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Legal Name: Katarina Balasnikov
Mech Callsign: Hot Potato
Profession: Mecha Pilot
Allegiance/Affiliations: International Alliance Mech Corp

Appearance: Brunette, tanned, and fit from a lifetime struggling against the elements and monsters of both the human and inhuman variety, the 5'4 Katarina catches the eye with her restless energy and visible zest when something on her considerable list of vexes gets wrecked. She prefers to dress down, but will meet professional standards when prodded.

Temperament: Hardworking with a simmering resentment of authority, Katarina doesn't really care that the world is ending. She's still alive, still strong, and like her gutted country, she'll fight for the right to die in her boots with an angry prayer on her lips. As the pilot of a scout mech, she knows her 'Hot Potato' doesn't have the tonnage to take on the heavier kaiju, but her squadmates do, and it'll be Katarina who pointed out that Achilles heel, damn it.

History: Born in rural eastern Russia 27 years ago, Katarina spent her first 10 years living off the land under the tutelage of her anti-authoritarian parents. Such an attitude was dangerous in Putin's Russia, and it eventually caught up to the Balasnikov family, her parents sent to 'productive employment' and young Katarina sent to a series of state care facilities. Doing well educationally despite herself, she graduated at 18 with enough leeway to have some choice in life long as she kept her head down politically.


Then the monsters from the stars came, and her parents were killed when the Russian military dropped a nuke on Abaza in an effort to slow the bleeding.

It didn't work, and Katarina found herself one of many refugees shipped to Australia in the chaos. Having grown up in the frozen Siberian hellscape, she found it both amusing and refreshing to see what this country offered in it's wilderness. IAMC trawled the camps for volunteers for the worsening fight, and she stepped out of a spiral of self-destructive anger to volunteer, turning that anger into her basic training, and when the offer came, a shot at the pilot program itself. Were the situation any less desperate, her temper would gotten her kicked years ago, but the world is ending, and needs must when the devil drives.

Short – Help bring down one of the leader beasts that have made life so much a hell for so many and pay her respects in Abaza.

Long – Find a measure of peace with herself and her past.



Name: Katarina Balasnikov
Player: Exile Jeane
Concept: Angry Russian Scout Pilot
Origin Path: Survivalist
Role Path: Mecha Pilot

Ambition Path: Media Icon
Path Contacts: 'Fair' Alexei (Russian Refugee Black Marketeer), IAMC Captain Rimmy (Pilot Trainer), Simon Young (Struggling Club Owner)
Skills: Aim 3, Close Combat 3, Survival 2, Medicine, Command (am), Pilot 3, Technology 1, Empathy (am) 1, Humanities (am), Persuasion (am) 2


Specialties: Rifle (Aim), Knife (Close Combat), Scout Mechs (Pilot), Dance (Persuasion)

Skill Tricks: Sucker Punch (Close Combat)

-Attributes- (Force Favored)
Force – Intellect 2, Might 3, Presence 5
Finesse – Cunning 2, Dexterity 4, Manipulation 2
Resilience – Resolve 2, Stamina 3, Composure 2

Edges: Danger Sense, Swift, Small Unit Tactics, Striking (am), Fame 1 (Russian Mech Pilot), Wealth 1, Tough Cookie


Armor (Always Soft Armor 1)


Weapon / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags

*Knife/1/Melee/?/Edged/Melee, Silent + Grapple


Vehicle / Size / Handling / Speed / Tags / Weapons


Injury Conditions
Bruised (+1), Injured (+2), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out
Defense = 1 or Appropriate Resilience Att



Mecha Stats





MEKA ''Hot Potato”

Subtype: Scout (Size 1)

Life support: 5 Days (Environmental 1)

Armor: 3 Hard/ 3Soft

Speed: 3 (Range: Short jump, No fall damage)

Tags (6): Jump Jets, Additional Armor, Weapon 1 (2x), Augmented Run, Argus Array (+1 Enhancement on Detect Weakness Stunt)

Weapons: 2x Tesla Coils (Range: Short-Long, DMG Type: Electrical, Tags: Beam, Electrical, Hardpoint 2, Ranged, Spread, Mecha Scale


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Name- Maximus Adian Croft
Callsign- Outlaw

Age- 24

Height 6'1
weight- 210 lbs

Handedness- Left (ambidextrous)
Eyes- Blue
Hair- brown





Max Croft comes from an American family with a long history of distinguished service in the nation's Military.   The Crofts came over from England  In the era of the original colonies, and  even then were renowned as capable warriors, officers, and later fur trappers.     They parleyed their skills and name into a fair amount of wealth, much of which would be spent in the Revolution.   

