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Dfnt0bYV4AADVyl.jpgEmi "Ozone" Carter

Galactic Human Cybermancer 1

19 years old female

5' tall, 105lbs


Description: Emi is a human female of very petite build, with dark hair cut long on one side and shaved on the other, and dark eyes. She has very eccentric tastes in wardrobe, preferring clothes that are easy to move in. Her SIM avatar, where she goes by Ozone, is a human figure of similar proportions to her real body, but composed of stormclouds and lightning, with brightly glowing blue eyes. When she manifests powers in the real world, this avatar sometimes momentarily can be seen overlaid on her.


lightning_elemental_by_sebel_deziixa-pre.jpg.3942b2db8d069f7860742f3109a192a3.jpgPersonality: Quick-witted and mercurial, Emi's mental state shifts rapidly and her thoughts can be hard to follow. Things that she finds fun will earn her effort and focus. Anything else is doomed to her huge 'I'll get to it later' pile.


Background: Pol Carter and Jia Pak met as young graduates working for Eternis at the company headquarters in the stately void-cities of the Oracle Cluster, orbiting between Mars and the asteroids. After filing the necessary forms and affidavits to be awarded co-habiting status, they successfully petitioned for a reproductive contract. Who says romance isn't dead in the corporate state?


Emi was a handful from the start. Energetic, intelligent, hard to dissuade. She also had trouble sleeping, trouble staying focused. She complained of phantom noise like a radio between stations but all the time. After ruling out a medical problem, the Carters turned to therapy. A prescription for ADHD and tinnitus drugs later, and things were more...manageable. She skipped her doses whenever she could though, and tried to hide her symptoms from her parents. Noise or no noise, Emi felt clearerheaded and more connected to herself when not medicated.


When Emi was in her early teens Eternis representatives contacted her parents, and showed up at her home. Routine review of her medical records had revealed interesting details they wanted to pursue. Signs of latent sorium reactivity among other things. She was reassigned from school to a research group. It was her and seven other kids, within a year or two of each other, working their way through various experimental trials.


For Emi, it ended as well as it probably could have. Her natural abilities were strong enough that the scientists were able to confirm them relatively early, before the tests became TOO brutal. Kids who didn't manifest as easily went through 'block removal therapy' to try to get through any mental or emotional conditions that might have been stopping them. The subjects that were confirmed espers were fitted with sorium devices to start training them. The rest...washed out. What that meant exactly wasn't explained.


Emi's esper powers and natural inclinations led her to respond well to a subject near and dear to Eternis' bottom line; computers. Even before she'd been taken into the program, she'd been a huge computer geek. Not too unusual for kids of the Eternis corporate state. What set her apart was that the 'static' she'd been hearing as a child was actual wifi signals from the environment. Moreover, she had a strong knack for cryptography and coding that flowered quickly with even a little training.


Her participation in the program ended with her sorium 'amplifier' device being swapped out for an implant, in anticipation of her being a loyal employee. It was only then that she put her long-nurtured plan into action. She had been learning how to use her abilities, and computers, for longer than the company had known. Using her training exercises as cover, she had been busy in the SIM and in the networks. Spying and gathering data. The kind of data that program directors didn't want becoming well known...either to the public, or the board of directors. That, plus a few palms greased with illicitly transferred cash, meant Emi 'convinced' the program to discharge her as 'unsuitable' for hire...but leaving the sorium implant within her.


After learning that her parents had left the company shortly after she'd been taken for the program, Emi skipped Sol before anyone changed their minds, or evidence of her tampering surfaced. For all her prodigious skills in sifting data, so far she hasn't had any luck finding out where they went.

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Amari “Alrikin” Asmodesai





Class: Engineer 1/Biomorph 2

Race: Promethan (Crescent) 

Gender: Female

Height: 5'9

Weight: 139 

Age: 26

Hair: Snakes

Eyes: Red


Appearance: Blessed with the generically-healthy 5'9, athletic frame you'd expect from a promethan, the 26-year-old Amari Asmodesai immediately blows off that template with the crown of serpentine tendrils she possesses instead of hair, dozens of small red-on-yellow eyes that mirror the pair on her face peering in all directions. She dresses to downplay the threatening aspect of that, bright colors and the latest fashions to match her preferred calling as an entertainer and healer armed with her cobra-modeled Engineer's rig coiled on one arm.


