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2043430210_MickyAvatar.jpg.1ce9d22267a8f3c4b08f071cd96f0ae9.jpg  47bf7c816f0aaac1f599d9b3921dd4d5.jpg.bbd5f5ab6f09f2f7951162487c4d2273.jpg


Legal Name: Michelle “Micky” Dolenz

Alias: Micky

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Black Fury

Camp/Kuklos: none

Pack Name:

Pack Totem:


Appearance: 26 years old, 5’9’, weighs about 170 – 180, Blue eyes,  she is fit and buffed but easily maintains a feminine appearance. Her hair is brunet in color and straight, she usually wears it in a styled bob or shoulder length. If its longer she will sometimes wear it up, but seldom wears it in a tail. For Clothing at work on her truck she wears jeans or trousers sensible no slide shoes and a t-shirt under a chefs jacket topped with a hair net. During the summer or if it is particularly busy making the truck hot she will wear a bandana or a sweat band as well as the net. When off or working as a bouncer she will wear tight jeans or tight leather pants (made to flex so as not to impede her when running or kicking) t-shirts (various styles) and a worn leather jacket. Is not adverse to wearing a dress and looks killer in a little black or red one of which she owns a couple of each color. Her colors of choice are black and dark red, also dark blues and greens if they are dark enough to be mistaken for black. Avoids yellow and pastels.

Aside from the food truck she has a motorcycle and Indian Scout Bobber which is only a year old and has a factory paint job when she can afford it she wants to get a custom paint job but that will have to wait.

5952b64c-d9ac-43fb-a13d-583d46204482.thumb.jpg.f5b6502ffda783a5d9dcbc3e827fc587.jpg   1584886816101-productstill.thumb.png.5476f2ab0d29e058f2eaeb83652cec3d.png


Her Labrys of Isthemene   58daa31e02c5897fe9c0f83be3b63b2f.jpg.0e9b620010dba73fa5a2a5914f7cfce9.jpg


Temperament: Micky is an angry girl she see injustice and abuse everywhere and wants, no needs to correct it, it is in her blood. Most time she is focused and dedicated. Some would say she is single minded, especially if you watch her cook.



Her story


I parked the food truck in my usual spot and with one last check inside hopped out and headed toward the office. I hadn't gotten halfway there when Miguel came bounding out with way to much energy and a broad grin, “How was it today?” he asked just like he always did for me and the other trucks who he worked for. Miguel owned and ran the number one food truck servicing crew in Austin, they were the most expensive but they were The Best. Without his cleaning and servicing crews, we food truck operators would never have the time to actually run our trucks much less turn a profit. Yeah Miguel was expensive but he was worth it, and he knew all the trucks and heard all the gossip. Yeah very much worth it.


I tossed him my keys which he grabbed out of the air as I spun on my heel toward the place where my bike was parked, “It was good, why I'm late. Have Jose check out my propane lines, would you? I caught a whiff of gas driving back in tonight.” He nodded and was already making a note in his I-phone as I swung my leg over and sat on my Indian Scout. I sat there for a good two minutes. I'd lied it had been a shitty frustrating day and I could feel that red tinged anger smoldering just under my skin waiting to pop out and... I need an outlet. It was too late to go to the gym and not a good idea to got to any of the half dozen underground fight rings, not after today's frustrations, nope not a good idea looking for a fight. I fired up the Indian and head out of the parking lot, my intention was to go home and have a cold shower and a very rare steak and then catch up on my sleep. So of course I turned left and head toward Sixth Street. God I'm an asshole sometimes.


My name is Michelle Dolenz, but I go by Micky, and please no Monkees cracks I have heard them all and in this day and age, they really are not relevant or funny. I was born and raised here in Austin and except for a few trips haven't ever really been anywhere else, at least in this world. More on that later.

My dad, Staff Sergeant Jeffery Dolenz USAR, was a firefighter and a reservist, my mom Christie, was a former cheerleader and a collage dropout (I'm not judging I dropped out of collage too) who worked either as a waitress or a cashier, depending on where the work was. I am an only child.

I was a daddy's girl which in my dads case wasn't a bad thing since he treated me like a son, taking me hunting and camping, enrolled me in kickboxing classes when I was five much to my moms displeasure. I was an active kid and I had a temper which led to me getting into a few fights at school with boys who were bigger and stronger than me back then. Dad must have known I'd need to be able to defend myself. So he saw to it that I could.


I was ten when the Towers fell. We all saw it on TV. Dad went off to war soon after that when his reserve unit got activated. The next time I saw him was at his funeral two years later. I was pretty much an angry rebellious kid after that which just got worse after puberty set in. Smoking, drinking, sex, fighting, I acted out like it was going out of style. And what was worse, my mom didn't seem to notice or care, I guess she had her own problems. Of course I got in trouble.


I was fifteen almost sixteen, when I got busted. I didn't have to go to jail or anything but there was talk of expulsion from school which at the time I wouldn't have cared about had I been but someone stepped in on my behalf and it wasn't my mom.


Claudia Santorini was a Student Counselor who had just started at our school thereabout the time I got into trouble. Coincidence? Ha! She was an attractive woman, dark hair, Mediterranean complexion, in her forties I figured, and apparently never married, at least she didn't have a ring and there were no family photos in her office. Anyway it was Ms. Santorini who stepped in on my behalf. She thought that my acting out was the result of the loss of my father (it was) and a lack of guidance at home (that too). It was her advice that I take a vocational class to give me a goal and she also encouraged me to take up my martial arts studies (which I had dropped after dad died) again. None of the suggested class hosted by my school held much appeal and then Ms. Santorini suggest cooking. Now up to this point in life being a cook had never been high on my lists of things to do but well I did enjoy cooking shows on the food network and she told me that my classes would be in a real restaurant and that I would get paid.


Ms. Santorini had relatives who just happened to own one of the best Greek Cafe's in Austin. Heh, of course she did. My school Scheduled was rearranged to where I would have three days a week where I spend the last half of the day working at the cafe. That would be from 1:30 until usually 8:30, I would also work full days on Saturdays from 10:00 until they let me off. It was grueling hard work and I loved it. I looked forward to working more than anything in a long time. After a month I started taking boxing classes again and things were going a lot better. Everywhere but home that is.


