ethnic Background: Blackfeet tribe Indian
Age: 24
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 129 lbs
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black
Handedness: Right


Lili's an attractive young Native American woman of middling height and fairly slim build. Her straight black hair is cut just short of her shoulders, and is usually hopelessly windtossed if she's set a foot outdoors yet. She favors tank tops or short sleeved shirts that show off the tone in her arms, with a sturdy leather jacket if it's cold outside and jeans that invariably have some wear and tear around the knees from her active lifestyle.



Lily was born a reservation kid, living in one of the small communities close to the border near Shelly. While she went to school in the reservation, she was close enough to town to ride her bike in, and often preferred to do so. Her family, despite being rather traditional in their outlooks, lived this close because her uncle, her father's brother, had moved into Shelly itself and they wanted to be close enough to visit easily. Things were sometimes a little uneasy between the two men, but they were still family and would have done anything for one another.


An only child for the first half of her life, Lily grew up something of a tomboy. Her rebellious streak was deep, and the more her parents tried to gently steer her towards the spiritual and cultural practices of the Blackfeet, the more she tended to hang out in Shelly. Most of her friends were there, and most of her enemies as well. Her attitude and origins earned her some bullies, and that same attitude got her into a lot of scraps. Her uncle, a security guard, started teaching her to protect herself...an activity that she developed a true passion for, well beyond just throwing punches.


Somewhat inspired by his example, Lily decided she wanted to be a police officer. Well, she REALLY wanted to be a police detective, in a big city like on the TV. Chasing down perps and solving cases with dramatic pauses and sudden epiphanies. Her folks were torn since on the one hand they felt she was a bit deluded as far as what police work would be...but on the other, it was really nice to see her suddenly working hard in school and studying.


Shelly didn't have a police department to itself, but Lily did join the county Sheriff's office. It didn't really work out as she'd hoped. There was an incident, shortly after she became uniformed, where she struck another officer...her superior in rank, in fact. There was an inquiry, an investigation, and in the end no charges were filed but she was released from the force. Despite avoiding jail time, Lily was dispirited at the results and left Shelly behind. She drove west, through Idaho and then south into Nevada.


In the Silver State she tried her hand at a few things. Her record kept her out of the police, but there were many opportunities for private security there. She worked for a casino for a while, then decided to try being a private investigator. That wasn't easy to make a living at, but it was unexpectedly satisfying work, so Lily kept at it. When things got tight she did some work for a bail bond company as well. Finally, FINALLY, she started making it all work. Against all odds, she got some decent-paying cases, collected some rewards.


And then her dad fell ill. Though estranged, Lily still felt a strong connection to her family...she couldn't ignore this. It wasn't easy, but she uprooted herself and made the drive back to Shelly, to be with her parents and little brother as her dad struggled to recover.



Name: Lillian Archer    Nationality: Blackfoot    Age: 24    Gender: Female

Background: Poor Family     Profession: Investigative     Class: Agile    Archetype: Martial Artist    Level: 2


STR: 10 (+0) DEX: 20 (+5)  CON: 12 (+1) INT: 15 (+2) WIS: 10 (+0) CHA: 08 (-1)


Saves: STR+2/DEX+5/CON+1/INT+2/WIS+0/CHA-1


Hit Points: 15
Hit Die: 2d8 + 2
Proficiency Bonus: +2
Defense: 16
Initiative: +5
Speed: 30
Passive Perception: 14


Acrobatics +7
Insight +4
Investigation +6
Perception +4
Security +4
Stealth +7
Streetwise +4
Vehicles +7


2 Renaissance Thinking: Substitute Intmod for Wismod when using proficient skills
2 Skill Training: Perception, Vehicles


Proficiencies: Languages (English, Blackfoot), Basic Equipment, Advanced Equipment, Historical Equipment, Saves (DEX and STR)

Background - Ignore disad from lacking tools when making skill check

Profession - Gain Expertise in Investigation


Class - Agile Hero
Fast Reflexes: Adv on Initiative rolls
Quickness: Dash or Disengage as bonus action


Archetype - Martial Artist
- Save Prof: Str and Dex
- Skill Prof: Acrobatics, Stealth
- Equip Prof: Basic, Historical
- Martial Arts: Unarmed Strike 1d6, all non-heavy melee weapons are finesse


Wealth: 3

- Stungun (finesse) 1d4 electric + stun, bulk 1
- Concealed Carry Pistol (Versatile 1d10) 1d8 ballistic, PV 2, 100/200 rng, 8 rnds, bulk 1


Leather jacket (armored clothing), AV 1, bulk 1
Light ballistic vest, AV 2, ballistic/concealable, bulk 0


Badass Pack
- Clothes. Jeans, tank top, steel-toe boots
- Gear. Bag stuff, pocket stuff, utility knife
- Vehicle. An old muscle car, car stuff
- Weapons. None (unarmed strike)
- Armor. Heavy leather jacket (armored clothing, bulk 1)
Evidence Kit (bulk 2)
Surveillance Kit (bulk 2)
Smartphone (bulk 0)
Handcuffs (bulk 0)
Lockpicks (bulk 0)


- "The Thing" (Muscle Car), PAX 5, STR+5, DEX+2, CON+3, AV 2, Top Speed 200mph, Properties: Huge


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