History: Born on Ondus to one of the leading Promethan families the youngest of six siblings, Amari Asmodesai had an easy path to SIM exposure and the brains to craft her budding brand into teenage success that kept said family content she was 'applying herself adequately'. Backhanded compliments aside, she enjoyed the distracting thrill of performing as she studied for the more respectable technical position she knew her family would eventually insist she take up after passing through her final modification in the Chrysalis Engine.


She had no idea how wrong that modification would go, transfiguring her with aberrant features and a nascent well of crucible energy that marked her as one the few capable of tapping it.


Still reeling from the trauma of what happened to her and the constant stream of sensory inputs from her new serpentine appendages, Amari found herself smuggled off planet with a one way ticket to Cerise, some cash, and handful of her most treasured possessions. The Asmodesai couldn't have an Aberrant in their midst without even more scandal, but weren't heartless enough to deliver her to the Purity Census out of hand. A curt note slipped into her clothing from one of her brothers, Andros, wished her 'Good Luck' and warned her against reaching out to them in the future.


Brooding on her circumstances one night while performing in the Rack district with a new exotic flare paired with her old talent, she encountered a grizzled dendus Engineer Alrik Verkle. He pried her story out of her and took her under his wing, teaching her in the basics of Forging and the associated self-defense needed to keep her independence from those who would abuse her rare talent. The promethan refugee stayed with him for four years, learning and performing and determined to use her new craft to find out what happened in her Chrysalis. She came to feel close enough to him to, after a few drinks, refer to herself out loud as Amari Alrikin, drawing a belly laugh from the ancient dendus.


It was one of the last happy memories she had before her redeveloping local fame put her on the radar of a passing Purity Census operative who hired a few mercenaries to deliver Amari to his ship. Alrik intervened, urging her to run and that he'd find her once he 'dealt with the trash'. A go bag was part of the survival habits she'd picked up, so there was that, and then there was the port, and then there was a freighter headed to Pel Tavaria, a place that seemed like it wouldn't report her on sight.

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name: Sori  Sori.png.cffcaa9bbf01882869e0b47803e576f5.png

species/subspecies: Human,Scorched

Class/Level: Sentinel - 1

age- Mid Twenties

sex - Female

height/weight 5' 6"  180lbs

eye - Green  hair - Red, styled in a spacers cut




Back Story – Her name is Sori (pronounced SORE – EE) and she is one of the Scorched. The Scorched are those humans who are born and live in the remaining wastelands of Earth known as the Seethes.


Sori came from the American Seeth, that horrid environment that stretched from the face of the now impenetrable Rocky Mountains, eastward, to the dry and cracked riverbed which was once the Mighty Mississippi. This Seeth was a desert wracked by storms of lightning, sand, and ash from the seemingly ever erupting Yellowstone volcano. The storms seldom brought rain but when they did the rain collected in craters and former lakes and small oasis’s would grow allowing what life that existed in the seeth to survive and even flourish. But the animals of the seeth were not the animals of two centuries ago. These strange and deadly creatures were mutant beast even the plant life was deadly.


The war that created the seethes had slaughtered billions of people, rained down destruction, nuclear, biological, and chemical death, and topped off with the eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano.


Seeths were the ultimate wastelands. The American Seeth was Hell.


When the war raged Billions were slain, but millions survived. Many, most even, fled off world. Those that remained on Earth became the Scorched. Their lives were different, the traditions and conditions of life on earth had changed. The Scorched formed small insular groups that became clans. They had no industry, they lived by scavenging and as nomads moving were the wasteland drove them.


This is where Sori was from. Her life was one of day-to-day survival. But she was quick and strong and bright, and she found a future.


When Sori was eleven or twelve (Her actual age was unknown as it was hard to determine the passing of seasons in the Seeth and the clan had no consistent way of keeping records), she found her first ticket to a better life.


In the modern world the way beings travel on most planets is by mass transit or Hover Cars and Bikes. This was how it was done even on Earth at least in the reclaimed zones, such as Europe and America east of the Mississippi. But in the Seeth hover cars didn’t last very long, and while hover bikes fared better they were still seldom seen as the had to be scavenged for there were no used car salesmen in the wastes. No, the main means of travel for a clan was walking.


