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Carol “Big Time” Hess


Megamorph Model


Appearance: Possessing a striking, athletic 5'7 frame at her default stature, Carol Hess moves with the graceful confidence you'd expect of a model. As such, her civilian garb reflects the latest trends. Her heroic persona, “Big Time”, employs a black-and-gold padded body glove with an artistic domino mask to aid the passive effect of The Veil, an amazonian juggernaut healing from any damage in seconds. A super suit of unstable molecules gifted to her by an old ally she keeps in touch with for tools allows her to switch between both and any other ensemble on a whim.


Personality: If success breeds confidence, then knowing she's been rendered well-nigh unkillable and unaging by The Event has bred a lot of confidence in Carol Hess, both in her heroic and 'mundane' personas. She likes being liked, and the very bad PR of villainy keeps her firmly on the side of the angels along with a few harsh, early lessons that other people get hurt, emotionally and physically, when she treats it all too much like a game.


History: Born 28 years ago, Carol Hess is a San Francisco native born to upper middle-class parents who indulged her love of fashion, and when good genes and good habits saw her bloom into good looks, supported her transition into a career in the modeling industry. It was stressful in all the right ways and she thrived, carving out a sustainable, even growing, niche for herself. Made friends, had lovers, worked the game winning and losing against industry arrivals. She maintained her stress relieving hobbies of athletics and motorcycle riding.


Then the Event happened.


Carol Hess, for one unforgettable instant found herself the focus of something much much bigger than herself and, almost as an afterthought, if the thing that brushed her mind thought in human terms, found herself linked to a mass of interdimensional vitality that, in the span of a few months, granted her increasingly impressive strength and vitality as well as the ability to, as she put it, 'Go Big Time'.


She started small, with an impromptu disguise when disaster struck her city from the sea, rallying with the motley collection of enhanced and paranormal humans. Well, that worked. So she put more time into it and teamed up with a super genius tinker going by the nom-de-jure 'The Engineer'. A useful relationship she treasured as pouring more and more time into her secret heroic career took it's tool on her professional and personal relationships. Carol still got work in her old passion career, but being unreliable during multipart shoots poisoned her prospects and fueled gossip in a way that did not sit well with her.


Cue yet another invasion by a group of dangerous alien refugees, and the stressed megamorph ended up making the wrong call, causing more than her share of collateral damage taking down one of the alien behemoths. Not quite enough to put her on the DSA's naughty list, but it did warrant a change of scenery, and seeing the hero ARC active in a rescue in Houston prompted a gut reaction akin to that first connection with the thing that gave Carol her powers. The fact that this was the first hint of a reaction from the thing sold the city in her mind and within a few months she was moved and settled in the new city. The local heroes were fairly welcoming to a transplant, too, not the least the target of her interest, helping each other a few times on problems too big for even Big Time to handle.






Abilities: Agility 4, Intellect 3, Might 8, Perception 4, Toughness 8, Willpower 4 (31)


Talents: Academics 4, Charm 6, Command 4, Covert 3, Investigate 4, Medicine 3, Professional 5, Science 4, Streetwise 4, Survival 3, Technology 3, Vehicles 6 (39)



*A Model's Stature (Growth 10, Source: Super, pg. 33) (10)

*Biological Tesserect (Regeneration with PRO Instant, Source: Super, pg. 38) (24)

*Restorative Hyphae (Immortality with CON Vulnerable: Destroy her 'heartstone') (2)

*Extremophilic Inclination (Immunity: Environmental) (3)

*Unstable Molecule Wardrobe (Quick Change, Source: Technology, pg. 38) (3)

*Tron Lines (Light, Source: Technology, pg. 33) (3)

*Track and Field (Expertise 6, Agility:Athletics, Source: Training, pg. 28) (3)


Perks: Fame (Civilian Identity) (3), Contacts (Fashion Industry, DSA) (2), Resources (1), Custom Vehicle ('Her Beloved', Motorcycle with Body 5d, Speed 8d, Control +5d, Open Cockpit, Running, Small, Com system, Personal) (1)


Flaws: Secret Identity, Vulnerability (Extradimensional Attacks)


