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Bajoran records indicate Tal'Vykk was born on occupied Bajor, and entered into the Bajoran war orphan records somewhere after 2369 when the occupation ended. Records from there run sparse, with some basic schooling and a last-known address at a scrapyard. The trail, if anyone would care to follow, picks up in 2381 with a record of a public trial from Cardassia Prime.


In this trial, the young Cardassian is found guilty of smuggling, theft from the mighty empire and membership in a Bajoran terrorist organisation. The verdict is twenty years on the prison colony of Vermish IV, by way of a stasis vessel. As the judge's gavel strikes, the trial begins. As all trials on Cardassia are, it is public and televised. Under the advice of her lawyer she pleads and grovels, after which she is taken away by guards. The image of her face shows shame and revulsion as she is dragged away.


But records of Vermish IV are mostly gone, as the planet was the target of one of the Kohn-Ma's most vicious strikes ten years after, and the Cardassian prison colony was scuttled, its guards lost in the strike, and the rest by subsequent rioting escapees.


Scattered employment records indicate a penchant for engineering, but her training seems haphazard. A smattering of robotics and replicator technologies mashed up with civil engineering and menial repair work. If she's had an education, it would hardly be an officially recognized one.

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Lieutenant Parker PerryCostume_silk121_Perry_Headshotstyle_Default_01_645387265.jpg.c4707a0a2eaadeafdc9619b29a53bdba.jpg

Star Fleet Command Division, Conn Department

Chief Flight Officer  USS Odyssey NCC-74560


Backstory:  Parker was born in 2369 and was a star fleet brat through and through. Her parents were both star fleet officers serving aboard the USS Odyssey, the predecessor to the ship she now served upon. Her mother Angela Parker was a Science officer with a specialty in Astrophysics while her father Oliver, was an Operations Officer serving in Security. The two had met aboard the Odyssey, fallen in love, and married, and within a few short months Angela was pregnant. The young couple discussed whether they should  transfer to a station or even back to Earth. But both loved serving aboard  a ship and since the Galaxy class had been built with families in mind they decided to remain on board and raise their family among the stars. 


Parker’s birth was almost a year before the Odyssey was assigned to patrol the demilitarized zone between Bajor and Cardassia and she was just taking her first steps when they arrived on station. Her mother Angela had voiced some concerns but was reluctant to separate their family. Oliver reassured her that everything would be fine, that the Cardassians wanted peace and that they were aboard one of the most powerful starships ever built, a battleship in all but name. The patrol was routine, boring even but all that changed in an instant when the Dominion made their first appearance and a search and rescue mission was mounted to bring Commander Sisko back. The Odyssey was given this task. Before her departure, all families and non-essential crew were off loaded onto Deep Space Nine, this included Angela Perry and her 1-year old daughter Parker.  The goodbyes were emotional but there was high expectation of success and everyone just knew that in a few days their ship and their loved ones would be back. Of course, the Odyssey never returned, it was destroyed with all hands in the opening salvo of what would later become the Dominion War.


The first five years of Parker's life were full of harrowing experiences, fear and turmoil. Her mother stayed on DS9 which caused a large degree of bitterness with her parents and the parent’s of her father, Oliver, who thought that Parker should be brought back to the safety of earth and be raised by all of them together. Angela refused.


For Angela, it was almost an matter of honor.  Oliver had given his life for the ideals of the Federation, of Star Fleet, ideals that they had shared, and she would not abandon those ideals now or ever. So she stayed and Parker stayed with her.  Angela became one of the officers assigned to the Defiant. Parker a toddler lived on the station with her mother, and with neighbor’s when the Defiant was off on some mission. Of course, being a toddler during this time Parker has only the briefest scraps of memory but it was a chaotic time. There were only a few children left on the station belonging to the few Star Fleet personnel whose families were still there. All the Bajorans had left the station


For two years she was shuffled from caregiver to caregiver when her mother was off station, though still a child she did learn to be somewhat self-sufficient before most normal children her age. In 2373 the war came to DS9 when the Dominon captured the station and occupied Bajoran space.  The four-year-old Parker was alone separated from her mother who was with the fleet. Evacuation to federation space was impossible so many Starfleet personnel evacuated to Bajor as Refugees.