So, when Sori was eleven or twelve, she met Aunt Margo (not a real relation, any older woman or man who belonged to a clan but had no children were referred to as Aunt or Uncle). Margo was somewhere past sixty but what really set her apart was she flew.


Now of course hover cars technically flew but not really, you see they hovered and then had a motive force which propelled them horizontally, but they weren’t real flying machines. Margo had a real flying machine, an ancient Thopter, a real machine that took skill and nerve to operate.


Margo didn’t live with the clan, but she used her thopter to fly to the Reclamation Relief station along the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. There she would scrounge supplies and medicines and things the clans needed, and she would deliver them. She did this, in turn for some four or five different clans and was welcomed in each.


When Margo made her yearly delivery to Sori’s clan it was the first time, she had seen the Thopter heard its beating wings and the roar of its jets. She stood awestruck as it flew across the sky over the clan’s camp and banked in wide turns, cutting back and forth as if calling out, ‘Look up here! Here I am’ before settling to the ground in a cloud of dust.


Sori join the rest of the clan crowding around the great ceramic and plastic bird but unlike them she didn’t get excited over the goods Margo brought but over the flying machine. Margo noticed Sori’s excitement and the next day took her up in the thopter.


Sori was thrilled flying was the most joy she had ever known in her short hard scrabble life. Morgo Let her take the controls and when the young girl proved naturally adept. Margo decided to stay a few days and see if she could really teach the girl. Sori learned all that Margo taught her in the short time and Margo promised to return and give her more lessons in the future.


It was more than a year before Margo returned and Sori had spent that whole time checking the sky every day for the flash of the beating wings of the flying machine. When Margo did come she only stayed a few days but true to her word she gave Sori more lessons, then departed with another promise. This was the way of things for the next few years.


Sori grew into a tough young woman, yes, she wanted to fly, for flying gave her a sense of freedom, but she never forgot her duty to the clan for if the clan didn’t survive, she wouldn’t survive.


When Sori was a young woman of about fifteen years Margo returned as she had every year since the first time, she had taken Sori into the air. This time, however, when it was time to leave, she asked if Sori wanted to come with her to learn all there was to flying and to do the job Margo had done for all these years. Margo was getting old and knew that she couldn’t keep flying forever and that someone had to take over her role.


Sori was elated and couldn’t wait to say yes, even though it meant leaving the only family she had ever had, the clan.


Sori flew with Margo for four years and then on her own for two more, then, the unthinkable happened, the thopter died. Its sorium powerplant, an original Earth design and not a modern one of today which would have lasted forever, would no longer recharge and Sori had no way to replace it.


Sori had been away from the clan and had tasted a different kind of life. She would always be scorched, nothing would change the mark upon her body and soul, that made her that. But she didn’t want to live that way anymore, she wanted to fly, but now she set her sight on new heights.


She had found that the Relief Station did not get their supplies from the New York Warrens in the reclaimed zone in the east, but rather they came from above. There were still millions of people living in the Sol system, a great many in the same Orbitals which circled the earth today just as they had before the X-Mark War. It was the Orbitals who supplied the Relief Station. And Sori wanted to see those floating cities wanted to fly in space.


Sori did what she had to, to win a berth on a shuttle that she couldn’t afford, but it didn’t matter she made it to space. And found work on the docks of the orbital. With her meager pay she found a place to live and went about becoming a registered citizen and in a year was licensed to fly shuttles.


Flying in the skies of Earth had been thrilling, liberating, but compared to soaring in the emptiness of space, well, there really was no comparison.


From Shuttles Sori graduated to the deep spaceships and then to starships. She had been a natural at flying the Thopter but in space she was a prodigy.


Sori found herself on a run delivering an important passenger, A Dendus Scientist, to the Crucible at Kul Kothar. Her contract called for her to stay for up to one standard month should the scientist need transport to any other destination. Sori was the only crew on this mission as it was a small transport that required only a pilot for FTL flight. So, while the scientist did his work Sori was left to her own devices. She visited the settlement on the ruined planet which in some ways reminded her of the Seeth.


As the end of the mission approached it looked like the scientist would be staying longer than originally planned. After consulting with her superiors, Sori Entered the Crucible to locate the scientist and ask if he wanted to extend the contract.