Edge: 8 Health: 8 Resolve: 4 Banked Points: 2


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Arc/Tess Merrill


Appearance: Arc stands about six feet tall, Humanoid in shape with two legs and two arms, but neither male nor female. Its features are unclear and could be the face of either. It glows and gives off cloudy tendrils of purplish light. There is a power or energy of some kind which pulses deep inside the being and sometimes its form appears translucent. It seems to be made of some sort of Alien energy plasma. Independent of the body, there are three small teardrop shaped blobs of plasma, 3 or 4 inches long, which rapidly orbit its torso on three separate and ever-changing tracks, even passing completely through its body sometimes. Out of its head stare, unblinking, two completely white glowing eyes. All in all quite a frightening sight.


Tess on the other hand is an average young woman who stands about 5’ 4” and weighs about 120 pounds, wet. She wears her ginger hair short and tries to keep it combed but it often has other ideas. When not working Tess dresses casually in jeans and T-shirts but dresses up when she goes out and for special occasions. If she puts in the effort, she can be very attractive. At work she wears whatever uniform of the day the chef calls for.


Personality: Arc is cold and aloof, showing little or no emotion. It is logical and is rarely swayed by arguments. It knows right from wrong and always acts accordingly. It has a strict and very strong moral code that it will not break.


Tess is stubborn. She is bright, quick witted and sarcastic. She does not make friends easily nor trust just anyone but when she does that person is from that point on considered family. Tess realizes that she cannot have a normal life now but there hasn’t been enough time for that reality to sink in and so she tries desperately to hang on to who she was before. She does realize that she would be dead if it were not for ARC. She knows that she owes it/they/them a deep debt of gratitude and she feels sorry for their loss of memory and everything, but still there is a deep resentment for how her life has been turned inside out. Plus there is the whole risk of going insane if she stays in crazy town too long.


download(10).thumb.jpg.49cd4b621ddb0ec73121af4064549473.jpg      k7.thumb.jpg.c71d563b1632f9a356bfa800f0bf6bd6.jpg


History Tess, born Theresa Sinclair Merrill, is the scion of the huge Merrill Empire, and the presumptive heir to that fortune. Or she was. Her Grandfather whom was named after, was Sinclair Merrill, a roustabout who made it big in first the ranching business then in oil and then in damn near everything else he set his mind to. Sinclair was the quintessential self-made man.  His son, Garald, Tess’s father, was born into wealth and became the educated one and he wanted his daughter Thresa to follow his footsteps and pushed her to becoming a lawyer. She went to school to please her parents when all she wanted to do was be like her grandfather, a man she only knew through stories.


Tess didn’t graduate, she didn’t want to be a lawyer and she and her father constantly argued about it. Over the holidays several years ago their arguing grew heated they said things and Tess stormed out and her father disowned her.


She stayed in Houston where she had been going to school, bummed around skipping from low-income job to low income job and eventual started to work her way up as a chef. She claimed she wanted to become a real chef but she kept on sabotaging herself and then …


Then the Event happened.



The being now known as Arc was an Extra Dimensional Law enforcement agent, think Green Lantern Corp, but Dimensional in scope. The event occurred and a creature it was pursuing took advantage of the event and invaded ARC’s mind and stripped away most of its memories leaving the being a shadow of its former self. At the same time, it ripped a hole in space and time and dumped the law enforcement agent into another universe and onto a small ball of mud called earth.


The Arc’s entry into earth was during a terrible storm and its path and that of Tess Merrill collided. That collision would have resulted in Tess’s death had the Arc not bonded its matrix to her physical form connecting the two as an inseparable entity… two intellects which shared, one at a time, the same corporeal form.


Through the Potentiality Matrix the two can switch places with one occupying the corporal body on earth while the other is placed in the Chaos Zone an antimatter universe which exist close to our universe but not a part of it.


While in the chaos zone that intellect is unable to see or experience what the other is experience but the two intellects can communicate.


