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Name: Silence

Breed: Metis

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Bone Gnawer


Silence was born to werewolf parents about 18 years ago, and his parents turned him over to the local bone gnawers and then departed, leaving him to be raised by uncle Chris, who is an elder theurge.  He was taught to be tough and resiliant, and that his job in the world was to survive and fight the enemies of gaia.  His uncle was flexible, but also pointed out to him that as a ragabash he would often be expected to be sneaky and to turn to lies and tricks, but since he was mute, thus unable to lie easily, it would be up to him to turn to his silence into tricks.  And so his uncle named him Silence, once he was old enough to understand both the meaning, he has taken it to mean, Silent Trickster.


Job wise, he mainly tries to do various jobs that don't require that he speaks, such as packaging, but he also has spent time learning how to quietly break into locations, especially with regards to those tainted by the worm.


Of course, being a youngster he has only recently grown to the point of wanting to join his own pack, rather then running with his uncles, especially with the elders being called away, he's now ready to try something different.


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Miguel Araya –   55a53022ecad040324ce0993.thumb.jpg.0774496c7cf255d4a08db35788377d86.jpgOwner of several car detailing shops in Austin as well as Araya’s Food Truck Industrial Services, which specializes in deep cleaning and servicing of many of Austin’s hard working food trucks.

Miguel is in his early thirties and of Mexican descent. Miguel got his start as a young teen never one for trouble he stayed away from the gangs which were prevalent when he was growing up and instead made pocket money washing cars by going door to door in the richer neighborhood and selling his personalized services way cheaper than the detailer shops and doing just as good a job.

By the time he was twenty he had a crew and his first shop, by the time he was 25 that had grown to 4 shops across the city and he started his Food Truck Service the only one of its kind in the area.

Miguel is outgoing, personable and extremely likable. He always remembers his customers and can put names to faces he has only seen once or twice. Like a bartender, people find him easy to talk to and often tell him things they would not normally tell people they weren’t close too. Because of this he is a fount of information.

Miguel is one of Micky’s major Contacts.


Maya Santorini – Maya is a classically trained chef and the current proprietor of the Santorini café in Austin. She is also Kinfolk and aware of the presence of the Garou in the area.


She was born and raised in Austin worked at the Café where she learned the basics of her craft. She attended collage at UT and after graduating went to Greece to continue studying cooking. After that she went to New York and worked at several award winning restaurants but never won the level of fame as many other chefs and never became or wanted to become a celebrity chef.  Eventually she returned home to Austin and the family Café.

Maya grew up around Claudia and the members of her pack and is one of those kinfolk who is proud to be a part of the extended family. She understands the importance the Garou play in the world and the importance of the Kinfolk to the Garou.

When Claudia sent Micky to the café before her first transformation, she had already told Maya that Micky was Kinfolk and likely a fledgling Garou and so it was that Maya was warm and caring toward the then troubled girl. The two are close and  Maya is always there ready to help.








Terrance Michael  Green AKA “Tee”

Tee is a bouncer and a good source of information on the comings and goings of the Austin nightlife, especially as it pertains to Sixth Street and the other entertainment districts.Tee.jpg.493dedb8d690d07f9f27196c7cbfc567.jpg

Terrance is a Houston boy born and bred went to UT on a football scholarship but never quite made the grade to go pro. After collage he did one stint in the Army then came home first to Houston where he tried unsuccessfully to launch a Pro wrestling career which didn't take off and then back to Austin where he could work as a bouncer/Security Specialist in a town he had grown to love.

Tee is a Freelance Security Specialist, meaning he doesn’t work for any single agency but rather drifts from club to club and event to event. He is tough and fair but also implacable. He has a stern Honor code which is a mix of medieval chivalry and wild west righteousness.

 He knows Micky as a fellow bouncer and food truck proprietor and knows about her hard-line stance against abusers and has had her back on a few occasions. He is unaware of her true nature. He also finds her very attractive but has so far not made his feeling known, but he does cut her slack under the guise of shared camaraderie.

Tee live frugally staying in a small apartment and sends most of the money he makes home to his mother.

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ATI-May-7.png.40ee147d1a4870997fbc85e1a304e06d.pngJames Richter: Saibhs uncle, and owner of the repair shop that she works at. A gregarious man in his early forties. The younger brother to Andrew, James has been living in Texas since he finished college. He was, in fact, part of the reason that Andrew chose to settle in the area. While he had been married in his younger years, his wife died in a car crash. While he soldiered on in the face of her death, has has never demonstrated an interest in getting back into the dating game. He has instead focused all of his efforts into spoiling Saibh rotten as a surrogate for the child he never had. He remains one of the few people that she will easily smile around. He has provided her with a quiet job where she can get away from the expectations of her family at large, at least for a little while, as well as providing her with a place to practice her mechanical skills.











Mason.thumb.jpg.d4a7e559b649e991d4b887c4fa39ec48.jpgMason Williams: A survivor from the night of Saibhs first change. He had been in the town partying with some of his other friends when they took a little too much of a liking to her and seperated her from her group. When the deaths from the first change came to light, he was the one suspicion originally fell to, as he was ranting about the event. Through a quirk of fate or genetics, he remained lucid through the delirium, but describing what happened just got him dismissed. He was eventually cleared as he was from some money, and there was no physical way he could have inflicted many of the wounds. Eventually the case was dismissed as a freak animal attack, though what sort of animal still remains a mystery. Mason remembers, though, and he's sworn to himself that he'll get even.







Ricardo "Rickie" Cortez: Ricardo is a young hispanic that Saibh has the dubious pleasure of calling a friend. A perpetual dreamer, he has his head almost permanently in the clouds, much to Saibh's frustration. Most of his schemes focus on ways of making money, and Saibh has had to curtail a lot f his ideas in the past. He regularly shows up at the shop that she works at. When it's for company, she doesn't mind, but he regularly brings in cars and the like that he wants dismantled, or bringing in car pieces he wants to sell her "for cheap, His hearts in the right place, at least, but she'd rather not drag her uncles shop into shady dealings.

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