The Crucible was huge and riddled with wide tunnels. Travel in the tunnels was by Automated Tram. You gave the tram a series of letters and numbers and the tram took you there. They were fast but it still took time. The Crucible was the size of a small moon and roughly ovoid in shape and it was very empty there were no more than two hundred scientists and technicians present working on the secrets of why it had destroyed the planet below.


When the Tram stopped a side corridor lit up indicating the way to go. Sori got off the tram and entered this corridor. She was alone. She hadn’t seen another living being since she stepped onto the tram. Something was worrying her, she felt watched. Suddenly she wished she were armed but she didn’t even have a knife, hadn’t carried any sort of weapon since becoming a space pilot, weapons were for the Seeth, not space. Or so she had told herself.


She walked down the narrow corridor and just as she had convinced herself to go back to the tramway and a section of the wall slid open revealing another dark narrow corridor.


Sori hesitated only for an instant and then, the tram forgotten she took out the small penlight she carried and entered that corridor. The new path went for a long way and took several turns before coming to a dark room.


She entered the room and swung the small beam of light to and fro. Then suddenly she swung the light back, she had glimpsed something, and there, in the light, on the floor, was a body. This startled Sori, she wasn’t scared, she had seen dead before. But the more she looked she realized it wasn’t a body it was a set of armor highly stylized, much larger than a man. She stepped closer and crouched to see it closer, playing her light over it. She didn’t know much of anything about armor outside of her PSD, she had never even worn armor, and everyone had a PSD.


She looked closer and noticed between the plate gaps that there was something inside the armor. She reached out and felt the Chest piece and her fingers found a indent which when she pressed it the pectoral plates released and she could detach them. Now she could see the inside better.


Filling the cavity was what appeared to be a shiny bodysuit and a harness of some sort made of dull metal. The suit and harness were much smaller than the Armor Set, and looked like they were made for a human female. In fact, it looked like it would fit Sori.


The body suit intrigued Sori and without thinking she reached into the cavity and brushed the shiny fabric with her fingertips.


There was a flash of multi-colored light that was invisible to the eye, yet Sori saw it plain as day. The shiny body suit rippled and seemed to come apart flowing into the harness and the harness itself lit up with archaic circuitry which had been unseen until then. As the light energy swept along the now visible circuitry the harness itself began to fold up into itself Until only a narrow strip was left about and inch wide and three or four inches long. Sori hadn’t had time to react when the strip wrapped itself around the wrist of her outstretched arm. All of this had taken only a few seconds and now Sori jerked her hand back as the strip seemed to dissolve into her wrist!


Sori fell back onto the floor dropping the penlight as the room exploded with invisible light running through the full spectrum. A searing burning pain flared at her wrist, her fist clenched her nails cutting into her palm, the burning grew more intense, it pulsed, blood flowed from her plam wetting her clenched fingers dropping from her raised fist onto her chest and the floor. The fire in her wrist exploded up her arm like lava flowing from Yellowstone back on earth in the Seeth, she screamed but there was no sound. The lava had hit her shoulder and now it got worse, she wanted to pass out but unconciousness wouldn't come.


Sori heard voices in Tarren, in common galactic, in a dozen different languages she didn't know the languages were foreign but the voice, the voice was hers. Her shoulder blazed a blossom of plasma as the it spread, onto/into her ribcage, her spine, her opposite shoulder and down that arm. The lava/fire/plasma flowed down through her pelvis into her legs. Her eyes were screwed shut and she forced them open and looked at herself lying on the floor her flight-suit was gone, she could see her whole skeleton afire with with light. see it right through her flesh! Sori saw the circuitry that had been etched onto the harness etched into her bones by cosmic fire, then the fire reached into her skull.


The pain was gone. Sori could still hear her voice speaking a thousand languages. She saw a thousand planets, a thousand lands, each full of alien beings each forign and each her clan she recognized all of those she grew up around there was Margo, there was Ferral her first lover, there was the mother she never saw for she had died before Sori had passed her first year... all alien worlds all her cclan. She watched them die. Thye died of war, of murder of atrocity and genocide. She was filled with rage and purpose!


Sori opened her eyes. The pain was gone the room was dark but there was faint light emanating from her! The harness it was on her, in her, the circuitry coruscating, She was naked but as she realized this the body suit she had seen flowed out of the harness and clothed her. She knew what it was now.


It was a Sentinels rig.