Tess formally named It/they /them Arc after hearing the being referred to as “looking like a plasma arc form a Tesla Coil”


Arc has no memory of its past. It doesn’t even know its name, but its strong moral code and sense of right and wrong as well as Tess’s own luck at being in the wrong place at the right time has led them to become a righter of wrongs and defender of the defenseless in Houston.







Abilities: Agility 3, Intellect 5, Might 7, Perception 6, Toughness 5, Willpower 5 (31)


Talents: Academics 3, Charm 1, Command 3, Covert 1, Investigate 6, Medicine 1, Professional 1, Science 3, Streetwise 1, Survival 1, Technology 3, Vehicles 1 (18)



Adaptation, Source: pg. 21) (12)

Strike, CON- Subdual, pg. 41) (3 -1)

Phasing w/PRO Intangible, pg. 36 (9+3)

Blink (Combat Phasing), pg. 24 (8)

Elemental Control (Plasma Energy) R:10, pg. 27 (30)

Super Senses (X-ray Vision, Analytic Vision, Microscopic Vision, Telescopic Vision), pg. 43 (9)

Languages PRO: Hyper-Translation, pg. 32 (1 +2)


Perks: none


Flaws: Alter Ego, Amnesia, Outsider


Edge: 11 Health: 6 Resolve: 4


Tess – Thresa Sinclair Merrill




Civilian Package Base 2 in all Abilities and Talents (35)

Abilities: Agility 2, Intellect 3, Might 2, Perception 3, Toughness 2, Willpower 3 (+3)


Talents: Academics 3, Charm 4, Command 2, Covert 2, Investigate 3, Medicine 2, Professional 3, Science 2, Streetwise 2, Survival 2, Technology 2, Vehicles 2 (+5)



Martial Arts, Trained, R:3, pg.34 (1)

Luck (Unbelievable) R: 2, pg.33 (6)

Perks: none

 Flaws: Alter Ego, Obligation (Job), Crazy Train (Tess can only spend an hour or so in the Chaos zone before her sanity begins to be effected)


Edge: 6 Health: 3 Resolve: 9





A few years ago...


The rain pounded on the roof of the car, the wipers swished back and forth but really didn’t help, the storm was that bad. Tess squinted and leand forward barely able to see more than a couple of feet beyond the hood of her car.


It was black out at 4:30 am and she was dead tired after pulling double shift at the restaurant and then working the Jaspers after hours party. She should have said no to the party, but she needed the money. And she should have taken Jenny up on her offer for her to sleep over because of the storm, instead of driving the 20 miles out of the city to her crappy cheap apartment. But she hadn’t felt comfortable with the idea of staying with Jenny and her boyfriend. Ray was a nice guy but Tess had caught him more than once giving her a look that was decidedly not in line with being a faithful boyfriend.


Bright lights in her eyes and a blaring horn yanked Tess back to the driver’s seat as she jerked the wheel sending her car back into her lane, her heart pounding. The rain was so bad she couldn’t even see the dividing line and here she was woolgathering.


Theresa Sinclair Merrill, called Tess by her coworkers and friends, was 28 years old, a collage dropout and a struggling line cook who claimed she wanted to be a chef but hadn’t done much in the way of attaining that goal.


She had been living in Houston since dropping out of college six years ago. She had entered college pressured by her father to go into the legal profession. After four years of Pre Law, she had had enough and then, after a huge fight with her dad, she left school and set out on her own. Estranged from her (very) wealthy parents Tess bummed around in Houston working as a waitress or bartender until landing a job as a cook, which sparked a semi-interest in maybe becoming a chef.


She checked out several culinary schools but couldn’t really afford them and was adamant that she would not go to her folks for the money. Instead, she drifted from one kitchen to the next learning but never fitting in. She was too hotheaded and stubborn and usually either got PO’d and walked or caused her boos to get PO’d and thus fired.


She currently holds down a job on the line at the Corduroy Canyon, a new and very pretentious restaurant run by Chef Wes Gallery an east coast celebrity chef cashing in on the southern grill craze.


