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Name: Jordan 'She-Hulk/The Giant' Johansson
Tagline: Bigger is better!
Concept: Teen Amazon

Relatives: Grant Johansson (Father, 52 - Former Navy mechanic and amateur boxer, currently a steel mill foreman in Ivy Log; 5'10''), Skye Johnasson (Mother, 46 - Former Triathlete, currently an IT and programming consultant; 5'9''), Aidan Johansson (Brother, 20 - Works at the steel mill with his father; 5'9''), Ryland Johansson (Brother, 19 - Just graduated and travelling abroad; 5'8''), Keith and Craig Johansson (Brothers, twins, 17 - Juniors, and on the football team; 5'7'')

Pale blond hair, blue eyes, and pretty, Jordan has always been an active and athletic tomboy and shockingly muscular for her age. But where her father and four older brothers tend towards stockiness, with an extended growth spurt over the last year and a half, Jordan now stands half a foot and taller than any of them at a strapping and imposing 6'5'' with broad shoulders, thickly muscled arms, hard 8-pack abs, incredibly long, powerful legs, with thickly muscled thighs that she loves to show off, and very firm breasts.

Despite her considerable size, Jordan moves with feline grace, powerful and smooth, and exudes vigorous health and energy. Loves all sports and athletic endeavours - destroys it in basketball and volleyball - but doesn't always have the singular discipline to focus on just one, and prefers track & field, rather than team sports. Used to be in gymnastics, but as she continued to get bigger, transitioned to parkour and is now really into CrossFit, triathlons, and competitive obstacle courses and climbing. Skye is subtly trying to urge Jordan towards Olympic considerations in Track & Field events and the Heptathlon.

Intimidating to many boys - and men - and different from most girls, Jordan is generally shy and laconic in public, rarely using two words where one will do. But growing up roughhousing with four older brothers, when on the track or sports field, Jordan is cheerfully and uncompromisingly competitive and intent. Usually dresses for ease of movement, mostly in cut-off shorts and tight crop tops, or stretchy sports wear (it isn't easy finding clothes for a girl her size).


A blond, blue eyed, somewhat bustier version of Jessica Buettner
Ripped Girls 🔥🔥🔥🔥 | Lichaamsbouw, Bodywarmer, Vrouw
Jessica Buettner

Jordan's father is a former amateur boxer and mechanic in the navy who is now a foreman in the steel mill in Ivy Log. Her mother is a retired triathlete who now works as an IT and programming consultant, usually from home. Jordan is the youngest of five children, and the only girl, though that didn't change how older brothers treated her... that is, until she started growing bigger and stronger than they were, and the exuberant roughhousing started turning. An athletically enthusiastic family, most of the Johanssons exercise and weightlifting equipment is homemade from scraps from the Steel Mill.

Mildly dyslexic, which makes reading and academics a chore and difficult for her, and standing out from her peers, Jordan fell naturally into the jock stereotype her extreme physique made her remarkably suited for, and in which she excelled. She might be awkward in social situations and not good with witty remarks, but she was dominant in the physical arena and she is fine with that - the track, the field, the weights, they didn't care what you looked like or how clever you were with words.

Last year, she was dating a junior, Dexter Fox, but they broke up by the end of the year school year when he could no longer handle a girlfriend who had grown notably taller and stronger than he was while being two years the younger.

Jordan has a huge year and a half old Kangal Shepherd Dog crossbreed named Banner who she takes running with her all the time.




Archtype: High Schooler

Toughness/Base: 8/8
Stress/Base: 5/5



Damn the Man: High schoolers gain Advantage whenever they are taking actions that undermine or subvert authority.

I Can Do This: High schoolers assume they know everything and can do anything, and that overconfidence allows them to attempt Tests for things they likely shouldn’t be able to or know how to do (operating pieces of equipment they’ve never been trained on or make an impossible jump between buildings). If the Kid has ever actually had any experience with it (they learned about it in class once, or their parents showed them how to do it), they gain Advantage even on the Test to do something they really likely shouldn’t have even tried to do.



Acrobatic: You gain Advantage when Testing to do acrobatic tricks such as tumbling, long-distance jumps, climbing, and maintaining balance.
Athletic: You gain Advantage when Testing to do athletic tricks such as running faster, lifting more weight, high jumping, pushing a heavy object over, throwing something further or doing something through brute force.
Fleet of Foot: Your speed increases from 25 feet to 30 feet. You gain Advantage when in chases or actions that involve movement on your own two feet like walking, jogging, or running, or those powered by it like swimming and riding a bike.
Healthy: You gain 2 additional Toughness points and 1 Stress point.

Strapping: When testing an action where great size or strength would help you, you succeed on a 4, 5, or 6.

Spell-Touched (Power Trait): You were born with an arcane heritage, and while the centuries have diluted the power, you are still able to subtly influence the world around you by merely willing it to happen.