Weeks later she had taken the scientist home. She resigned her position and set off to do what needed to be done. She wasn't just a scorched Human, she wasn't just a pilot. She was a Sentinel.


Now she had to find out what that meant.




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Name: Ivory ‘Ivy’image.thumb.png.e068e25651b3c266281de28bb50b9dbf.png

Class/Level: Specialist 1
Species: Galactic Human
Age: Twenties
Gender: Female
Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 136 lbs
Hair: Ivory
Eyes: Dark Grey
Skin: Pale, tattooed

Ivory is a woman prettier than most, not tall, but sleek and tautly toned and solid. She used to be nearly flat as a boy, but some biotech corrected that so now she is well-sized, well-shaped, and well-supported.

She has short, glossy, almost silvery, white hair - an odd, but natural feature - a pale complexion, and dark-rimmed, dark grey eyes that don’t seem to miss anything, even when drunk. She moves with a very smooth, energetic grace.

She has plenty of tattoos, often adding a new one when she visits someplace interesting or otherwise noteworthy, if she can find a local tattooist. Prefers dressing in utilitarian clothing in muted colours that allow for ease of movement.

The scars of the X-Mark Conflict remain, and not all of Earth’s spacers sided with the Prometheans, nor left with them when they went their own way. Many space stations and habitats remained, but not all of them recovered after the war, instead limping along undermanned and underfunded.

One such station is Atlas station, on Saturn’s moon Titan. The largest station near Saturn, it became a hub for the space miners of the gas giant and its rings when the smaller stations fell into disrepair and disuse when the Prometheans left and others flocked to the Sol Crucible.

While Atlas had plenty of water due to Titan’s ice, food tended to be scarce and it was a hardscrabble life for those on Atlas, with most looking out only for themselves. With the many moons and rings to hide in, Atlas also tended to attract smugglers and other ne’erdowells.

Here, the girl known as Ivory or Ivy was born and grew up. If she had another name, she doesn’t remember it. Her father was a part time space miner, her mother a sometime prostitute, but she doesn’t have much memory of them, and can barely recall their faces.

When she was five or six, she woke up and was all alone in their tiny apartment. It wasn’t an unheard of thing on Atlas, parents abandoning their kids or pushing them out of the household to fend for themselves. They were called the Rats of Atlas. Many just became another statistic.

Even at that young age, Ivy resolved to survive. Stubborn and wily, Ivy managed to get by pickpockets, shoplifting, and being small and sneaky enough to get in and get out of places she shouldn’t. She fell in with a gang of similar children, led by a charismatic older boy named Mack the Knife.

Insular and prickly, Ivy learned to trust and love her found family as they haunted the derelict parts of Atlas, and was besotted with Mack. Clever and with quick hands, Ivy was a skilled earner and became Mack’s favourite. Ivy thought her feelings were reciprocated.

She was wrong. They grew older. New kids joined their gang, other kids left, but Ivy and Mack remained. When she was twelve or thirteen, she overheard Mack - sixteen by now - talking with an older man, planning on selling her to him, and learning she wasn’t the only girl Mack had sold. That was where several other girls in their gang had gone, rather than having just left.

On Atlas, she’d forgotten that you looked out for yourself first before looking out for anyone else. Ivy had been rudely reminded. She was swiftly scrounging up her meager belongings when a pair of Mack’s lackeys came into her room to get her. Ivy refused and in the scuffle, she managed to knife them both. It wasn’t the only fight she’d ever been in, they weren’t even the first would have killed on the rough decks of Atlas, but she didn’t wait to find out or finish the deed. She fled before Mack could find her, making for the docks and stowing aboard a small, ramshackle transport called the Theseus.

They weren’t even outside the Sol System before Ivory was discovered. She stubbornly refused to reveal why she snuck aboard and left Atlas Station. The crew were more bemused than angry with their unexpected passenger - they were well acquainted with Atlas. So instead, they accepted her aboard, but Ivory would have to work for her passage.

That was more than fair to Ivory. The crew of the Theseus taught her the ways of the ship and shipping, and Ivory learned well. And they found her talents for sneaking into places and things rather convenient at times. Home wasn’t a place, it was a journey.

Ivory stayed with the Theseus for several years, having traveled most of the length of the major trade routes before she decided it was time to move on, signing aboard another ship, one that traveled even further and off the major space lanes. And then another ship. And another.