Mom had a new boyfriend named Todd. I hadn't paid much attention to his existence since me and mom rarely exchanged more than two or three words when ever we saw each other. That changed when he moved in. Todd was a car salesmen, not that he sold cars, I don't know what he did for a living, but I call him that because he can talk you into something you don't need or really want. And so it was that he talked mom into letting him move into our house. Mom does not get any awards for brains. Todd was also an asshole and a pervert. I always caught him looking at me in that leering way that the jocks stare at us girls when we are in gym. An on more than one occasion found him lurking outside the main bathroom when I came out after a shower. It was creepy enough that I started dressing right after showering while still in the bathroom which was a pain. This went about a six months


Mom was totally wrapped around Todd's finger and while they argued and fought all the time she always gave in and let the fuck get his way. Luckily I was not home very often what with work or training. I usually got home after they had gone to bed and was usually gone in the morning before they hauled their asses out of bed. But one night I came home and found mom alone and crying also drunk. Her and Todd had fought and he had slapped her around left her with a couple of bruises and then took off. For me it was good riddance, but then I didn't have any experience with the patterns of abuse. A few days later and he was back. When I saw him I let him have an earful but mom came to his defense so I storm off and went to stay with a girl friend I worked with for the night. This happened two or three more time over the next couple of months then one night I came home and found the house dark.


When I let myself in I found mom lying on the floor blood around her head, I was in shock I thought she was dead then she moved and that broke me out of my daze I knelt to help her, she had been beaten to a bloody pulp. Her lips were smashed and split her nose was broken she was missing teeth it was horrible. I was sick and angry and oh my god so much anger. Then I heard something through the pounding of my blood in my ears. The sound of a beer can opening in the kitchen. That mother fucker was still here and had left my mother lying in her own blood on the floor. All I saw was red when Todd stepped into the living room beer in his hand wearing nothing but his underwear.


I was on him in an instant. He outweighed me by a lot but he was drunk and out of shape and I was a fit sixteen year old who had been training martial arts since I had been five. The fucker never had a chance and I lost myself in the anger I enjoyed kicking his ass and I probably would have killed him if I hadn't of suddenly been wracked by a pain so intense and all consuming that I fell over and curled up into a fetal position as cramps and spasms rocked my body.


I didn't here the car outside, didn't notice when people came in to the house I was in so much pain. Something cold plashed on my face and into my mouth I swallowed and the pain eased.

“She's going to change.”

“When is moon rise?”

“Forty-five minutes.”


I couldn't make sense of it I thought one of the voices sounded like Ms. Santorini but why would she be here. I felt hands lifting me up and carrying me outside I was put in the back seat of a car, my head resting on a soft lap a hand gently wiping my sweating brow with a damp cloth I remember the prettiest green eyes.


I must have drifted off to sleep. I woke up and it was cold, I was cold. I was also naked lying on the grass. I sat up covering my breasts as best I could with my arms and saw three women sitting off away from where I was. Two of them I had never seen before but one had the pretty green eyes I remembered from the backseat of the car, the third was Claudia Santorini. All three were also naked.


“What the fuck” I said gasping.

Claudia stood and came toward me a cup that looked like it was made of gold in her hands. “It is alright Michelle, I don't have time to explain right now but you should drink this it will make things easier.”

She knelt by me offering the cup, I was about to tell her to fuck off, when I saw her face tighten as she looked past me. The other two also looked beyond following her gaze. I turned my head and saw a hill in the distance and the moon rising big glowing bright. Full.


The pains was immediate and unceasing. What I had felt before had been like stubbing a toe compared to this. My bones cracked and grew, reshaped themselves my skin shredded and reformed covering a new skeleton and I felt it all. Agony does not begin to convey the level. Not by a long shot.


Eventually the pain subsided and I looked up at Claudia into the face of a beautiful majestic black wolf. The other two women, now wolves stood and trotted over to where I lay panting the pain subsiding.


Oh did I mention I'm a werewolf.


A continually pissed off werewolf to be exact.


I pulled my Indian into the spot by the curb in front of Plush, the biggest dance club currently here in Austin, they come and go, but Plush has been here and on top for a while. I let the engine idle as I listened to the beat coming from through the walls. It was late after midnight so while there were a few patrons gather out front smoking or puking there were no lines. All they could here was the heavy thud of the bass. I on the other hand could hear more and could tell that tonight was a more general top 40/rock night instead of the hip hop shit I loathed. I killed the engin and swung off the bike and walked up to the entrance. There were two bouncers watching the gather patrons outside I knew one of them a large black guy who had played collage football but never made it beyond, he was a good guy. We had both worked clubs together over the years. He nodded at me when he saw and reached over and pulled the door open for me “How's it going Micky?”

“Pretty good Tee, how's the house?'

“Packed honey, you be cool.”

We bumped fist as I passed into the hot club, the other bouncer had watched our exchanged and noticed that Tee hadn't charged me. I could feel his eyes following me and part of me hoped he would come after me to give me shit. Oh yeah I was buzzing.

After all it was my fucking birthday.

Oh not the day I entered the world as a baby, but the day ten years ago that I had had my first change that day I found out all the shit I had inherited and that I was a fucking monster. The day I got liberated.


I don't remember much about that night after I changed. I remember running, hunting and killing something I think it might have been a deer could have been a cow, I don't know. In the morning I woke up in a bed and thought I had had nightmares. I didn't recognize the room but my clothes were there on a chair neatly folded, something I never did. After I dressed I went out and followed the smell of bacon and eggs. In a brightly lit kitchen I found the green eyed girl, whose name was Nancy but everyone calls her Runs up Hills, and Claudia she smiled at me. They fed me and told me what I was it was deep and disturbing and I found it all … believable.

I was a werewolf, so were they, in fact I found out that Claudia's coming to my school when I got into trouble had been no coincidence she had come for me. She was my grandmother. My real grandmother.


You see my dad had been adopted, only we, none of us had known that. Claudia was a Black Fury and when she had my dad she had to give him up for adoption, the woman who took him had been what we call kinfolk, which are people with our bloodline but who never experience the change. Anyway for whatever reason before my dad turned two she had left her kinfolk husband and remarried to someone who wasn't kinfolk and she never told her new family or my dad at least not that we know. Still Claudia kept track of her son even though she wasn't supposed to and when I was born well she had good reason to believe that I would breed true and so she kept a close watch. And that's why she was there for me when I got in trouble why she helped me and why she was there for my change. Her pack cleaned up the mess that night, I never saw Todd again but it seems that the authorities are looking for him for putting my mom in the hospital. But he skipped town or might be in a shallow grave I don't know and I never asked. If he is alive he better hope I never run into him or well, I'll finish what I started.


Grandmother and her pack taught me everything I needed to know and brought me into the tribe. Mom and me well we never got past my dad dying I guess and I left home for good soon after that. I hear she got remarried to some guy who was manger at a store she worked at and moved up to Killeen I haven't talked to her since I left home. Its just better that way.