Big: You stand out regardless of what you try to do, and don't always finds things suited to your scale. You have disadvantage when sneaking or trying to go unnotices, squeezing through tight spaces, or on anything else you size or bulk would make things awkward. You can't take the Sneaky or Dextrous Traits.


Cyclocross bike


Summertime Blues - Feb. 18th +2xp
Project #1 +1xp
Summertime Blues - Mar. 28th +3xp
Summertime Blues - May 13th +2xp
Summertime Blues - July 25th +3xp
Legacies - Sept. 18th +5xp
Independence Day - Oct. 15th +2xp
Independence Day - Feb. 10th +2xp

Trait - Acrobatic: -14xp

Balance: 6xp
Total:  20xp


Name: Jordan “Jo” Johansson

Age: 15

Height: 6’ 5”       Weight: 226 lbs           Eyes: Blue                            Hair: Blond

Hero Points:  2                     XP:


_11   Strength (Str) +1

_ 9   Dexterity (Dex) +1

_ 10  Endurance (End) +1

_ 7    Intelligence (Int) +0

_ 6    Education (Edu) +0

_ 5    Social Standing (Soc)  -1





Computer 1, Drive 0, Streetwise 0. Athletics 2, Carousing 1, Melee Combat 1




Born Athlete – Strength.  Make all Athletics tests that involve strength with Advantage.

Hardy * – Jo is particularly tough and resistant to injury. +5 to stamina for each level of this trait.


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Personal Information

Identity: Quinn Patience Hollins

Nickname: Q, Quinn, Stiff Bristles

Occupation: High Schooler

Living Relatives: David Hollins (father), Holly Hollins (mother), Zachary Hollins (brother), Beau Hollins (brother), Kinkaid Hollins (brother)

Appearance and Personality

Lean and drawn out, Quinn is dark-haired and dark-eyed. She's pretty, especially when she tries to glam up, and utterly uninterested in dating or anything like it. She usually dresses in simple clothing, often dirty from working in her parents' stables. She realizes she's got looks, but she's far more interested in the horses than in what she's wearing. As such, she's a little brash when dealing with people, quick to spout off horse-related advice, no matter how appropriate it may be for the situation.. 


Quinn is the youngest child in a family of horse-nuts who event together in endurance racing. They raise and breed Arabians and Arabian mixes, as well as more generalized training for others in the county. David is one of two large animal veterinarians in the county, while Holly runs a boarding stable. Everything the family does is horse-related; Zack is in college as a pre-vet -- intending to return after graduation to work with his dad -- while Beau couldn’t make the cut for college and so has just finished his apprenticeship as a farrier. Kinkaid is borderline about learning to be a vet and has talked about going for equestrian management, but Quinn’s goal has been to be a large-animal veterinarian since she could talk.

Publicly the family serves as crew for one another at big events, usually David and Holly competing in 100 mile races while the kids serve as the crew. Sometimes, they do 25 mile rides together, as competitive with each other as any other racers. 

Privately, Quinn’s parents have started to wonder if maybe she’s a little too horse-crazy. She’s completely focused on horses and school, while the boys found time to have a social life. While that social life included running around the county tipping cows and underage partying -- contributing more than a few gray hairs to David and Holly -- haven’t seen the same kind of harmless rebellion (if more gender appropriate) from Quinn and they are worried.

Arizona Bey "Bey-by"

This chestnut Arabian mare is Quinn's current endurance racer. Together, they've completed several Limited Distance events.

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3AM8j8v.jpgName: Rochelle "Roach" McKendrick
Concept: Delinquent Mad Scientist
Archetype: High School
Toughness: 6
Stress: 4

XP: 3 (through 6/10/2021)

- Spent 8 to gain Proficiency

- Damn the Man: Adv taking actions that undermine or subvert authority
- I Can Do This: Can attempt Tests for things that should be beyond them, with Adv if they have any reasonable experience with the matter
- Dextrous: Adv picking locks, stealing or doing sleight of hand
- Engineer: Adv when maintaining, managing or repairing machines
- MacGuyver: With appropriate materials on hand, can create items that give Adv on any one test, with a single use. Gain adv when identifying items
- Black Hat: Gain Adv when using a computer in illegal, mischievous or malicious ways

- Spell-Touched Witch: Can cast spells alone or in a coven, and invent new spells.

- Delinquent: Disadvantage on all social tests related to adults


- Computers

- Mechanics

- Swiss army knife/tool
- Bicycle
- Pet Roomba (with remote control; not always carried, usually at home)

Roach can't wait to grow up, and it shows. She does her best to dress older, using lots of makeup, dying her hair, getting bling and hoping one day to get an actual tatooo. It doesn't work very well though. Roach's growth spurt left her skinny and gangly and she's only just starting to fill back in. She's fond of making her mouse-brown hair red these days, but it grows in fast enough there's almost always roots showing. In terms of fashion she tends towards inexpensive clothing, as she can be hard on it. T-shirts and tanktops that can easily have grease or oil washed off, and that are cheap to replace, under a sky blue windbreaker that's a little too short in the sleeves now. Roach is saving up for a cool leather jacket, but still has a ways to go. Her jeans invariably wind up being shorts in short order, as their knees don't hold out under her constant assault of crawling around to get under or behind things.