Ivory wasn’t so much looking for something - though she did enjoy seeing new places - as leaving Atlas behind. Survival meant leaving her past behind, and Ivory would do near anything for survival.

It was beyond the Outer Sectors when Ivory’s life took a drastic change. She was a crewmember of the Chthonaut, an exploratory/treasure hunting vessel. She had traveled beyond the Outer Sectors before, even visiting Korohm at least once.

But this time, it was different. The crew of the Chthonaut believed they were on the trail of something spectacular, monumental. Maybe even an unclaimed Crucible. Ivory isn’t sure, because her memories of that time are very fragmented, vague, filled with shadows and darkness. She can’t even remember where they had gone.

They had gone into the Black, but she was the only one who had come out. And Ivory believes the Black came out with her, inside her.

Barely conscious, Ivory had somehow managed to pilot the Chthonaut into the cosmic passage between the Kesh and Eriadi Rifts from… wherever she had come from, hands, forearms, and face speckled with blood, but no sign of any other crew.

She exited the Kesh Rift and made it to Pel Tavaria, where the Chthonaut was held by local security to be reclaimed by the actual owners, which is seeming difficult to determine. Ivory had just signed on as crew, but had no standing in regards to the ship.

Ivory was held on suspicion by security, but with no evidence of wrongdoing besides being speckled with blood, she was released. She has bummed around Pel Tavaria for the last several months, scrounging by to make enough to drink enough to keep the Black at bay.

She’s not afraid of going back into space, but has a real concern if she pilots a ship again, the Black will call her back to… it, even if she doesn’t remember the way. Worse, she has a faint premonition that the Black is coming and someone has to stop it. Even worse, she fears she might be have to be the one to do it.

Background - Drifter
Feature - Explorer: You’ve been to many different worlds from the backwater to the megacities. You have a general sense of direction and can usually recall the layout of any wilderness or urban terrain. You can always manage to scrounge up some food and some makeshift shelter for you and a few of your companions.

Personality Trait: I’m driven to wander because I have nowhere to belong/I pick up worthless trinkets from places I visit, often losing them and replacing them with others [Booze bottles and tattoos].
Ideal - Change: Times change. Things change. And so do we all. (Chaotic)
Bond: I suffer from visions of a coming disaster and must do whatever it takes to prevent it.
Flaw: I am enamored with alcohol and other addictive pleasures.

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name-Seiya Stargazer
concept- Vengeful Hunter
class- Hunter
race- Valna 

The Pack is everything.  From the day I first learned the word, its meaning was carved into my soul.   We Valna are different from the other races that roam the stars, We embrace the beast that we are, and because of that, we have survived, we have endured.

The packs we form and our position within them denote our place in society, our roles, our duty.   I belonged to the Ebon Huntsmen for most of my life.   While I was trained as a soldier, my mentor, Talia Shadowbane was more than that.  She was a gifted and talented Hunter, and took me under her care, nurturing my own nascent skills as hunter, guiding and shaping me to walk a path similar to but not her own.  

I served my time as a simple soldier of the pack, following orders, and when I was ready, I became a hunter, just as Talia was.   I knew she was beyond proud, even if she didn't show it.  Our race seldom showed such emotions, but The thrill of our first hunt together was something I'll never forget.   

After several hunts, The Pack leaders called the entire pack together,  over two hundred of us.   We were tasked with exploring a world that wasn't on any of the star charts, it had largely been discovered by accident.   It was a great honor, a chance to hunt  an un-hunted world.   

We were foolish.   The world was desolate, but so many are.   There was great mineral wealth beneath the surface, and while this wasn't a huge concern normally, Even we Valna knew that having more of something everyone else desired was a good thing.

So we set up camp, and began to search and recon the world.   The world was found to have many large crystal caverns, some of which were beautiful, but others were devoid of such.  