I graduated high school and tried collage but it wasn't for me I spent a few years doing amateur MMA but again my advantages were kind of cheating and I had to work not to lose my cool and do something bad. My main outlet was doing what us Black Furies do best. Taking care of abused and mistreated women and enacting vengeance. I was good at that. I started working as a bouncer for various clubs. I could find and identify men and much to the ire of some of my fellow tribes members a few women who were abusive toward their partners, usually women. Most of them I could scare off but if getting physical was necessary I could do that and enjoy it too. When I was fighting in the MMA I was making good money when I stopped that the bouncing really couldn't pay the bills. That's when I go the idea of the food truck.

Claudia backed me and I got the truck, Micky D's Traveling Tacos and Gyros, specializing in tex-mex and greek food. If it hadn't of been for werewolf politics I'd be running the best goddamn food truck in Austin maybe a fleet of them.


Ever since I had changed I had been part of grandmothers pack but all things come to an end. My hatred of abusers regardless of gender had pissed off some of our elders (That Bacchanantes really hate that I treat women who abuse other women and even men just the same as i do men who are abusers) and so grandmother was forced to send me away from the pack. Austin is one of those cities where people from all over the world gravitate to. While most of those who come here are only visiting some elect to stay. So it is with humans and so it is with Garou. I was being put into a new pack one made up of different tribes and breeds which is one of the hardest kinds of pack to succeed in. They usually tear themselves apart. Which is what I am sure those elder bitches hoped for.

Well fuck them.





PHYSICAL                                           SOCIAL                                   MENTAL

Strength  ●●●●                              Charisma ●●●●                 Perception ●●●
Dexterity  ●●●●                             Manipulation ●●                    Intelligence ●●

Stamina ●●●                              Appearance ●●●                   Wit ●●




Homid                          Glabro              Crinos              Hispo               Lupus

Non change                 Str (+2): 6        Str (+4): 8        Str(+3): 7         Str(+1): 5

                                    Sta(+2): 5         Dex(+1): 5        Dex(+2): 6        Dex(+2): 6

                                    Man(-2): 0        Sta(+3): 6         Sta(+3): 6         Sta(+2): 5

                                    App(-1) 2         Man(-3): -1       Man(-3): -1       Man(-3): -1

                                                            App: 0         +1 Dice to Bite       -2 Per Difficulty


Dificulty 6                     Difficulty: 7       Difficulty:6       Difficulty: 7       Difficulty:6

         Incites Delirium




TALENTS                                                        SKILLS                                    KNOWLEDGES

Alertness ●●●                                     Animal Ken                          Academics

Athletics ●●●                                   Crafts                                       Computer

Brawl Muay Thai ●●●●                     Drive                                     Enigmas ●●

Empathy                                                Etiquette                                   Investigation

Expression                                            Firearms                                   Law

Intimidation ●●                                  Larceny                                     Medicine

Leadership ●●●                                Melee Labrys ●●●●              Occult

Primal-Urge ●●                                 Performance                              Rituals

Streetwise                                          Stealth                                     Science

Subterfuge                                             Survival                                        Technology

                                                                Cooking ●●●




Contacts ●●

Kinfolk ●●
Mentor Grandmother Claudia Santorini ●●●
Ancestors ●●●

Resources ●●

Fetish Labrys of Isthemene ●●●●

Pack Totem ●●●



Razor Claws (r1)

Wyld Resurgence (r1)

Master of Fire (r1)

Sense Wyrm (r1)

Apecrafts Blessing (r1)

Watchful Eyes (r1)

Form Mastery (r2)

Inspiration (r1)

Staredown (r2)

True Fear (r2)


RAGE                                                  GNOSIS                                               WILLPOWER

●●●●●●                     ●●●                            ●●●●●



Glory ●●●●                                    Honor                                               Wisdom


 Merits and Flaws

Camp Enmity (Bacchanante's) 1 point flaw

Hatred (Abusers and Oppressors both men and women who exploit others) 3 point Flaw

Foe from the Past (need to get with you on this one) 3 point Flaw


Ancestor Ally (need to get with you on this one) 1 point Merit

Perfect Balance 1 Point Merit

Ambidextrous 1 Point Merit

Physically Impressive 2 Point Merit

Beserker 2 Point Merit




XP Log    17/17

+9 [space launch]

+8 [ch1+bonus]


1 Attribute point you may place anywhere.  This cannot raise an attribute beyond 5 [perception]
2 ability dots to be placed anywhere.  However, they cannot raise an ability score beyond 3 [alertness, primal-urge]
1 dot to be placed between Rage, Gnosis, or Willpower.  It may not raise these traits beyond 6 [willpower]
1 Gift of your choice available to you at your current Rank.  (must be breed/auspice/tribe) [watchful eyes]

Special power- Connection- by spending 1 gnosis, the packmates may connect to each other telepathically.   This lasts for one scene, and does not allow for sharing of memories, or thoughts.  This is purely communication.

Garou bound to Arete must not cease to try to better themselves.   a garou who loses the natural imperative to strive to move forward is one who fails Arete, and will no longer receive her blessing.


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Name: Clarity Seeker

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Uktena


Appearance: About 5 feet 6 inches, 125 pounds, with red hair in both her homid and lupus form, her eyes are amber and her skin generally fairly pale, she has grace and beauty is above the norm, but she comes across as fairly unkept, since she doesn't take the kind of care that a human might regarding their appearance.  In human form she wears whatever she finds comfortable, should she bother to wear anything at all, she is fairly casual about clothing, seeing it as a human preoccupation, but generally is willing to yield to human sensibilities when it makes things easier.  See pictures above.  As a lupus, she's only about 3 years old, though in human terms that's in her late teens to early twenties, though as a garou her lifespan is much longer then that of a wolf, she has a lot to learn, but is bright and curious.





Born in a hidden wolf sanctuary, which was made up of kinfolk in both the humans and the wolves, Clarity Seeker spent her first year among the wolves of the sanctuary, and as such is a somewhat more familiar with humans then a lupus from a wild pack would be.  She is still baffled by a good deal of things that humans and even homid werewolves do, but seeks clear understanding, or clarity in her dealings with others, human, wolf, garou and spirit.  This makes her somewhat favored among bird spirits, especially one's associated with wisdom and knowledge, such as owls and ravens, who see her as kin, this may be because she seeks clarity or her seeking clarity is due to her kinship with such spirits, such is the strangeness of the spirit world.  Clarity Seeker has grown to prefer to deal with spirits because of the clarity involved, spirits are what they are, like wolves, and not like the more complicated human society.


