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WARNING; This is an Original Setting for the Scion RPG, as such it makes several assumptions about gods and religion.  In this setting the omnipotent god of the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic faiths does not exist and, while those religions do exist in game, they are a façade. This is a roleplaying tool and not an indictment of these religions and no offense is meant to practitioners of these religions. If you find this objectionable, please do not read any further.

This game will feature adult themes, sex, nudity, extreme violence, and religion.




The gods, once the direct rulers of the earthly plane, saw that their interactions, their competitions, their wars, had not only enslaved humanity, but created a chaos of existence by the vying of pantheon vs. pantheon for the ultimate position in the hierarchy of the gods, a contest which could not be won, and which threatened the very existence of the WORLD.


By agreement and treaty most of the pantheons removed themselves from the mortal world to their homes, Olympus, Asgard, etc. leaving the mortal world to continue without the constant manipulation of the gods. In their place the mortals created new religions and many of these religions incorporated the rituals and even worship of the gods just under another name. This, for the most part, satisfied the old pantheons, and the world continued with humanity charting their own course with minimal guidance and interference of the gods.


Time past and humanity unleashed, wrought great changes to the WORLD and the gods were, if not forgotten entirely, were relegated to myth. Those pantheons which had been subsumed by the new religions survived while others fade  away entirely. The gods themselves lived in their home planes and had ceased to walk among the mortal’s centuries and centuries ago, and their influence became a thing of the past. Even the new mortal religions which fed the gods via incorporated rituals and holy days, lost much of its influence among the day-to-day existence of humanity. Today, technology, economics, and politics ruled the hearts and minds of men.


Into this time, a menace from before has broken the seals which held it at bay, and slowly tendrils of the war to come begin to seep into the world. The gods have seen this, yet they are powerless to act. Their agreements and treaties have bound them away, but still there may be a way.


In ages past the gods walked and cavorted among humanity, many gods planted their seed within mortal wombs and those lines stretch through time to the modern day. With effort the gods can now choose new champions; SCIONS to face the coming challenges and save the WORLD


This Game will use the Scion 2nd edition RPG with some house rules. It is an original setting and does not use the setting as described in the Scion 2nd edition rules.


If there are any questions, please ask them here and I will endeavor to answer them.


If there is interest, please let me know once there are enough players to make a viable game, I will post Character Creation rules.

To those who are familiar with the rules and with Scion and who are interested, please hold off on creating any characters or even settling on a character concept except in broad terms, as the CC rules will have extensive changes to the RAW and not all Pantheons will be available.



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33 minutes ago, Kaoleth said:
41 minutes ago, Nina said:

This game will feature adult themes, sex, nudity, extreme violence, and religion.


I may or may not be interested in some of these themes.


now you're teasing

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