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Something Wicked OOC


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Made this just for reference. Our homes are in the red box up on the left with Blarisville proper bring outlines on the lower middle-right-ish. I know it helped me a lot.




So it looks like from Gumlog Road you take the 129 to the 19 to get into Blairsville proper.

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without getting into details i am going to assume that your characters are all still virgins. it may have bearing on certain plot points later.

If your character is not please drop me a pm so I may take that into account.

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Quinn's brothers, Beau and Kinkaid, would be willing to go. Beau's just finished senior year at this point, and Kinkaid is going to be a junior in high school. Both have gotten into hot water over harmless (never intentionally hurt a person or animal, but they have broken a few things screwing around) hijinks but are protective of Quinn and trustworthy with the safety of her and her friends. They view Silas as a little brother.

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Jordan's twin brothers Craig and Keith are Juniors now and would be willing to go, especially after hearing Beau and Kinkaid are - Quinn's and Jordan's brothers hang out, a sort of unofficial Brat Pack of Walsh Road. And there might be another reason for one of them to go along... Pranksters too, though their parents are as likely to want Jordan to look after them as the other way around.


Either way, with them out of the house, Aiden (the eldest), spending more time with his girlfriend when he isn't working at the Steel Mill with Grant Johansson, and Ryland travelling overseas, Grant and Skye can finally have the weekend and house to themselves.


Also, Jordan's 16th birthday is in a few days. Just mentioning it.

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Oh! I thought the land hadn't been bought by the government because it wasn't really valuable enough. So, this *isn't* Walsh land anymore? Just want to make sure I understand before Silas completes the foot-in-mouth maneuver he's started with Quinn - he'll still complete it, but I need to know how much giggle as a player. 😄

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that is how he understood what he was told, not like he ever saw a deed or anything and if it had been taken over the structure probably would have been destroyed. but everying thing else in the area aside form about  and acre and a half on which the cabin and stable stand

 in other words dyln is wrong

 maybe 😛


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lets see if we can get some posts here over the next couple of days.


I know life has just sucked lately for everyone self included but we have pretty much lost almost all momentum here.


if y'all don't have anything to post for the sleepover, come sunday I will move the game forward past the sleep over.

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