They were no longer wealthy, but their name carried no small amount of respect.  Cornelius Croft would become a powerful senator from Pennsylvania, and the family would once again prosper.   Still, the family honored its martial history, with no generation failing to have less than two members serve honorably in the military.     In each war, they would fight, and if needs be, die for their country and people.   

It was against the backdrop of their long and distinguished history that two of the current generation found themselves at the very edge of a war unlike any other waged in the history of mankind.   Alien invaders had come, and in short order, wreaked havoc upon the Eurasian continent.  The US Pacific fleet was called upon to render aid and support, and it was here that Sam Croft, eldest of five children, would give his life in an effort to shepherd refugees fleeing Hong Kong.  

The Croft family were tight-knit, staying in touch rather will, bound by duty and blood.  The loss of Sam, who was eldest by about three years over John, was a blow to the others.   Sam was the unflappable unbreakable Shield, one of the youngest Captains of a Guided Missile Frigate.   

John, the second son, and Max, the third of three boys in the family, were both Army Rangers.   Their father, Jacob, was proud of them, as becoming Rangers had been their goal growing up, to honor their favorite uncle James, who'd been a Ranger who'd been killed in the line of duty when they were younger.  

John would go on to be one of the "Battle Armor Troopers"   warriors equipped with smaller scale armor that allowed a single soldier to fight like an entire platoon in the early days.   John was incompatible with the the tech being developed for next generation large scale combat mechs, so he would remain with the Battle armor Corps, a senior field commander by dint of being one of the most experienced officers still remaining to that corps.

Max Croft would be recruited by Special project director Takiro Kurosawa, Late of Fujiwara Heavy Industries, now working along-side the US Government and General Motors to develop the next generation of Mecha frame.

Having piloted both the GM-7 and the more powerful GM-9 type frames, he was well-versed on the strengths and weaknesses of the previous generations, so his practical experience with them was invaluable in developing the next generation prototype, the GMX-7, Tesseract.


Father- Jacob Croft- currently a senator from Pennsylvania.   Fully supports the military.  A former Naval Commander before he was forced to retire due to injury while on leave.   He also holds a degree in Business Management, which was useful in the fifteen years  he ran a corporate distribution center.

Brother- Samuel (Sam) - Eldest of 5 children, Sam was one of the youngest Commanders of an Aegis class missile frigate until his death at the hands of the Kaiju.

Brother- Johnathan (John)- four years older than Max, he has perhaps the closest relationship  with Max, and is an Army Ranger Captain.  Currently one of the senior field commanders of the Battle Armor Corps, few humans alive have engaged with as many of the invaders as John and lived to fight again.

Sister- Cassandra (Cassie)-eldest by two minutes of a pair of Seventeen year Old blonde identical twins, Cassie is brilliant, having already scored  perfect scores in Math and science on both the ACT and SAT tests.  She wants to become a Mecha engineer and developer.

Sister- Lisa- At the other end of the spectrum, Lisa is more literary and artistically inclined, being an accomplished violinist, and poet.  She's already had several poems published in various anthologies.    

Interests- as a youngster, Max loved wargaming, and was a huge fan of strategy games of all stripes.  

 Then entire Cross family (current generation) loves Anime and Manga. Sam started this affinity, and ensured all four of his siblings shared it.  Each has something they like. For Max it was mecha, John was fighting anime, Sam loved Scifi, and Cassie loves Shoujo, while Lisa is a fan of slice of Life.  Though very little is being produced (mostly as doujinshi)  They possess a large amount of older media, mostly in digital format, though back stateside the girls maintain a larger physical collection.