Her perception and instincts are uncanny and she has a preternatural grace in all of her actions that when added together can be rather frightening, as she can often react to things before others have even managed to figure out what is going on.  She possess an animal cunning and quick wits and deep connnection to her wolf that lets her react swiftly to changing circumstances.


That said, during her days at rank one, she managed to outsmart and upset a small pack of Black Spiral Dancers.. she presently intends to finish them off, but it has proved harder to manage then she wished, hopefully her new pack and totem can help with this matter.  Of course, she has also come to their attention, and they hate her for outsmarting them and finishing off a member of their pack she cut off from the rest of them.  She then was forced to flee from the dancers and eventually found her way to Austin, where her contacts among kinfolk and the bird spirits brought her to a newly forming pack in the city.


Clarity Seeker has exceptionally sharp senses that makes loud noices, flashing lights and noisy crowds painful to experience and has given her a phobia of loud noises, and by extension, noisy crowds, as a result it takes her a certain degree of willpower to expose herself to loud and discordant sounds, and she has a mild phobia of loud sounds.  Her general irrational and dislike for bright flashing lights is something of a different matter, as she just hates them, but doesn't have any phobia's regarding them.


Her strong affinity for the spirit world and bird spirits has also come with a sort of curse, she is bound to guard the secrets she has been given, she can not pass on a secret she has been entrusted with without it coming back to harm her personally in some way.  She is growing into a very capable ritualist, and has quite a few gifts with regards to dealing with the spirit world.






⦁    Perception (Uncanny Instincts) ●●●●● 
⦁    Intelligence ●●●
⦁    Wits 4 (Cunning)  ●●●●

⦁    Strength ●● 
⦁    Dexterity (Preternatural Grace): ●●●●
⦁    Stamina: ●●

⦁    Charisma ●●
⦁    Manipulation 
⦁    Appearance ●●●



Homid                          Glabro              Crinos                 Hispo                   Lupus
Non change                 Str (+2): 4        Str (+4): 6           Str(+3): 6             Str(+1): 3

                                      Sta(+2): 4         Dex(+1): 5          Dex(+2): 6           Dex(+2): 6

                                      Man(-2): 1        Sta(+3): 5           Sta(+3): 5            Sta(+2): 4

                                      App(-1) 2         Man(-3): -2          Man(-3): -2           Man(-3): -2

                                                                App: 0                  +1 Dice to Bite     -2 Per Difficulty


                                                                Incites Delirium





⦁    Alertness (Eavesdropping) ●●●●
⦁    Athletics ●●
⦁    Brawl ●●
⦁    Empathy 
⦁    Leadership 
⦁    Primal Urge (Reacting) ●●●●●
⦁    Subterfuge 


⦁    Animal Ken 
⦁    Stealth 
⦁    Survival ●●●


⦁    Enigmas ●●
⦁    Medicine 
⦁    Occult ●●●
⦁    Rituals (Mystic) ●●●●



⦁    Kinfolk  (10 Kinfolk) ●●●
⦁    Spirit Kinship (Birds) ●●●
⦁    Rites ●●●●

 (Rite of Summoning [2], Rite of Binding [1], Mote Rite [1])

⦁    Totem ●●●●●




⦁    Rank One: Mother's Touch [Theurge], Heightened Senses [Lupus], Spirit Speech [Uktena/Theurge], Sense Wyrm [Theurge/Uktena], Sense Magic [Uktena], Spirit Snare [Theurge]
⦁    Rank Two: Name the Spirit [Lupis/Theurge], Command Spirit [Theurge], Form Mastery [Metis/Black Fury/Fianna]


RAGE               ●●●●                                     

GNOSIS           ●●●●● ●●●          

WILLPOWER  ●●●●● ●



RANK: Fostem (Rank 2)



WISDOM ●●●●●


 Merits and Flaws



⦁    Acute Senses: Smell, Hearing, Sight, Taste, Touch [-5

     (-2 Perception Difficulty for all related senses, stacks with other reductions, such as form and gifts)
⦁    Concentration [-1
⦁    Wolf Sight [-1

     (+1 to Perception rolls involving movement or that take place at night)


⦁    Intolerance: Bright Flashing Lights [+1
⦁    Cursed:  Can not share a secret she has been entrusted with without it coming back to bite her [+1]
⦁    Mild Phobia: Loud Noises [+2
⦁    Enemy: Black Spiral Dancer Pack [+3




Edited by Krul
Fixed Hispo Form Attributes
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Name: Deer-Stalker           Player: Exile Jeane                Game: Lone Star Saga

Breed: Lupus                      Auspice: Theurge            Tribe: Stargazer               Concept: Spooky Umbral Warrior





Appearance: A large, healthy wolf of striking black-and-grey coloration in her favored lupus form, Deer-Stalker transitions to a pale-skinned, 5'5 Homid woman of intense gaze and blonde-hair when in need of a pair of thumbs of her own. She has enough of an awareness for what her fellow Garou appreciate to put her collection of cast-offs and gifts into ensembles that get the job done in and among the flocks of humanity at her packmates' side.


Personality: Serious and hyper protective of her packmates, Deer-Stalker questions why her fellow Garou so slavishly embrace the byzantine habits of the humans who surround them when so so many more important things are going on, one easy leap through the mirror away. Aware that she's not the most ideal member of her tribe ever pupped, she spends her reluctant free time away from her pack mediating and practicing their arts, chasing the elusive serenity she was told about but hasn't quite grasped yet.


History: Born a sturdy and precious pup in the Barton Park Wilderness Preserve, Deer-Stalker's first change was an explosion of violence, rage, and blooming awareness that sent the former wolf emotionally reeling. It wasn't too long at all before she was found by one of the Stargazer elders in the area and taken under his wing. Seeks The Evenstar was long in years and taught her everything he could about the balance of rage and gnosis, the foundations of kalindo, and more broadly, acceptance of the human world that Deer-Stalker was now a part of.


He had considerably more success with the first two than the last one.


Seeks The Evenstar moved on to the next caern, the next stage of his own journey, and gently shoved his pupil in the direction of a new pack forming under an Ahroun Black fury. The Wolf was strong with Deerstalker and she's happily settled into her new pack, even happier when they leave the crowded, noisy world of humans behind for the ever-blossoming Umbral mysteries.