Parker was taken in by a family called Geere, who claimed she was theirs to protect her from the occupation forces and for the remainder of the war Parker stayed with them. They called her Popru and treated her like she was one of the family. The Geere’s had a one child of their own a boy, called Noavu, who was a year older than Parker and the two grew close as brother and sister and remain close to this day.  For two years Parker, called Popru, lived as a Bajoran, and since this was a formative time , she learned and retained all that she experienced as a Bajoran. Even after the war she still practices the spirituality of those who she calls her second family.


In 2375 the war ended and with her mother’s return Parker left the Geeres and returned to the station. But it was a much different station now and she was older. Many Bajorans returned  and with them came families, the school which had closed in 2370 reopened larger and well-staffed. Parker attended the school with her new friends and when her mother went away on missions that would last more than a day she would often go and stay on Bajor with her second family. 


She now had friends and family and life became more settled. She was fascinated with the stories her mother told of the war and space. Any chance she could get to go onto her mother’s ship she took it and thus were the seeds of her desire to be like her mom and her dad whom she had never known were sown. But at this time her human nature rose to the fore as well, she was adventurous and curious and sometimes this led to trouble such as the time her and some class mates snuck aboard a shuttle which was undergoing maintenance and they inadvertently launched it off the station, or the time they snuck into Quarks bar and rigged all the holosuites to make all the holograms cartoons. It was a good life, but all things come to an end.


In 2380 Angela received a promotion and a new assignment it was deep space exploration mission that would last at least two years. And she could not take Parker along. This posed a problem. Parker couldn’t stay on DS9 because her mother was no longer stationed there. She wanted to stay with the Geere’s on Bajor and her mother was inclined to allow it but her grandparents intervened and after convincing her and her mother that if Parker were to realize her desire to enter Star Fleet she was of the age where she needed to begin preparing and a rural Bajoran farm was not the place to do that. And so it was that Parker went to live with her grandparents on Earth.


Earth was different for an eleven year old. Everything you could want was at your fingertips. The cities bustled there was no hunger, no shortages, no need for hours of back breaking physical work. And Parker loved it. There was so much to do, so much to experience. So many new people to befriend and have fun with. Her grand parents both sets spoiled her. Other than messages it was almost five years before she saw her mother again when Angela once again received a promotion and returned to earth to teach at Star Fleet academy.


He moms return rekindled Parker’s desire to join Star Fleet and so she began working toward that. It was hard work but nothing she wasn't capable of when she applied herself which she did it was her intention to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a scientist, even though she wasn't really super passionate about science she had a good teacher and was smart. She entered the academy at 18 and during her first year it was discovered through testing that while she would make a competent science officer her real talents lay elsewhere.


Parker it seems had an almost uncanny ability with situational and spatial awareness and her grasp of flight mechanics placed her in the top 10% of her class’s prospective pilots. In other words, she could really fly, and Star Fleet felt she should be in the Command Division and follow the Conn officer track. She wholeheartedly agreed.


Her time at the Academy was not a breeze she tended to party a little too much and with her status as a gifted pilot her biggest claim to fame she rode that donkey all the way to the fair. In her second year she joined the Academy Velocity team and became a respected player. She remained a valuable member of the squad for the remainder of her Academy career. She continues to play the sport for recreation and exercise to this day. While at the academy she did keep in touch with her adopted brother, Noavu, back on Bajor, but her practice of the Bajoran spirituality slid to the back as not being as relevant to her anymore which left a emptiness she couldn't quite put her finger on. She graduated in the middle of her class academically and joined the fleet as a raw ensign ready to concur the Galaxy.


Once in the fleet Parker had a fairly typical career with a few highlights. Her first assignment was to an escort ship the USS Knox, a Steamrunner class vessel. It was while serving aboard the Knox that Parker while on shore leave with several other crew-members, she became involved in what can only be termed as a  bar room brawl with the crew from an alien ship. The Knox crew lost the fight and while the resulting disciplinary action was light, what followed was not. The captain said that the loss was an embarrassment and while out in the frontier of space things like this were to be expected by god losing was not acceptable. And so those involved in the altercation were turned over to  Chief of Security Fredrick 'Fritz' Grobe. Grobe put the crewmen through and intensive course of unorthodox self-defense training based on the ancient martial art known as Savate. Once the  'punishment was over and Fritz was satisfied that the crewmen involved could at least make a better showing for themselves in the future they were released from the training, but Parker had found the training enjoyable and asked for more instruction and so for the rest of the tour she was taught savate and became a talented practitioner of the martial art. 