Today had been a terrible day, Chef Gallery had been at the restaurant for his once-a-month residency, and he had been in a mood which of course rolled down hill, so everyone was grumpy. Then the second shift dinner crew had been short, and Tess was asked to fill in. She needed the money and couldn’t refuse without getting fired anyway. And then as the restaurant was closing Cindy at Jaspers had called her and told her there was an after-hours gig and that if Tess wanted it, it paid 300 dollars up front.


Again, she couldn’t turn the money down.


So here she was at 4:30 Am in a raging thunderstorm driving home, totally unaware that her life as she had known it was about to come to an end.





The being looked around its vision was obscured by an unknown medium. It was fluid, they focused in and analyzed the molecular structure. Unknow atomic structure, 2 of one atom and 1 of a different atom. A symbol formed in its intellect.




<h2o> a voice/thought ‘spoke’.




<it is water. Two hydrogen and one oxygen atom. Where am I? where are you? WHO are you?>


Ah  the voice/thought was the other intellect it had been forced to bond with.  This new intellect started to project panic. “Calm down. Our encounter was in the process of ending your function. That is contrary to my code. I did the only thing possible to keep your intellect intact. I bonded my matrix to your corporeal form, we now share the same physical space in this dimension, but only one intellect may occupy the dimensional space at one time. I perceived that your form could not survive in this medium, so I took your place. Your intellect is currently in the extradimensional space my matrix interacts with…



Tess was freaking out. She remembered the storm and a huge gust of wind making the car shake and then right in front of the car a weird purplish light seemed to rip across the sky and a thing that pulsed and twisted and didn’t seem like it belonged flew out of the rip and struck the car.


The impact tossed the car sideways and Tess had lost control. She instinctively slammed on the brake but all that accomplished was to put it into a spin. There was a crunch as the car hit a guard rail and smashed through it plunging into the bayou below sinking immediately in the raging  stormy waters.


The car filled with water as it sunk, Tess screamed she couldn’t get her seatbelt undone. She was going to drown. She was going to Die!


As the waater covered her head and she could no longer hold her breath she gasped and water began to fill her lungs. Then the purple lit thing came out of the dash it was surrel it looked like a star in human form but like a cloud and meringue frosting… Tess was dying her brain was shooting unreal images and she briefly

wondered when the life playback would start.


Suddenly a word shouted in her mind. “No!”


The star/cloud/frosting thing slammed into her chest and…


She was in a bubble, she could breathe. She wasn’t even wet. She blinked. She screwed her eyes shut and rubbed them, then opened them again. The bubble wasn’t in the water.


The bubble Tess was in was bobbing up and down slowly spinning about on an etherial wind. She was floating in the bubble not standing on anything but not falling either. Outside the bubble was chaos.


Worlds and planets spun and zoomed across a multicolored sky which was above and below. They were of all sizes, and some collided. Those collisions might spawn a dozen new worlds spinning off in every direction or one body might simply swallow the other.


There were asteroids and flat worlds. Floating cities and mountains alone in space… but there was nothing alive.


It was too much, Tess felt her mind begin to bend….then a thought came to her, not her own, a symbol




A question.


“H2O,” she said outloud.




A sound that wasn’t a sound a voice not a voice, Tess ‘heard’ it as plain as day.


“It is water.” She looked all around twisting in a circle trying to find the origin of the voice, seeing no one. Her heart thumped in her chest. “ Two hydrogen and one oxygen atom. Where am I? Where are you? WHO are you?” She screamed the last as panic took hold.


<Calm down. Our encounter was in the process of ending your function. That is contrary to my code. I did the only thing possible to keep your intellect intact. I bonded my matrix to your corporeal form, we now share the same physical space in this dimension, but only one intellect may occupy the dimensional space at one time. I perceived that your form could not survive in this medium, so I took your place. Your intellect is currently in the extradimensional space my matrix interacts with, a sort of extra dimensional dimension/universe. You are safe there.>


“You’re in my head! How? What the Fhu.”


<No. It just seems that way. Our intellects are connected now. And anyway, at the moment you are in my head.>


Tess opened her mouth to say something, but her train of thought disintegrated. Instead, she just repeated her earlier question. “Who are you?”


