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Rise of Skywalker


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I agree it's worth seeing in theater. It does have spectacle.

I...disagreed with a lot of directorial and writing choices they made, but I can't claim that it had the huge writing and narrative problems that Last Jedi had. A lot of small problems as opposed to massive structural problems.

It's not exactly BAD...but it's not quite good either, and it really could have been, I think.

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I've seen TRoS now, and I have a couple of thoughts. Overall, it was a decent movie, maybe not the best ending to the triple trilogy, but better than I expected after the stupidity of TLJ. Still glad I saw it in the theater. Also, I'm glad that I can stop dodging spoilers.

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Having had a few days to think on it, and reflect with detailed thought over raw emotions...I would like to revise my previous estimate.

It was really, really bad.



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