Parker's second tour was aboard the USS Hotspur NCC-26253. Now a lieutenant junior grade, Parker was at first in charge of the Hotspurs smallcraft and was the Captains personal shuttle pilot. Later she was transferred to bridge duty and eventually promotion to lieutenant and the chief helmsman position. It was from the Hotspur that Parker was reassigned to the Odyssey.






Advantages: Keen Situational Awareness, Multi-Tasking

Disadvantages: Overconfident



Advantages: Flirty; Attractive

Disadvantages: Judgmental



Advantages: Athletic; Precise

Disadvantages: Small Stature



Advantages: Science; Starship Recognition; Astronavigation; Sensors

Disadvantages: “The Arts? What?”; Balancing Priorities



Advantages: Martial art style Savate des Rues; Bajoran Culture; Bajoran “Brother”; Knowledge of DS9/Terok Nor


Disadvantages: Deep distrust of Cardassians; Hatred of Jem’Hadar



Advantages: Helm Operations; Shuttlecraft Operation; ; Starship Tactics; Sport:Velocity

Disadvantages: Minimal Medical Training, Minimal Engineering Training


Combat Style

Savate des Rues


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Commander Elonatya Chen

Starfleet Command Divisions, Diplomacy Department

Executive Officer, USS Odyssey NCC-74560


Personality: Gregarious, fun-loving, and a bit mischievous, Ellie can be serious and professional with crew-mates that desire that.  Once someone shows they'd prefer a more relaxed relationship, though, it's clear that's her preference as well. When out of uniform she dresses comfortably above all with jewel tone colors and styles blended from a thousand different cultures. 


Backstory: Ellie was conceived on the Enterprise within days of their first mission - a side-effect of a Vulcan crew-member's exposure to the spaceport/creature at Farpoint and subsequent unexpected first pon farr, a human friend willing to help, and neither of them putting together the differences in cultural expectations of birth control. Ellie's mother, Rebecca, was willing to end the pregnancy, but her father, Saren, asked that she not (even after she refused his offer of marriage as a logical consequence of pregnancy and child rearing duties) and offered to raise the child alone if she didn't want to slow down her career - human lives being so much shorter than Vulcan ones. In the end they compromised by registering as 'joint status' to avoid being split up in postings while Ellie was growing up and Saren career took backseat to Rebecca's. They remained on the Enterprise for 15 years, even moving her father's betrothed and then wife and eventual younger siblings to the ship. Ellie bounced between both parents while growing up. Her father managed her education, mostly because Rebecca had no opinion between a standard Federation education and the more intensive Vulcan one. Rebecca handled her social upbringing, as Ellie often mystified Saren with her ability to swing between highly emotional and perfectly controlled on whim alone as well as her aptitude with manipulating the children around her as the chief ringleader of shenanigans on-board. 


At around 12 Ellie decided she did want a career in Starfleet and buckled down on her education. She took the entrance exams at 15 - a young age, but not terribly unusual for people in the Human lifespan range raised as ship brats - and entered with an eye on the diplomatic career track. She finished the Academy and Command schools in five years and has been serving aboard various ships since then. This is her second posting as an XO, though her last ship had a crew compliment of only 34 (a small transport ship for diplomatic delegations). She's excited about serving on the Odyssey and perhaps getting to make first contact with unknown species in deep space. 



Commander Elonatya Chen
Command, Diplomacy Focus

Advantages:         Creative, Intelligent, Perfect Memory
Disadvantages:     Easily Bored
Advantages:        Manipulative, Charismatic
Disadvantages:     Selfish, Plays Head Games
Advantages:         Half-Vulcan Biology* (counts as 5)   
Disadvantages:     Complicated Biology, Heats**
Advantages:         Diplomacy, Management, History, Leadership, Suus Mahna, Meditation, 
Cultural Sensitivity, Emotional Control
Disadvantages:     Ranged Weaponry, Singing, Primitive Skills, Artistic Creativity 
Advantages:         Vulcan Psionics (Telepathy (mostly tactile), Lesser Telekinesis), Fleet Brat, [REDACTED]
Disadvantages:     Always compared to Spock, [REDACTED]
Advantages:         Rank, Rank, Federation Diplomacy, Bridge Officer 
Disadvantages:     Medical Training, Personal Weapons Training