Strength 5 (Steely Grip)    Charisma 2                           Perception 4 (Farsighted)

Dexterity 3                          Manipulation 1                     Intelligence 2

Stamina 4 (Tireless)         Appearance 4 (Exotic)        Wits 3


Talents: Brawl 4 (Kailindo), Primal Urge 4 (Shapeshifting), Alertness 4 (Scents), Athletics 3, Leadership 2

Skills: Animal-Ken 3, Survival 3, Stealth 3, Etiquette 2

Knowledge: Occult 4 (Penumbra), Expert Knowledge (Wrym Lore) 3


Backgrounds: Totem 3, Spirit Heritage 3 (Animal Spirits), Kinfolk 1 (Siblings)



Level One: Hare's Leap, Spirit Speech, Iron Resolve, Sense Wrym, Umbral Tether, Predator's Arsenal 

Level Two: Name the Spirit, Sight from Beyond, Inner Light, Battle Mandala


Merits/Flaws: Fair Glabro, Natural Channel, Gullible, Pack Mentality, Slip Sideways


Renown           Rage: 4

Glory 1             Gnosis: 8

Honor 0           Willpower: 7

Wisdom 5       Rank 2


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Name: Howls With Wind

Player: Aarkaine

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Galliard

Tribe: Fianna

Concept: Celltic Musicwoman



Red Tips and Howls With Wind were born in the same litter as sisters to a wolf in the mountains of Colorado. They had no other siblings in their litter but they had other siblings from other litters. They grew up as normal wolves. As they reached the age of two, it was obvious that one of these sisters would be the next matriarch of the pack.

During the full moon, Red Tips went off with their mother to hunt. Howls With Wind stayed behind and played with their siblings, waiting for them to come back.

In wolf form, Red Tips returned to the pack and without the matriarch, proceeded to establish dominance as the new matriarch. She did not fully understand her new state of being and awareness, so she continued on being a wolf.

Mere days later while Red Tips headed off with her sister, Howls With Wind to go on a hunt, Howls With Wind went through her first change under the waning gibbous moon. Red Tips was able to subdue and help Howls With Wind.

The two of them in their new state of being decided that they needed to figure out what had happened to them and that it was probably not best if they stayed with their pack for fear of hurting them.

They left Colorado and began to wander in the direction of Texas. Along the way, they ran into a pack of Fianna who recognized them for what they were and helped to train them. The siblings spent some time with the group and joined the Tribe. Though their time with the pack was enjoyable, they decided to move on feeling pulled to continue on their journey.

They eventually found their way to Texas where they met up with others of their current pack and have been with them since.






Str 2                    Cha 3                   Percep 4

Dex 3                   Mani 2                Int 3

Sta 3                    Appear 2            Wits 4


Alterness 1        Animal Ken 1     Academics 1

Athletics 2          Archery 2           Enigma 1

Awareness 2      Crafts 2                             Hearth Wisdom 2

Brawl 1               Performance 2  Investigation 1

Expression 3      Stealth 1             Law 1

                             Survival 2           Medicine 2

                                                          Occult 2

                                                          Rituals 2

                                                          Seneschal 1


Backgrounds                    Gifts

Kinfolk 2             Call of the Wyld              Sense Silver

Ancestor 1         Resit Toxin                       Form Mastery

Purebreed 4      Heightened Senses         Howl of the Banshee

Totem 2              Mindspeak

Fetish 3                             Visage of Fenris

                             Shadow Weaving


Renown                                           Rage 5

Glory 4                                             Gnosis 6

Honor 0                                           Willpower 7

Wisdom 2



Harmony Flute

Spider Satchel


Merits                                              Flaws

Noted Messenger                         Territorial

Notable Heritage                          Pack Mentality

Ancestor Ally                                  Strict Carnivore

Acute Senses








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Name: Red Tips

Player: Elyn

Breed: Lupus

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Fianna

Concept: Celltic Warrior



Red Tips and Howls With Wind were born in the same litter as sisters to a wolf in the mountains of Colorado. They had no other siblings in their litter but they had other siblings from other litters. They group up as normal wolves. As they reached the age of two, it was obvious that one of these sisters would be the next matriarch of the pack.


During the full moon, Red Tips went out hunting with the sisters’ mom. This is common amongst wolves. However, during this hunt, Red Tips was kicked by the elk they were attempting to bring down. This trauma forced her first change. In her frenzy that followed, she killed both her mom and the elk. Once she was able to get herself back under control, she realized what she had done. This is her dark secret.


In wolf form, Red Tips returned to the pack and without the matriarch, proceeded to establish dominance as the new matriarch. She did not fully understand her new state of being and awareness, so she continued on being a wolf.


Mere days later while Red Tips headed off with her sister, Howls With Wind to go on a hunt, Howls With Wind went through her first change under the waning gibbous moon. Red Tips was able to subdue and help Howls With Wind.


The two of them in their new state of being decided that they needed to figure out what had happened to them and that it was probably not best if they stayed with their pack for fear of hurting them.

They left Colorado and began to wander in the direction of Texas. Along the way, they ran into a pack of Fianna who recognized them for what they were and helped to train them. The siblings spent some time with the group and joined the Tribe. Though their time with the pack was enjoyable, they decided to move on feeling pulled to continue on their journey.

They eventually found their way to Texas where they met up with others of their current pack and have been with them since.


Currently, Red Tips does not have a job within the human world given certain aspects of her nature.





PHYSICAL                                           SOCIAL                                   MENTAL

Strength  ●●●                                 Charisma ●●●                 Perception ●●
Dexterity  ●●●●                             Manipulation ●●                Intelligence ●●

Stamina ●●●●                           Appearance ●●●           Wit ●●




Homid                          Glabro              Crinos              Hispo                   Lupus

No change                 Str (+2): 5        Str (+4): 7         Str(+3): 6              Str(+1): 4

                                    Sta(+2): 6         Dex(+1): 5        Dex(+2): 6            Dex(+2): 6

                                    Man(-2): 0        Sta(+3): 7         Sta(+3): 7             Sta(+2): 6

                                    App(-1) 3          Man(-3): -1       Man(-3): -1           Man(-3): -1

                                                               App: 0              +1 Dice to Bite      -2 Per Difficulty


Dificulty 6                     Difficulty: 7    Difficulty:6      Difficulty: 7            Difficulty:6

                                                           Incites Delirium



TALENTS                                                        SKILLS                                    KNOWLEDGES

Alertness ●●                                          Animal Ken                          Academics 

Athletics ●●●                                            Crafts                                       Computer 

Brawl ●●●●                                             Drive                                          Enigmas 

Empathy                                                         Etiquette                                   Investigation 

Expression                                                     Firearms                                   Law

Intimidation ●●●●                                  Larceny                                     Medicine 

Leadership ●●●                                        Melee                                        Occult 