- "I prefer to think of it as ANGRY science."

Rochelle has always been a handful; quick to learn, quick to judge. Always testing boundaries and looking for ways to get away with things. Her dad, formerly an auto mechanic, bonded with her over their shared love of 'ripping things apart and putting them together,' starting with cars, though she quickly moved on to other devices as well. When she was ten years old, her father was in an automobile accident that left him partially paralyzed in his legs, and his right arm. Between the medical bills and the loss of income, the McKendrick family had some hard years ahead of them. Roach's mother had a job, and her father had disability to help, but they had to move to a smaller house in a cheaper location in the process.

These tough times were when Roach really started acting out more...stressed out by the stress at home, feeling alone and neglected and resentful, Rochelle started getting into trouble with petty crimes like trespassing and shoplifting, and at school. Later on she didn't get caught, but that was more because she'd refined her techniques. To try to give her something to keep her occupied, her parents got her a secondhand computer when she went into middle school, and for a time it seemed like the plan had worked. In reality, it simply gave her a new tool. Rochelle found on the computer and online, a sort of freedom that only made reality all the more frustrating. She took to it with the same voraciousness that she had engines and springs and gears, finding online mentors and guides to help.

By the time she started high school, Rochelle had convinced herself that she didn't need any of this. Let her dad sit around and be too glum (and injured) to come out and tinker on cars with her. Let her old friend Quinn decide horses were more interesting than her. Let her mom turn into a screechy, angry stressed out demon-lady. All these rules and controls were obstacles. Nothing that happened in Blainesville mattered because the day she hit eighteen, she was out of there. She'd get out to the coast, to Silicon Valley, wow everyone with her mad skills and then she'd die from literally choking on all her money while rolling in the pile of it she keeps in her seven car garage, full of supercars.



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Name- Henry Alan "Hank"  Leesford
Age- 16
Archetype - High Schooler
Concept- The Scout
Traits- Quartermaster, MacGuyver, First Aid, CPR Certified

Equipment-  Pickup (conditional), Hunting and fishing equipment, Cell phone, camping supplies, first aid kit
Tagline- "I gotcha covered."
Toughness 6
Stress 4
Abilities- Damn the Man, I Can Do This

Henry Alan Leesford's a good example of an average young man in Blairsville, Georgia.    Not overly tall at  six feet even, He's healthy but not an athlete or fitness nut.   While he's no stranger to gaming of most kinds, he feels the call of the wild more than most modern teens.   As a boy scout from an early age, he's brutally honest, upright, and steadfast, and likes to think he's always prepared for just about anything and is fairly self sufficient and able to cook well enough.  Thanks to his scout training he's fairly good at jurry-rigging means of doing things, and always seems to have whatever he needs close at hand.  Due to being a scout and being left to his own devices and having to watch over his younger sisters, he took an interest in medicine, and even going so far as having recently earned his CPR training certificate.      His grades are somewhat better than average, he applies himself to his studies, but he's not a natural genius or anything like that.

 His Father, James Leesford runs a a booming Guide Service on Lake Nottely and never seems to lack for work.  His mother, Betty Leesford, is the Department Manager for Sporting Goods at the Blairsville Walmart Supercenter. He has younger identical twin sisters, Jennifer and Leslie, who are in just going into fifth grade.  

Henry, or Hank as most call him, is able to drive with his learner's permit, and with some conditions has his own pickup he helped pay for in part by mowing lawns.   His parents mostly work the morning shift, and are out the door before seven am most days, so its his job to ensure his sisters get to school on time.  Aside that, he tends to run other errands as needed, and has to be on call when his parents need him.  There are some times where he can get out of it, so long as he makes arrangements ahead of time, barring actual emergencies.


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large.Hannah02.png.d0bc4a9b3976cac8feac6fb5cfa1785c.pngName: Hannah Lee Harper
Concept: Shy, bookish girl
Archetype: High Schooler
Traits: Focused, Clever, Eidetic Memory, Schooled (Literature)
Drawback: Frail

Hannah is a relatively pretty girl behind the glasses, leaning toward the lower end of average height and weight for her age with brunette hair and subdued auburn highlights. She almost always has on a hat, usually wool caps or flat caps, but occasionally she dons a fedora for certain outfits. She tends favor more soft/muted colors, over sized sweaters and shirts with leggings or jeans, and her footwear varies wildly. Her clothing is not overly expensive, but still nice, with the occasional retro thrift store find tossed in to accent her personal style.

