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Just a heads up for anybody using the wyrmfoe site Kurl shared...


It is very easy to miss, but the wyrmfoe web site seems to often have older mechanics listed for many gifts instead of the mechanics from WW 20th. So you might want to double check all of your gifts in the actual WW 20th book to make sure of how they work, because the mechanics can be very different.

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Something that's causing someconsternation for me.

I know you guys are playing lupus, and that normally you are comfortable as wolves far more than Homid.  That said, You are GAROU, not wolves.   You have to live in both realms, and function in both realms.   Please, I want you all to remember that you ARE Adren, Rank 2.   There's next to no way "in my game"  the elders would have allowed you to rank up as it were without being able to passably speak like a normal person.   I'm not asking anyone to change what's written already, but going forward, remember that.  As wolves, communicating is mostly physical, so the short clipped "speech" is fine, it conveys the message fine.  This pack has been together for at least a full year, and you all know each other, having come up from Cliath together.   

I realize some of you may feel this is me picking on you, It's not intended as that, but there WILL come times where you won't have the Homids to talk for you in a human situation.   It should go without saying that there will definitely come times where the Homid players will be at somewhat of a disadvantage due to their nature of being homid.   

One of the facets of every Werewolf game I've ever played in, run, or been a part of in any form is Balance.   Man and Wolf, Rage and Will.   I've mostly enjoyed things so far, and once again this is not an attack, just something I probably should have been abit more upfront with.

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So Real Talk time

Do y'all want to continue this game?   It's going longer and longer between posts for pretty much everyone.   I know we've already lost 2 players.    I know RL gets to us all.

What I want is for each of you to post whether or not you want to continue.

There's no hard feelings if you're just not feeling it and want to stop.  I can put it on ice for good, or we can come back later.   I just want to know where everyone stands.

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Ariel had to run away, so I was waiting on that to wear off.


...which isn't much of an excuse, admittedly. I should have posted something for her. Just kind of hard to get the gumption to write a post about bravely running away. 🙂


Sorry about that.

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I've never been the best for responding quickly or consistently, but I'm good to keep going if other folks are. I just feel that Saibh doesn't really have anything to contribute to the last couple of posts beyond "Sits there, observing."

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