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We will run combat in this thread due to the nature of how initiative can work. everyone will roll there initiative dice then post number of sux here. I will then list the action order.


Each player rolls the lower of Athletics + Cunning or  Empathy + Dexterity. These dice pools are designed to factor in both physical reaction time and perceptual processing speed.


The number of successes each player generates is his character’s order of action. On your turn you may act, or you may pass your action to another player who has not yet acted. If you pass your action to another you still get to act but only after everyone else has acted or if you are designated by someone else. This is to allow power and stunt set ups.


In the case of if one or more characters having the same number of sux on initiative, determine the tie breaker by how many dice were in each pool. If the number is still tied, I will set the order.


once we have the order we will go down the list here make relevant rolls and declarations of stunts and what have you one the active character is finished with the rolls and the outcome has been determined then that character can post in the story thread and we will move onto the next active character.


This replaces the RAW. and is the same as what we are using in Trinity, and for any other Storypath games down the line I may run.



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Dozer — Today at 5:15 PM
!roll 4d10 ie10 t8


Dice Maiden
 — Today at 5:15 PM
Dozer Roll: [7, 7, 5, 4] Result: 0


Initiative for Tryfon.

Zilch. Athletics and cunning. 


Edited by Veral
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Order of actions



The Giantess at the Shed






 4 Giants at Shed



 6 Giants at Sno Cats


Reg Giants Have a Defense of 1


Giantess has a defense of 3 (she is actually wearing armor)


When your action comes up you can either act, or pass your action to another player. if you pass you fall to the end of the player actions. each charcater may only act on a single slot. example.  Stacy has the first action she does passes her action to Raiko who is about to be attacked that moves Raiko to Stacy's slot and stacy drops to the slot after Tryfon.



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First Round of Combat:


Kaoleth Roll: [8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 3, 2] Result: 2


2 Successes on the attack, leaving me with 1 Enhancement after overcoming defense. 2 Enhancements because of the Melee Weapon. Will use the Damage Stunt and the Disarm stunt, to send the axe over to Tenchi. If he wants to use it.

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Giantess is next but since she is at the shed we will continue down the line for now  


Kamala is up

declare action make rolls or pass to another player.


if you do make your action post it here and add any fluff you want me to include in my effects post


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VAL is up now.


Remember folks I need you all to post your combat actions in this thread including if you are passing and to whom you are passing.

if bits are spread between here and discord it gets confusing.


thank you

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Val darted outside the Sno-Cat, having spotted the disarmed axe. She picked it up and gave a wild swing towards the giant - and whiffed completely, cutting only air and snow. 

Dice Maiden BOT  — Today at 11:14 AM
MalachiteDrake Roll: [6, 5, 4] Result: 0

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Attempting to charge at one of the half-giants trying to flank the shed, and slicing at him with the axe. 


Dozer — Today at 3:34 PM
!roll 6d10 ie10 t8

Dice Maiden
 — Today at 3:34 PM
Dozer Roll: [10, 9, 7, 4, 3, 2], [1] Result: 2


1 sux for bypassing defense, 0+armor for damage, +1 for trip/knockdown. 


Using additional success to trip the giant, just in case not killed. 

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It was sudden, it was shocking, but Ali ran out, found the other fallen giant's axe, and came to aid Val. "May God forgive me." He whispered, before burying it in the hamstrings of the giant, before pulling it back and bringing it down in a second chop.


Expending 2 momentum on the roll.

Gabe — Today at 9:33 PM

!roll 6d10t8e10

Dice MaidenBOT — Today at 9:33 PM

Gabe Roll: [10, 9, 6, 4, 3, 2], [6] Result: 2


+1 Enhancement makes 3. Using 1 to bypass defense, 0 to inflict damage, 1 to buy off the Complication, 1 to knock down

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Stacys action

nina_blain — Today at 6:46 AM
!roll 7d10 ie10 t8

Dice Maiden
 — Today at 6:46 AM
nina_blain Roll: [9, 9, 7, 6, 5, 3, 3] Result: 2


Slipping a small handgun from her clutch Stacy races after Ali through the door of the sno-cat and outside. She doesn't follow him around to where The others are, instead veering to the left and the side where the strange giant blue men had not been challenged yet.

As difficult as moving in the snow is she still manages to get there in time to fall into a textbook firing stance and squeeze off three rounds at the three advancing weirdos. One of them goes down blue blood oozing from chest wound the rest keep coming.



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😕 Not a lot for Kamala to do yet that makes sense IC, but what the hell, fluffy prose to show I'm still alive. Whew. Go Team. 



Kamala was a survivor, and when it came to the violence of a street by street firefight, the key to survival was simple: run, hide, and *then* fight. Running meant going through the ranks of towering warriors that were something out of a quest. Fighting? By the abortive glimpse of Raiko and the others feats, they had that covered. In spades, God help her that thing with the shovel... That left hiding, for now, until the bullets stopped flying, the bombs stopped falling, and it was her turn to wrestle minutes and hours of life from the grasping hands of death. THAT was a fight she knew how to win.  


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Round 2, same order 


Giantess blows her horn and throws her axe at Tryfon  

!roll 9d10 ie10 t8

Dice Maiden
 — Today at 9:48 AM
nina_blain Roll: [10, 10, 8, 8, 8, 7, 5, 3, 2], [9, 5] Result: 6

which is  not enough to beat his defense 


I will move on to Stacy

She will fire her gun mutple times again empying the clip at the two on that side. she will use 4 of her momentum...which she wasted

!roll 11d10 ie10 t8

Dice Maiden
 — Today at 9:57 AM
nina_blain Roll: [10, 9, 7, 6, 5, 5, 4, 3, 3, 2, 1], [4] Result: 2 


does hit and takes out 1 more


Kamala is next


Everyone can hear the horn

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