*She is twice as strong as a Human and about ⅔ as strong as Vulcans. She has nictitating membranes and her heart seemed to compromise on where to be, ending up directly behind her sternum. Her reflexes are on the low range for Vulcans but at the top edge of what humans can achieve. She handles cold better than Vulcans and heat better than Humans. She learned the Vulcan techniques for staying awake, though she can only stretch it out to about a week in emergencies. It’s the same with food: she can go about twice as long as a human, but not as long as most Vulcans can. Her hearing and sense of smell are similarly heightened, with smell actually about on par with other Vulcan women - much to her daily minor aggravation. Her blood is green, not red, giving her an almost bronzed cast to her skin. 

**While she seems to have by-passed the full on pon farr that Spock had to deal with, instead her biology melded the human menstrual cycle and the insistence of ponn far to give her a sexual cycle reminiscent of heats seen in most vertebrate females on Earth. Every six months she spends a month in a heightened sexual state. Luckily mating, a mating challenge, or meditation is not required to make the heat end, it goes away on its own after a month. It is also not as intense as pon farr and she will not die if she ignores it. She’s just super randy and not necessarily making the best sexual decisions.  


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Name: Anri JelalAnriJelal.jpg.f3747de73bdd38db8edc0687af5ea874.jpg
Species: Trill (unjoined)
Department: Science
Rank: Lieutenant


Even from when she was young, Anri was 'groomed' for the Joining. Her father put her to bed with stories about the honor of it all, and how wonderful it was. She learned that her uncle, his brother, had been joined. So from early on she was challenged, and challenged herself, to excel scholastically. Her top of the class graduated won her a place at the prestigious Trill Science Ministry itself, where she conducted her thesis publication on studying the effects of persistent warp fields and subspace distortions on geological strata. Once that was done she submitted her application to become an Initiate for consideration for Joining, and was accepted. Unfortunately, after a grueling period of trials, she was not selected for the Joining.

This was devastating for Anri, and in the end she decided to seek her fortune off-world, hoping to put the whole affair behind her. She enlisted with Starfleet, using her rather impressive resume of accomplishments and schooling to earn an advanced placement following the completion of an introductory training program. Her posting to the Odyssey is her first field assignment following an abbreviated term at Deep Space 5.


- Ad: Meticulous (good at catching errors), Creative, Scientific-Minded, Tenacious
- Disad: Driven, Squeamish

- Ad: Attractive
- Disad: Defensive

- Ad: Athletic
- Disad


- Ad: Astrophysics, Subspace Physics, Geology, Self Defense, Swimming, Public Speaking
- Disad: Diplomacy, Games (any kind), Medicine


- Ad
- Disad


- Ad: Subspace Anomalies, Cloak and Phase Technology
- Disad: Isolated Career

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Name: Anoh Idrudor

Species: Betazoid

Department: Medical

Ranke: Commander


Background (Brief version):


Joined SF as soon as she was able, her parents happy for her to as many of the house had joined already, some even holding rather high positions within SF, mostly with Medical or Science based professions, some have even been brought into Division 13. Being a part of the Fifth House, this also makes her related to the Trois.

Majored in Medical Science, minored in Psychology, mostly due to her interest in the mental staes of others when they are affliceted by injury or disease.

Accepted into command school, rose in rank to Commander and seems to be happy where she is in that regard, allowing her to continue to serve as a medical officer.

She has been on the Odyssey for most of her career, has a good working relationship with most of the crew, even though she holds some, interesting secrets of some. Stressful situations and all. She gets on well with the XO, the two seem to, understand each other rather well.




Advantages- Eidetic Memory; Observant; Good Time Management

Disadvantages- Rigid Thinking;


Advantages- Good Listener; Patient

Disadvantages- Inappropriately Flirty


Advantages- Atheletic

Disadvantages- Weak


Advantages- Medicine; Biology; Psychology; Playing Violin

Disadvantages- Brawling; Engineering; 


Advantages- Telepathy; Friends/Family in High Places

Disadvantages- Panic Delving Telepathy


Advantages- Medical Protocols; Pathology Protocols; Medical Equipment; Field Medicine

Disadvantages- Security Protocols; Shuttlecraft Operation


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