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The Mecha Bay


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Support Class – Sage Class

Size: 2

Speed: 3

Tags: Cargo 1, Multi-limb Array 2,Super science 2(Bio-sensor package), Tools 1(Cargo hoist), Weapon 1 (Plasma Blade), Weapon 2 (Phased-Array Laser), weapon 1(Shock Mine launcher)


Shock mine launcher: Missile launcher that spreads mines in the target area of 200x200 feet. The mines act as kaiju-sized tasers. Tags:Electrical, non-lethal


Bio-sensor array: X-ray, Thermographic, 3-d imaging camera and display, and an ultra-sound type system with the transmitters on one claw and recievers on the other claw, allowing for differential-detection of density differences in the matter of a kaiju that has been subdued or killed, or other matter.


Armor: Hard-2, Soft-2

Health Levels:

               -1 Bruised

               -1 Bruised

               -2 Injured

               -2 Injured

               -4 Maimed

               -4 Maimed


The Mecha is a smaller version of the robot pictured below, standing about 12 feet tall at the shoulder.





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In the rush of IAMC's founding and the ongoing disaster in Asia, Blizzard Entertainment was only too happy to reap the goodwill of having one of the mech designs based off of their IP in exchange for the appropriate PR. Put together by a small cadre of Asian engineers eager to see a virtual Kaiju slayer made real, the so-called 'MEKA' model has been replicated a handful of times for the use of those scout pilots in need of a hardy, mobile machine packing one of the more intuitive HUDs known to IAMC. Packing a pair of twin Tesla Coils, Katarina's unit bears a few extra scars from her aggressive handling of the machine during shakedown testing. 





MEKA ''Hot Potato”

Subtype: Scout (Size 1)

Life support: 5 Days (Environmental 1)

Armor: 3 Hard/ 3Soft

Speed: 3 (Range: Short jump, No fall damage)

Tags (7): Jump Jets, Additional Armor, Weapon 1 (2x), Augmented Run, Argus Array (+1 Enhancement on Pilot Rolls)

Weapons: 2x Tesla Coils (Range: Short-Long, DMG Type: Electrical, Tags: Beam, Electrical, Hardpoint 2, Ranged, Spread,

Mecha Scale

Health Levels: -1 Bruised, -2 Injured, -2 Injured







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Designation- GMX-7 Tesseract

Combat Class- Tactical


Size 2 


4 hard 4 soft armor

Health- 2 bruised 2 injured 

Tags- jump jets 1, additional armor 2, augmented run 1, Weapon x3,  Super Science 2

Flechette cannon-A mecha scale Shotgun  Hardpoint 2, Ranged, Short Ranged, Silent,Spread, VARG Scale

Assault Chaingun- Avenger GAU9  ballistic   Peircing 1, Automatic 2, Range- Medium, quality 2

Vibroblade- a mecha- scale vibroblade 

Unique power- Overdrive System
The Overdrive System provides 1 accuracy, 1 to the scale of physical attacks and feats of strength and ground speed when active.

It has the following drawbacks-  it can only activate for 1 minute of every hour, more than three uses requires a day in the repair bay


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Name: The Great Metal Beast
Subtype: Support (Size 2)
Life support: 5 Days (Environmental 1)

Armor: 3 Hard/ 3 Soft (Complete)
Health: Bruised 2x, Injured 2x, Maimed 2x
Speed: 2
Stunts: Distracting Fire, Power Lifter
Tags (10): Hardpoint Weapons x2, Major Weapon 2, Tools (repair) 1, Drone Bays x3, Cargo 1, Additional Armor

Special Ability: ...profit?
- Plasma Thrower  EN5 (Close, Area 3, Incendiary 2, Hardpoint 2, VARG Scale)
- Smart Missile Launcher EN5 (Medium, Hardpoint 2, Incendiary 2, Massive Explosive (ranged) 3, VARG Scale)
- Major Laser Cannon EN6 (Close, Destructive 2, Hardpoint 2, Major 1, VARG Scale)

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Iron Knight Tactical combat VARG

Health 2 bruised, 3 maimed

Speed 2
hard/soft armor 4
environmental armor 1
Tolerance 2
strength Scale 3
tags- additional Armor 2 weapon x4, enhanced environmental 1 (heat), jump jets, Wheels, Super science 3

pile Bunker -charge, destructive 2, hardpoint 2, melee, pushing, VARG scale
VARG scale vibroblade- brutal, deadly, destructive 2, melee, two handed, varg scale
Plasma Thrower- Area 3 hardpoint 2 Incendiary 2, Range, VARG scale
Claymore system- Area 3,  brutal, deadly, short range  3 shots fires large ball bearings just like the mine of the same name from twin mounts on the shoulders.  has enough for three firings.  strong enough to damage large foes and utterly devastating to smaller ones.

Superscience-2 Thruster Cape-  While not capable of actual flight, The Iron Knight has an impressive experimental booster system. this triples it's jumping ability, and can boost the ground speed to 6 for short periods when used in conjunction with the retractible wheels on the feet.   This makes the suit easily able to close distance with the enemy and get into and out of melee combat at will.  Continuous usage puts incredible strain on the pilot, due to forces involved

Super Science 1- Reinforced musculature-   The new myomer fibers used in the muscles are from a new compound that increases physical strength, (+1 str scale) and adding additional toughness (+1 Maimed health level) 



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