The thing that most people notice about Hanna, but sometimes cannot quite put their finger on, is that she is half Korean. Even though Hannah looks mostly Caucasian, enough of her Korean ancestry is visible to make her stand out a bit, if one can get a good look at her (as her nose is usually buried in a book).

- "Nerd? I prefer the term Intellectual Badass."

Hannah Lee Harper was born and raised in Union County and had a pretty typical life there. She is an intelligent, but shy girl, often taking refuge in a book or her own writings and poetry, often with her cat, Rembrandt (or "Remmy" for sort) curled up in her lap or beside her. She enjoys teaching herself to play her father's old bass guitar and loves the beauty of nature. She has even taken a liking to hiking (to a degree), occasionally wandering through the more rural areas of the county, camera in hand, often with her friend, Silas Walsh, leading the way, snapping landscapes and the occasional still life around town.  

Though top of her class in almost every subject (P.E. being the most notable exception), her favorite is clearly literature. From a very young age Hannah developed a love of reading and consumed books at a voracious pace. Once she ran through all of the children's books in the house, and library, and any they could barrow for her, in what seemed like no time, she progressed up and up. She is already well on her way to making short work of virtually any '100 Books You Need To Read Before You Die" list, occasionally taking breaks to consume other fare.

To go along with her reading, more likely because of it, Hannah has become quite the talented writer herself, moving from short stories, to poetry, and even a small blog she keep about life in Union County that, like, nobody reads.

Though shy, she is not without friends, but she is far from drowning in them. Those that do have the patience to overcome her shyness quickly discover that she is a very smart girl, gifted with a near perfect memory, and actually is rather witty, with a great sense of humor. 

Notebook of original writings (short stories, poems, etc)
Books (various subjects)

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Name: Silas Elijah Walsh image.png.7fd0a507fa64bf8881e27f5327d70a19.png
Concept: Nature Guy
Archetype: High Schooler
Abilities: Damn the Man, I Can Do This, Spell-Touched
Traits: Appalachian (P), Acrobatic, First Aid Training, Healthy, Powerful Witch
Drawback: Cinnamon Roll*
Toughness: 8
Stress: 5

Cinnamon Roll - Silas is a sucker for emotional manipulation. He has Disadvantage whenever someone uses an emotional plea or argument to get him to do something.  

Silas is an attractive young man usually found in rugged, well-worn clothes and a large backpack. He was always an outgoing kid that smiled easily, he often invited friends out to his family's "cabin" south of town, but over the summer he's become a bit more shy and reclusive.  


Tagline: "It's just the woods, guys."


Esther and Jeremiah Walsh moved from a more rural area of Union County into Blairsville after the death of Esther’s father - she became deeply depressed and Jeremiah hoped that moving into the town and getting at least a part-time job to occupy herself would help Esther’s recovery. Jeremiah is a mechanic and Esther found work as a cook in one of the better restaurants in town; after a few years, Silas was conceived. Complications during Silas’ birth meant Esther couldn’t have any more children, but the couple felt their family was complete anyways. 


Despite being an only child, the Walsh's friendship with the Hollins' family has meant that Silas never lacked for siblings: Quinn and her four brothers has kept Silas company through childhood as both playmates and tormentors, just as siblings should. He's had one foray into romance, a middle school girlfriend that dumped him at the start of freshman year so they could "explore their options as they grow up". She's not a total bitch, but she is pretty self centered and the two haven't spoken in more than passing for the past year. Quinn nursed him through that first heart-break - though he wouldn't have minded fewer horse analogies through it all.


Silas has grown up with very few unfulfilled wants: as an only child of two successful working adults (Esther is the head chef and effectively second manager of the restaurant now, Jeremiah owns his own repair/customizing shop with around a dozen employees), he has an allowance and generous birthdays and Christmases. On the weekends and during school breaks, the family often visits the land they own outside of town; there’s a “cabin” that started as an old one-room hunting cabin and that several generations of Avery and Walsh men have added to the structure until it’s become a proper and somewhat luxurious (by Appalachian standards) lodge. It’s Silas’ favorite place in the world. Silas can often be found out there, especially on the weekends and when friends agree to go fishing or do a sleepover. He’s got a fair area around the lake and lodge covered with trail cameras and posts a wilderness vlog with spliced-together footage and remixed music (it’s. . .okay, good for a teen dabbling). He’ll post up information about the species seen in the video, wanting to share his passion for the mountains with others. He’s a good kid that still figuring himself out, but so far he hasn’t hit a completely rebellious stage.  


Backup Battery and Charging Cords/Brick
Small First Aid Kit
Swiss Army Pocket Knife
CRKT Drifter Pocket Knife
Random book to read


XP: 11/25
Trait: Powerful Witch

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