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Dragon Ball Victory

DragonBall Victory


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Alright, so this is what won by near unanimous decision, so let's get crazy.


The Premise- Two full centuries have passed since the end of Dragonball Super.   The existence of other universes is now known, and travel between them is possible via either powerful technique, or possession of a special pass.   The Gods and Angels only involve themselves directly when it is time for the Grand Universal Tournament, which happens every ten years, for the amusement of Omni-King Zeno.


Old Namek, and Planet Vegeta have both been wished back into existence, as well as the Saiyan race. This time around, the Saiyans are still an arrogant warrior race, but they are beholden to no one, and with time, have become far more noble, in that they no longer conquer and sell planets.  Currently the game will be taking place in the 7th universe.   There are a fair number of 6th universe entities, mostly saiyains, who currently reside in the 7th,  as an equal number are in the 6th, in a sort of exchange program.

Technology is fairly advanced, True hypertech exists, though it is mostly alien in origin.   Crime exists, and there are many who would rule the universe, and work towards this.   Still, things are maintained in a precarious balance, because if things become unbalanced, then they aren't fun to Lord Zeno.  He erases things he doesn't find fun.


This game will entail the rediscovery and potential use of the Dragonballs, and a chance to play characters of a power level that goes beyond any I've allowed before in BESM 4e (the system used)


Your characters may be any race, any gender, and built with 500 points. (not a typo)(This is roughly equal to Vegeta at his first visit to Earth)


some familiarity with Dragonball/Z/Super will help, but isn't necessary.


This is a game meant to be comedic, and hotblooded. Your character should be capable of working together with others. There will be hijinx, tons of action, and whatever else you the players bring with you.


My full house rules will be in effect. I am NOT going with Spirit commands.


(Special rules)

First, I reserve the right to say no to something I don't like, I'll try to work with you, but if things are too gamebreaking, you will be asked to change it.  points won't be lost, but this is supposed to be fun for all


Body Mind and Soul scores to 7 are purchased at 2 cp a point. 8-12 are 4 cp a point.  Stat scores top out at 12, and you may only start with one of them beyond 10. You MAY purchase enhanced attribute (these can be blocked or negated) at 4 cp per rank to raise the stat up to a max of 18.


Each Character will have a Special ability for free, generated by me. This may be a Racial ability (Namekians, Humans, Saiyans) or one unique to the character. You will have one or the other, not both.


I expect combat values of 15-20, no more than 22.


Dynamic powers is not allowed.


Powerflux and Skill flux are not allowed.

Energy Bonus and Tough have a max rank of 25

armor has a max rank of 25

Your Base Energy and health points are doubled  ((M+S)x10)  and ((B+S)x10)

I am allowing the Brutal combat technique to be bought up to 15. I am changing how it works as well, making the weapon rank equal to the rank of Brutal.


Also Every special attack will have an Energy point cost equal to its total damage divided by 10. you get no points back for this, this is just part of the game.


Any questions/ if you need help at all, PM me, and I'm likely in chat.

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