Primal-Urge ●●●●                                  Performance ●●●               Rituals 

Streetwise                                                      Stealth ●●                              Science

Subterfuge                                                     Survival ●●●                         Technology





Kinfolk ●●
Pure Breed ●●●●
Totem ●●



Heightened Senses
Razor Claws
Predator's Arsenal
Eye of the Eagle
Falling Touch
Shield of Rage
Faerie Light
Two Tongues
Howl of the Banshee


RAGE  ●●●●●●●

GNOSIS  ●●●●●●● 

WILLPOWER ●●●●●●                              



Glory ●●●● 





Merits and Flaws

Physically Impressive
Perfect Balance
Natural Weapons

Animal Musk
Strict Carnivore


Pack Mentality
Dark Secret





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Name: Ariel McKenziep0657w8p.jpg.57a5c30b733260ef0af721eb9ec7f4ac.jpg
Concept: Werewolf Cop
Breed: Homid
Eyes: Blue-green
Auspice: Philodox
Tribe: Glass Walkers:



Ariel's in her late 20's, still a little lanky in build, with hazel eyes and orange-red hair she inherited from her mother's Irish ancestry. She dresses informally when off duty, fond of her denim jacket that she's had for years and could probably stand being replaced, and T-shirts with bands she likes on them, and blue jeans. She rarely dresses up or gets made up unless it's a special occasion, and then only with some help because she's always been kind of hopeless at it.






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Legal Name: Saibh Alexandria Richterimage.png.b0b6ebd9f8dfa80e7e6dea8ed9308818.png

Alias: Alex

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ahroun

Camp/Kuklos: none

Pack Name:

Pack Totem:


Appearance/Personality: Appearing in her late teens to early twenties, Saibh cuts a distinctive figure most places she goes. A bit of a recluse, you're more likely to find her elbow deep in  the guts of cars and bikes than out and about on the average day, hair tied back out of her face with smudges of oil and engine grease decorating her. When she does leave the yard, she has a tendency to go with what others call biker chic,  resplendent in leathers. A product of her upbringing, she is rare to crack a proper smile, settling for mainly smirks, with even those becoming fewer between since she went through the first change. The expectations of her clan weigh heavily on her. She is fiercely loyal and will go to the wall for those she considers her friends, and if the wall isn't reinforced, regularly through it as well.




Born to an American father and an Irish mother. Both kinfolk, though to different tribes, Saibh spent much of her childhood bouncing between the two countries but otherwise unaware of her heritage. She nonetheless recognised something strange about her extended family, particularly her father's side. Something about the way that they looked at her in simultaneous expectation and disappointment.


It was during her younger years where she first discovered her fondness for gaming and mechanics. The gaming allowed her to entertain herself while she was travelling without the need for people immediately present. It fulfilled a competitive place in her heart without 


Her interest in mechanical engineering came from her father. Having some interest in it himself, and not knowing how to otherwise engage with the daughter he had, instead of the son he had hoped for, he regularly brought her along when he helped out at his brothers repair shop. It worked to a surprising degree, and while communication was still awkward outside of shop talk, it gave them some method of communication.


Once the recession hit and her dad ended up settling down in Texas, setting up his own bar and helping his brother occasionally at his shop, it was ultimately decided that Saibh would spend most of her time living with him. Her mother was still a pilot and would regularly spend extended periods away from home. In part the decision was made so that he could begin to teach her. Even if she never went through her first change, she would still eventually be brought in on the truth, and as a child of that culture, even peripherally, she would know how to defend herself. The fact that it would also help instill in her the discipline to control her Rage, rather than the RAge her, should she change was considered a peripheral benefit.


She took to the CQC training like a fish to water, leaving her father feeling quietly smug, convinced it was her Get heritage peaking through. While the training covered a wide variety, she had a noted proficiency for hand to hand.


Things continued in this vein for a time, Saibh spending most of her time in the states, with the occasional trip back to Ireland for significant events. Her first change came on her 18th birthday. She and a few friends had gone out drinking to celebrate the event. She and her friends ended up getting involved with another group out partying. One thing led to another, and a couple of the guys figured they'd have some fun, separating Saibh who was more than a bit intoxicated at this stage, from her friends.


Suffice to say the evening did not end well for them. Saibh came to the next morning, naked in the woods by the river and with the taste of blood in her mouth. Getting home that day was an event in and of itself, being without phone or the like, but that’s a story for another day. 


Saibh Today:


Since her first change, Saibh has spent most of her time working at her uncles Repair shop. Unmarried and with no kids of his own, he’s been treating her as one of his own kids. She has been thankful for the reprieve it has given her. She now knows why her dad's family had been paying particular attention to her. As the culmination of over a thousand years of heroes, she has inherited a lot of expectations. She was already a disappointment for being female, going through her first change, she is now under even more scrutiny, both from her family, and the tribe at large (though to hear some family members talk, they are one and the same.) It also moves her away from working in her dad's bar, as her temper is still raw and she would rather not put some fool through a table cause he got too handsy.




To follow


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Name- Eric Riker
Age- 24
Height- 6'2
Weight- 180
Eyes- Blue
Auspice- Philodox
Tribe- Children of Gaia





Born the sole heir to the Wealthy Riker family, Eric grew up knowing the better things in life.   he attended private schools, and showed himself to be quite quick-witted, though not possessed  of his father's genius level intellect.  Eric is a well-built young man, having recently finished his Masters in Business management.  Eric is an accomplished marksman, and there've been some jokes that he is more a Glass Walker than Child of Gaia, though he has a profound love of nature.

As A wolf, Eric has a predominantly grey pelt dappled with white, which surprises no one, as he comes from a long line of Werewolves.


His father Timothy Riker,  is a successful businessman in Austin, and only son of Thaddeus Riker, of Rikerton Energy, a company that until recently was fully dedicated to fossil fuel acquisition and development.  When Thaddeus Riker retired, his son took the reins fully.   Under the helm of Timothy Riker, Rikerton Oil became Rikerton Energy, diversifying into clean energy solutions, and leading research to make the technology cheaper and more readily available.  Of course in these times, there's some opposition to the change in direction, but the company's bottom line has far from suffered, boasting increasing earnings for the last three years. Clearly the market supports the change, which seems to make Timothy push that much harder.

Relena Riker was Eric's mother.   She was a free spirit, and had long been a source of trouble between Timothy and his father.  She was very Eco-minded.  Not vegan, or anything that would be completely beyond the pale in the older Riker's mind, She was very vocal in her defense of the flora, fauna and land itself.   Timothy had litle to do with her, but on a whim, decided to hear her out.  She supported her claims with facts, and offered alternatives, ways to lessen the effect of the drilling, and proposals that have indeed become corporate policy.  A loving relationship blossomed, and the couple wed.  In due time Eric was born, their only son.   When Eric was ten, his sister, Rianna, was born.   It was a happy time for the family, but Soon turned to heartache, as Relena was killed in an horrific automotive accident.