Max is currently single, while Sam had two children, and John had a son who was unfortunately killed in a vehicular accident.

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Melvin was born to an accountant and a teacher. While it wasn't the easiest time growing up as a gangly, awkward kid, and then teenager, he never had to want for most things. Then the Kaiju came, and the world changed. He became obsessed with the otherworldly threat. He saw them as the pinnacle of invasive species. He promised to himself that he would help curb the threat to the world from the Kaiju. He began to study all the information that was available to the public, and then got a "Brilliant" idea, He would use his knowledge and skills to help the IAMC dispatch the creatures and then study them up close. He enrolled in the Mecha Driver military course and soon proved hmself to be a decent driver, medic and gunner. However, his real skill lies in figuring out the weaknesses of various Kaiju and exploiting them. Since he has been sent to the main base, he has been selected to drive a Mecha. His call sign is Harvard, since he's from Boston, and went there for his college. It also is a bit of a reality check for him to keep him grounded. 



Name: Melvin Grahame

Callsign: Harvard
Player: Veral(Jeff Schaller)
Concept: Xenobiologist[Up close and personal edition]
Origin Path: Suburbia
Role Path: PPAI/Mecha Corps Pilot

Ambition Path: Kaiju Specialist


Ambitions: S1. Try to prove his usefulness to his squad mates.

                    S2. Keep his squad mates alive.

                    L1. Determine a way to stop Kaiju breeding.

Path Contacts: Adam Jones(Biology Teacher), Michael Stone(IAMC Engineer), Steven Iaccone(Xenobiologist)


Path Contacts (am): Xenobiologist, Military Scout, Armorer

Skills: Aim 2, Close Combat 1, Empathy 1,Enigmas(am) 2, Medicine 2(am), Pilot 2, Science(am) 3, Survival(am), Technology 2


Specialties: Science[Xenobiology]

Skill Tricks: Scientific Method(Science)

-Attributes- (Resilience Favored)
Force – Intellect 4, Might 2, Presence 2
Finesse – Cunning 2, Dexterity 2, Manipulation 1
Resilience – Resolve 4, Stamina 4, Composure 4

Edges: Speed Reading(am), Weak Spots(am), Library 2, Danger sense, Breath Control, Photographic Memory 3, Swift


Edges AM - Danger sense, Photographic Memory 3, Weak Spots, Trick Shooter 3, Speed reading, Library 3, Deflection Adept, Big Hearted

Armor - 


Weapon / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags



Vehicle / Size / Handling / Speed / Tags / Weapons


Injury Conditions
Bruised (+1), Injured (+2), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out
Defense = 1 or Appropriate Resilience Att


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Name: Delaney Cazantino
Player: Salmon Max
Concept: Mechvolutionist!
- Short: Kill a kaiju with something experimental
- Short: Develop a cool new weapon
- Long: Build an unbeatable mech!


Origin Path: Street Rat
- - Connection: Raul Trafalgar, head of the Slaghead Gang
Role Path: PPAI/Mecha Corps Pilot
- - Mstr Sgt Anita Fieldings, PPAI Drill Instructor
Ambition Path: Greasy Mechmonkey (Tech Specialist)
- - Major Ian Combs, PPAI R&D Branch


Attributes- (Finesse Favored)
Force – Intellect 5, Might 2, Presence 2
Finesse – Cunning 3, Dexterity 4, Manipulation 2
Resilience – Resolve 2, Stamina 2, Composure 1


Aim 3
Athletics 1
Enigmas (Am) 1
Larceny 1
Pilot 3
Science (Am) 1
Survival 1
Technology (Am) 4


Specialties: Mech Weaponry (Aim), Mecha (Pilot), Mechanics (Technology)

Skill Tricks: Fighter Pilot


Ms Fix-It **, Computer Enhancement ** (Lightning Calculator **, Speed Reading *, Photographic Memory **), Demolitions Training (Am) **





Weapon / EN / Range / Damage / Type / Tags


Vehicle / Size / Handling / Speed / Tags / Weapons


Injury Conditions
Bruised (+1), Injured (+2), Maimed (+4), Taken Out
Defense = 1 or Appropriate Resilience Att




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