I hunted with a young subpack as Second.   We had gone on a long distance hunt, and On our way back we encountered one of the defense subpacks, well out of position.  They answered no hails, and as we drew closer, their smell was off.  Even the others could smell the difference.   As I shouted a warning they opened fire, and we fought a brutal battle.  My own abilities as an Esper awoke, and the battle was a costly one.  Only two of us remained, a young  warrior named Haifa, and I.   These had been friends and comrades, packmates, and they turned on us, or so we thought.  Shortly after death, the creatures returned to their natural forms, which was a mix of reptilian and insectoid features. They had some sort of mimicry ability, but it wasn't perfect, as they couldn't mimic the smell.    We took some samples for study, and I mended our wounds as best I could, but Haifa needed a far more skillful healer than me to survive.  We head back to the camp, to find it standing but empty.   The ships were gone, as were most of the supplies.   I activated the camp emergency beacon, and both Haifa's and my own.  That done, I once again tried to mend Haifa's wounds, easing his pain some, and found some simple rations which we shared.   Later that night, as I kept watch, Haifa passed peacefully in his sleep.   I had failed him.  I hadn't known about the bone shrapnel within his body, let alone how to treat it.  I knew that, but it still gnawed at me.  I spent the next two days searching for the others, and I did find the remains of two other subpacks, including Talia's.   Her left arm and head had been severed, and I spent the next two days and what remained of my strength interring the remains I'd found.   I recorded everything as I remembered, and everything 'd observed leading up to the initial engagement, just in case I wasn't alive when the rescue crew came.

I needn't have bothered.   As the sun rose the next morning, Half a dozen troopships touched down, and I stood as close to attention as I could.  Star Colonel Raxal Baneclaw was a legendary warrior among the Valna, and he had lead the rescue operation.  After a personal debrief, I was allowed onto the ship.   The remains were dug up, and incinerated, and I was isolated.   The samples of the new alien species were taken, and we left that planet, after deploying multiple strategic weapons on the surface, and warning sattelite bouys to keep everyone else away, in case there were more hives.

The response seemed like overkill, but then I was made aware that the Children of several Elders of the Valna had been members of the pack, and those Elders took this poorly.

The pack was disbanded, but i was not dishonored, officially at least.  Privately, one of the Leaders, Yasani Ironfang, took me aside.  "Your pack is gone, and through no fault of your own, others will not take you in, young one.  You must go forth into space, and you will bring justice upon those who took our kin from us." 

I couldn't comprehend her words, and she smiled.  "Your mentor, Talia, she was my daughter.   She told me of you, her young apprentice, and of your potential.   Bring these beasts to heel, show them all your prowess, and you will find that the Ebon Huntsmen will rise once again.  Rise and become the Hunter she knew you to be."

I could only bow my head, and answer her.  "I will not fail you, or her memory."

With that, I set out into space, chasing several leads, and finding three of the Shakara, a name given to this reawakened species which means roughly "Face-stealer" in our tongue.  I hunted them, took their heads, and sent them back to Elder Yasani, proof that she was right to trust in me.

Working with others where I needed to and could, I vowed I would hunt them all, and I would restore the Honor of the Ebon Huntsmen, and the pack would be restored.  

Personality- Seiya is a generally quiet, stoic young man, like many Valna his age.   Even in combat, he keeps his head, and stays focused on survival, and defeating his foes.   He does enjoy having fun with those he considers friends and comrades, but those are few and far between since the destruction of his pack.  He had a strong affection and respect for his mentor, Talia Shadowbane, treating her both as mentor and elder sister.   There was never a hint at romantic interest.

Appearance- Seiya is a rarity, as he is quite large for a Valna of any tribe.  Standing 6'6 (2m) tall and weighing in at 230lbs (105kg) he's powerfully built, but still somewhat lean.  His fur is predominantly white, with black striping, something of a rarity.  Both his mentor Talia, and her mother also possessed this same coloration.  Seiya's eyes are azure blue, almost seeming to be so light as to be white.  He wears a higher end Infiltration suit, which is optimized to allow him full use of his natural dexterity while still providing some protection.  The armor's base color is a dark grey, with black accents.


As a youth, Seiya was obsessed with the stars in the sky, always questioning others about them.   The Deed name he has is owed in part to this.   Talia gave it to him, both for his past, and for the penetrating gaze he leveled when hunting.  She likened looking into his eyes when he was hunting to looking at star.

Seiya has four siblings, but they all went on to different careers, even different packs.  He is the eldest of them.  Seiya hasn't seen them in six years, whereas the others have been in contact at least.

Seiya's father is head of the Ironblood Pack.   This Pack is one of the larger within the Valna military, primarily charged with the defense of Vaal itself.



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