With their father busy with work, the children were largely raised by an assortment of Tutors, and of course, Eric took an active hand in helping raise his sister with the values his parents instilled in him.   He'd learned to love nature from his mother, and impart this to her, which of course has resulted in his sister being something of a fourteen year old tomgirl.  Though busy, his father did do his best to be there for them and did make time for family trips.

Eric's first change came when he was accosted by three latino thugs one night while coming home from doing some late night shopping.  They had weapons and an inhuman gleam in their eyes, and he knew he had to fight, or lose his life.   A fire burned within him, and looking above at the quarter moon he changed,  Taking his crinos form for the first time and tearing them apart.  Three other shapes rose from the shadows, others who looked like him, and he stood motionless, not in fear, but resolve, as one came forward.  "Finally, brother you are awake."

He was welcomed into the bretheren of the Garou, and the wolf who welcomed him would be his own Mentor, fellow Child of Gaia Herman Croft.  The older wolf would teach him the ropes, the proper decorum, everything he'd need to know to be a proper garou.    Only after earning his place was he told his birthright.   Herman was Relena's father, A powerful Theurge, and primary Ritemaster of the Caern of the Lone Star.

In time Eric would join his own pack, though when he needed counsel he turned to his grandfather.  It made the older wolf proud that his grandson was largely continuing the work his family had been part of.    Like the other elders, he too left the Caern, leading Eric to feel abit more pressure than before.  While not the Alpha of the pack, he often serves as the pack's diplomat with various kinfolk, especially the Mayor and Assistant District Attourney.

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Legal Name: Sophia Wong-Wight

Garou Name: Eyes-In-The-Dark

Aliases: Sophie

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Shadow Lords

Camp: Bringers of Light hopeful

Pack Name: 

Pack Totem: 


Sophia weights approximately 110 lbs and stands 5'6" tall, but her footwear, usually combat boots (occasionally a vintage pair of Chucks or something else) usually add another 1-2" to her height. Despite her size, she often feels more imposing (when she wants to), even to other Garou. She has dark brown eyes and is a natural dark brunette, but usually dyes her hair black to match her nail polish and heavy black eyeliner. She is an attractive young woman in her early 20's, lean and reasonably fit and usually wears forms of alternative, punk, and rock attire, with her wool cap and leather jacket always present. And though she is half Chinese, due to the specific mix of features he received, she can look far more or less so, depending on (mostly) her makeup.


In her lupus form, Sophia is a lean (by Shadow Lord standards), black wolf.



Sophia's Fang Dagger, "Backbiter"




Sophia's Story (pardon the length)


Me? You want to know 'bout me? Hmm.. There's the usual stuff, I guess, like I'm from San Francisco. My dad, Warren Wong (who is of Chinese descent, in case your missed it), married my mom, Christine Wight (who is at least part Scottish). She didn't take his surname though, and instead chose to hyphenate, which is pretty common in San Fran. They had a son, Owen, a few years later, and then a daughter, Sophia (that's me), a few years after that.


Growing up in San Francisco was decent, I guess. We would did many of the cliche things a small family would do. Grandma Wong would babysit us when we were little, making sure to teach us Chinese, which my mom actually encouraged because it would look good on our fancy pre-school applications, so they could look good and say boast that their kids got accepted to Creme de la Creme Academy or whatever bullshit.


Mom and Dad spent little time with us. Dad tried, making a real effort, but work and all that blah, blah, blah. So yeah, it was usually Owen and I and often Grandma Wong. Looking back on it, I see why though. Owen had a serious temper, but was usually good at keeping it in check. Everybody else could sort of feel it too, I guess, so they were always uneasy around him, and me too, to a lesser degree, i guess. About the only person who really accepted us was Grandma Wong, though Dad at least kept trying, despite that little bit of fear tingling in the back of his reptilian brain at times.


See, what we didn't know was that my brother and I were both werewolves. There was no bite, or scratch or, our mom getting scratched while pregnant or whatever. It's genetic. We were just born that way because our parents carried the super recessive genes for it, and having two kids and both being werewolves is, like, winning the lottery odds or some shit.


People could feel the wolf in us, and the rage it carried, even if they could not put their finger on what it was that made them so uneasy. Owen had way more rage than me, though. I would crack jokes and tease other kids (I was good at it too), and if I went too far, or somebody (or their bigger sibling) was not amused, Owen would be there to beat their ass if they tried to get stupid with me.


I was the one best at calming Owen, and the only one who could make him laugh consistently. We were insuperable... that is until he hit his mid teens and was sent to a special school so he could get some anger counseling or something, but in truth it was because he had gone through his first change and had to go off and be taught what it was to be a werewolf... a Garou... One of Gaea's warrior elite.


So the next several ears after that sucked, big time. My brother, my best friend, was gone, and even though Grandma Wong was still there, I felt alone. So I got pissed off and did what teens do. I rebelled. My parents tried to put a stop a to it, but between my razor wit, biting sarcasm, general elusiveness (and their bit of fear in me), they did not get far with that.


My brother stopped by one night, sneaking in somehow. He told me that he was doing much better (he looked better too), and was really busy, but wanted me to know that he had not forgotten me, and he would explain things soon. I didn't care what he said, I was just happy to see him. I closed my eyes and hugged him soooo hard. Fuck, I did not want to let him go. And then, he was gone.


So yeah, that helped piss me off more at the world for a good while, but I had hope that I would see him soon, and I did. See, my First Change finally came about. I had gotten drunk, or high, or maybe both, and some of my humor was not so well received. So this bitch and her bitch cronies decided they would be bitchy and express their displeasure, physically. And they picked the wrong fuckin' night for that one. I do not really recall all that happened. They got in a few good hits, which I tried to laugh off or something, calling it even, but they kept going and I just snapped. I let the wolf out instinctively, and showed them who the REAL badass bitch was.


My brother was there, with others, who took me off and performed this mystic ceremony to check and see to which Tribe I belonged, seeing as my parents carried the genes from different tribes, Shadow Lords and Fianna. In the end, it was determined that belonged to the Shadow Lords, just like my brother, which was awesome (or so I thought).