<I am…>


They stopped. It had adjusted its vision and could see clearly now the water, as the other intellect had called it, was not deep and the vehicle they had occupied was visible below them. Who am I. the question hung there in its mind, who am I. “I do not know.”


<what do you mean you don’t know?>


“I do not know who I am. My memory of self is… incomplete.”


It rose on a plasma stream, its form rising out of the water into the storm which was lessening. It floated in the air above the bayou. It looked at itself. It had taken on a new form when it entered this dimension. It was as unfamiliar to it as who it was unknown. Where it had come from was unknown, too much was unknown.

The being drifted over to the road where the car had broken through the railing and touched down.


It was about six feet tall, Humanoid in shape with two legs and two arms, but neither male nor female. Its features were unclear and could have been the face of either. It glowed and gave off cloudy tendrils of purplish light. There was a power or energy of some kind which pulsed deep inside and sometimes it appeared translucent. Its body looked like it was made of energy plasma, the kind produced by a Tesla Coil. Independent of the body, there were three small teardrop shaped blobs of plasma, 3 or 4 inches long, which rapidly orbited its torso on three separate and ever-changing tracks, even passing completely through its body sometimes. Out of its head stared, unblinking, two completely white glowing eyes.


It/they/them stood on the road the rain pouring and hissing where it fell on the figure. In the limbo of the chaos dimension Tess began to panic the thing was silent she didn’t know what was going on she was alone tendrils of madness lurked.


It/they/them looked both ways along the road there was nothing except the pavement and the rain. It needs to think to examine its own mind. It needed to process what had happened to it.


The three Potentiality Nacelles increased their orbital speed until the three tracks looked like solid neon rings zooming around the being then suddenly they expanded into a sphere of light and immediately collapsed into the being and the beings body seemed to follow the sphere of light collapsing into itself with a purple flash and a thrumming note as if a loud bass string had been plucked.


In the glowing beings place stood a soaking wet Tess. She fell to her hands and knees and began coughing up the water she had taken into her lungs, then she vomited as the fear and panic rushed to the front of her mind. After several moments of spasms and coughing she quieted and knelt there on the road, on all fours trembling.


She was alone. She was confused. She remembered the wreck. Sort of. Maybe she had fallen asleep at the wheel and the rest was just a dream. She glanced over the side of the road into the bayou where her car must be but could not see anything in the dark water. She remembered drowning and that crazy hallucination. How did she get up here from down there? Tess shook her head but that just made it hurt more.


Wet and cold she struggled to her feet her phone was in her purse which was in her car at the bottom of the bayou who knows where. It was probably ruined anyway. She needed help, she must have hit her head and might be concussed. She looked around at the area in the dim light of morning. She thought knew where she was, there would be a convenience store not far maybe half a mile she could make it there and call 911. Get help.


It took her over a half hour to walk the half mile to the store. She had to stop and rest ever few yards. She saw zero traffic during that time. The rain was just a slow drizzle now, but she had no way of knowing that the storm had caused flash floods across the region and that many roads were closed.


Thank God the lights were on and she could see two cars parked at the store. One was off to the side, probably the morning clerk, the other right in front of the door. There was also a pickup truck at the gas pumps.


No outside phone, not surprising so Tess limped to the front door barely noticing that the car parked there had its motor idling but no one in it.


Inside was bright and the led glare caused her to squint. The cashier was a tall thin guy who could have been 20 or 40 he had that kind of face. He was standing right up against the counter and staring at her wide eyed.


I must look a fright, Tess thought, as she spoke and at the same time looked up at the mirror behind the counter which showed the store. “I was in an accident and need to call 911.” She was right. Her image showed her standing there soaked through and through her red hair straggly and dirt and blood on her face. It also showed a pair of legs lying in a pool of blood in the back aile and the back of the cashier and the guy with a gun kneeling behind the counter right beside him.


“Can’t the phones are out. From the storm.” The cashier said his Adams apple bobbing. Tess could see the fear in his eyes now and that same fear gripped her heart.


I am but I know not who I am, nor what I am. I cannot even say where.


It/they/them struggled with not knowing it had a vague sense of threat and something had wounded it. It remembered being ejected from the extra-dimensional space where it… did whatever it was that it did.


It/they/them occupied the same place that the other intellect had been earlier but it was not secured in the bubble, It/they/them were free to move about the chaos zone had they so chosen but it was stationary while its mind contemplated the problem. While it did so a small part of its mind monitored the other intellect it was now bonded too.


The woman, how she referred to herself was not really hurt, even though she believed that she was. She was simply in shock and It/they/them was keeping a though monitor on her incase it was wrong. The human, how she referred to her species, sudden became agitated and this brought It/they/them to full alert.


“What is wrong Tess?” It/they/them had gleaned that Tess was the nomenclature that identified the intellect as an individual. She also seemed to have other names, but this was the preferred.


<what? Oh my god, are you real did all of that happen oh my god am I going mad?>


“Tess I am real what happened was real we will discuss this later. I detect hat your system as entered a heightened state of anxiety and are indicating a flight or flight scenario. What is going on?”


<Robber, dead guy gunshot killer in front> Tess’s panic was back full throttle


“Tess you need to bring me back to where you are so I can protect you.” <How?>


“On your left wrist is a bracelet with a violet stone. Touch the stone with the intent of releasing me.”


<oh my God.


The whole conversation happened at the speed of thought and only a microscopic sliver of time passed from the moment Tess had looked up into the mirror and saw what she saw and she had touched the stone on the bracelet she hadn’t even noticed.


The purple light flashed inside of Tess and shined through her like an x-ray. And the process of the being transforming into Tess repeated itself in reverse.


The cashiers’ eyes got wider still as It/they/them suddenly blossomed out of the scraggly woman who vanished in purple light.


It/they/them did not hesitate nor waste time. The Potentiality Nacelles pulsed and the luminous being phased through the counter in a blink and before it even registered on the criminals mind It/they/them and energized its fist and punched the miscreant in the back between the shoulder blades.  It/they/them pulled its punch which could have reduced the human to a pulp instead the force was carried through the plasma energized fist which acted much like a taser.


The crook convulsed violently and collapsed unconscious. But the criminal was not alone. A second man had been hidden in the back out of sight of the mirror thus Tess hadn’t seen him therefore It/they them/ had not known about him.


The young drug addict stepped around the shelves he had been hiding behind and raised and fired the shotgun he had used to take out the cowboy earlier. It hadn’t even registered in his drug addled brain that what he was shooting at wasn’t human.


A shotgun an indiscriminate weapon. It/they/them was not familiar with this exact weapon, but it must have encountered them before, fore it knew what it was capable of even as the weapon boomed and sent it’s lethal pellets toward both they and the cashier. It/they/them swung its arm in an arc to its left and a Nacelle pulse and a translucent purple shield shimmered in front of the cashier just as the pellets struck. The quickly erected shield did not protect it/they/them but his new body was more than up to the task of standing up to the projectiles.


<my god you’re a superhero> Tess interjected. She had not been able to see what happened or here but It/they/them have allowed its thought process to keep Tess informed via thought.


The term Superhero was unfamiliar, but Its language ability deciphered and defined the word adequately “I don’t think so but I do not know for sure. Perhaps.”


<well yeah or not we need to get out of here before the cops show up. I’ll explain later>


Sensing urgency in Tess, It launched itself into the air and nacelles spinning phased through the ceiling and roof of the store and into the sky!


Our heroes will Return!







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Background: Aspen Thicket grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Her education had as much to do with hours in libraries and hard knocks as it did with school; maybe more. From an early age she weaponized her curiosity, using her small stature to creep unseen and overhear things no one was meant to hear. Armed with this knowledge, she made a safe 'space' for herself and her family in the social order of a gang ridden neighborhood.


She stumbled into her abilities when investigating what she assumed was a drug factory or maybe stolen goods trafficking at what had been an old warehouse at the edge of her turf. Lately there'd been strange activity there. Tough looking guys hanging around, scaring people away by day. Cars arriving by night. But what she found was some kind of weird high tech manufacturing facility. High tech, but also kind of slapped together...and what they were making seemed dangerous. Like, really dangerous.