What came next was good and bad. I was with my brother again, but due to age and rank and stuff, we were in different packs. Being in a pack felt like nothing before. They felt like family, or even closer than family, because they were like me and fully accepted me, even placing a value on my... unique... contributions. They were mostly Shadow Lords too, which was a mixed blessing.


You see, on the fundamental level, I am all for the base Shadow Lord philosophy of "the strong should lead". I guess it would better worded as "most worthy" or "best suited", as "strength" can take many forms besides just physical, but whatever. Close enough. Where I butted heads with the rest of the tribe was with the definition of 'strength', who was deciding on that definition, and how they tended to shift it best suit their own power hungry needs. They would use it as an excuse, to justify their attempts to boot worthy leaders from leadership positions and take it for themselves, and that is bullshit. All it does it cause infighting and makes us weaker, even giving into the Wyrm a bit.


So instead of the usual power games and other totem pole, pecking order bullshit that the others played, I would avoid them and go off by myself, sniffing out Wyrm minions and get close to them so I could take them out, or I would go back and bring the rest of my pack and we would rain down Gaea's red hot vengeance on them.


On my solo outings I would even meet other Garou and hang out, Made some interesting friends that way, namely Dusk-Chaser, Gui Lang and Mist-Hunter (Silent Strider, Stargazer and Uktena, respectively). We shared stories, taught each other things. They were cool.




So things were at least decent. I was seeing my brother again, even if we were not in the same pack, and finally had an outlet for my rage. It was all good until it wasn't. One night, shit went sideways in the worst way. The ambush that we thought we were going to set up was actually an ambush for us. It was a good one too... And I guided my pack right into it. Fuck!


We fought like hell. I mean, you should have seen us. We were like a machine, all black fur, claws and teeth. For a moment, it looked like we might turn the tables on them even. For a moment.


I watched my packmates fall, one after the other, to rending claws and balefire. I was there to each each snarl and howl their last. And somehow, call it determination, pure luck or whatever, I was the only one not to fall, the only one to make it out alive.


I made it back to the Sept, bloodied, limping, ad dragging my hind leg behind me. I told them what had happened. I did not even have time to sit in my sorrow before the Shadow Lords heaped on more. My 'failure' could not be tolerated. Packless, drowning in sorrow, and still literally licking my wounds, I was forced out of the Sept.


Had it not been for the intervention of my brother, far worse would have happened, but by that time he had earned a great deal of respect and cashed in a lot of it to save my ass. I asked him, okay, I pleaded and even begged, him to come with me, but he couldn't. He still had his pack. 


I should have hugged him and said goodbye and done all sorts of other things, but I didn't. I couldn't. I was alone, depressed, hurt and angry at the loss of my pack, the Sept's response, and Owen's refusal to come with me. I left a total mess and it was not until the next day that I discovered he had slipped a parting gift into my bag, his prized fang dagger. I know why too, to help me fight since he could not be there. I didn't want his guilt gift though, so it just sat there, in the bottom of my bag, untouched for months.


I wandered for months, maybe a year, alone and depressed, re-living the ambush each night. My old Sept had let it be known what had happened, and their influence stretched far indeed. In the end, I had to get several states away, all the way to Texas in order to find any hope of acceptance, which I finally did in Austin.


It took some time, but I finally found the courage to join a new pack when the elders in the city needed the rest of us to step up while they left to go regulate. It's not a bad pack. Quite a few tribes though (even a Stargazer!) and a hell of a lot of lupus too. There are even some Fianna, which are sort of my kin too, I guess. We have a strong leader and all in all, a bunch of badass bitches (and Erik, poor guy).


I finally realized what my brother did for me too, and let go of (most) of my anger toward him,  finally appreciating his gift to me. He will always be my brother, but now I have a pack of my own again, and a place where I belong.





Name: Sophia Wong-Wight / Eyes-In-The-Dark    Breed: Homid                                                 Pack Name

Player: Noir                                                                 Auspice: Ragabash                                       Pack Totem

Chronicle: Lone Star Saga                                       Tribe: Shadow Lords                                     Concept


                                                                                     - - ATTRIBUTES- -

PHYSICAL                                                                 SOCIAL                                                              MENTAL
Strength___________●●                                           Charisma___________●●●                               Perception__________●●●
Dexterity__________●●●                                          Manipulation________●●●●                            Intelligence_________●●● 
Stamina___________●●                                           Appearance_________●●●                               Wits________________●●●



                                                                                     - - ABILITIES - -

TALENTS                                                                 SKILLS                                                                 KNOWLEDGES
Alertness___________●●                                        Animal-Ken_______                                            Academics_________
Athletics____________●                                          Crafts____________                                            Computer__________
Brawl_______________●                                          Drive_____________●                                          Enigmas___________●

Empathy____________●                                          Etiquette_________●                                          Investigation_______●
Expression__________●                                          Firearms_________ ●                                         Law________________ 
Intimidation_________●                                          Larceny__________●●●                                     Medicine___________

Leadership__________                                            Melee____________●●                                       Occult______________●
Primal-Urge_________●●                                        Performance_____                                            Rituals_____________●
Streetwise__________●●                                        Stealth___________●●●                                     Science____________

Subterfuge__________●●                                       Survival__________ ●●                                       Technology________●



Rage ●●●●●                                                            Gnosis ●●●●                                                      Willpower ●●●●● ●●



                                                                                         - - GIFTS - -
Rank ●
Persuasion, Open Seal, Shadow Weaving, Silence, Spirit of the Lizard, Iron Resolve

Rank ●●
Blissful Ignorance, Luna's Armor, Form Mastery




BACKGROUNDS                                                     RENOWN                                                            MERITS & FLAWS
Contacts:  ●●                                                          Rank: 2 "Fostern"                                              Language (● pt Merit)

Fate:                                                                         Glory ●●● /                                                            ^ Chinese

Fetish: ●●●●●                                                         Honor ●● /                                                        Lucky (●●● pt. Merit) 
Pure Breed:                                                             Wisdom ●● /                                                     Iron Will (●●● pt. Merit) 

Resources: ●                                                                                                                                       Strict Carnivore (● pt. Flaw)

Rites: ●●                                                                                                                                              Nightmares (● pt. Flaw)

Totem:                                                                                                                                                  Camp Enmity  (● pt. Flaw)

                                                                                                                                                                 ^ Society of Bitter Frost

                                                                                                                                                               Curiosity (●● pt. Flaw)


Truth Earring - Level ● / Gnosis ●●●●● ●
Nyx’s Bangle -  Level ●/ Gnosis ●●●●● ●

Fang Dagger - Level ●●● / Gnosis ●●●●● ●



Level ●

Rite of the Questing Stone, Rite of Talisman Dedication




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