Aspen was discovered snooping though, and after a chase was cornered on catwalks over some open tanks of some kind of churning silvery goop. She surrendered, choosing some small chance at survival. Then a voice came from a speaker above. Male. A bit raspy, like a smoker. Cold.


"Dispose of her."


And before Aspen could protest, she was tossed into the silver fluid below.


She died; her body torn apart by a swarm microscopic scale robots in a suspension. It was quick, but not painless. It was also...oddly temporary?


Aspen 'woke up' then, feeling oddly relaxed in that quicksilver goop. She concentrated on trying to move. Move her arms. Move her legs. Her body was sluggish, but it started to respond. Maybe it had only paralyzed her? Laboriously she dragged herself out of the vat and fell to the floor. It took a few seconds to move again, but oddly it didn't really hurt.


It took several minutes after she pulled herself into a corner to regroup for Aspen to realize something was wrong. Very wrong. Her body was...unstable. When she paid attention to her hands, they were fine. When her mind wandered, her hands started to...to...well, melt. In fact, her whole body seemed to be similarly unstable. Holding its shape, but just barely. Sometimes she had the clothes on that she'd been wearing when she fell in, other times she seemed to just have skin.


Stuffing the panic down deep, Aspen focused on escaping, and managed to do so. It didn't escape her attention that the place had been cleared of personnel and equipment as well. Were they moving? What had happened?


Her phone was gone, but she didn't go home right away. Rather, Aspen worked on trying to hold herself together. It took a few hours and a lot of alternating determination and freaking out, but finally she got to the point that she could hold her shape even while paying attention to other things. So she went home.


It had been days; her parents had been worried, but were relieved to see her. Aspen told them...a version of the truth; that she'd been checking out the new factory, got chased off by their security and had to lay low for awhile. She left a lot out too, and could tell that they could tell she'd done that. They didn't pry though, except to admonish her to be careful, and leave things like that alone. When Aspen checked on the building a couple of days later, it had been evacuated entirely.


Since then she's been focused on trying to figure out what happened to her, and who did it, and what they were trying to do. Aspen has a very bad feeling about this kind of tech being loose in the world. Despite having powers now, she's going to need help to deal with this.


Description: Aspen is a young human-appearing female in her early twenties with a somewhat lean, skinny build and short scruffy blonde hair. She tends to dress lazily, in simple jeans or sweats and light t-shirts or tanktops, with or without a hoodie. She likes necklaces and will often wear more than one at a time out of her large and eclectic collection. As Alecto she is taller and fuller-figured, appearing as a feminine-shaped metal humanoid with features distinctly different from her own.





Name: Aspen Thicket

Gender: Female-presenting

Age: 20


Abilities: Agility 3, Intellect 5, Might 3, Perception 5, Toughness 4, Willpower 5 (25)

Talents: (29)
- Academics 2
- Charm 4
- Covert 5
- Investigation 5
- Science 2
- Streetwise 4
- Technology 4
- Vehicles 3


Powers (all Tech source): (71)
Blending (+3d Covert or 1/2 rank after the +3 if still to avoid being seen in plain view) 3
Communications (tap into/use communication networks) 3
Form (Liquid Form) 12
Immortality (digital consciousness) 3
Inanimate (Tech - nanoswarm) 9
- Does not eat, breathe, drink; immune to toxins
Machine Control 10 (Interface: Computers only, Touch range) 4
Regeneration (Fast; 1 dmg/minute) 12
Super Senses
- Analytic Touch 1
- Circular Vision 1
- Thermal Vision 2
- Shapeshifting 9, 18
- Variant: Doppelganger 3


Perks: none


- Secret Identity - Aspen is trying her best to keep her human identity from being connected to Alecto's activities, to protect her family from retaliation.
- Enemy - As Alecto, Aspen has been terrorizing several local gangs...but in particular has been hounding the shadowy and mysterious organization that accidentally gave her powers in the first place, in their attempt to murder her.
- Heavy - Aspen is the size and shape of a human, but her body is significantly denser than human flesh.


Edge: 10 Health: 7 Resolve: 4


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