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Project #1 "Would you sign my yearbook?"


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here we go back by popular demand (ok I made that up) Something Wicked Projects.

TinyD6 by default doesn't have a robust XP system with tons of options to spend xp on it just isn't that kind of crunchy game so this project and those that may follow won't be giving you a lot of reward other than character building ūüėõ


for this our first SW project since its the last day of school and you just got your year books give me some in character yearbook signings

 it can be your year book that's been signed by a fellow student ( not a fellow PC but some one you get to name here, just the name though)

or a year book you signed for someone else's book (PC or NPC (name only again)

give me at least one of each and you will get a 1xp bonus.

You can give me more but you still only get 1xp bonus.

have fun!

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You're the REAL Wonder Woman, Jord! You'd snap Gal Gadot in half! Wish your photo was you in your Halloween Costume. Can't wait for next year!

My boobs aren't that big!














Faster! Higher! Stronger! We were robbed at States, Billy! We all know it!
Next time, whoever has the chance, takes the foul and takes out that skank!


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Get your nose out of those books, get outside, and have a great summer. See you in the fall! ~ Lorraine (Romer)


You were a great lab partner and somehow put up with my terrible science puns all year. But at least I only made them periodically! Hope you have a fun summer! ~ Hannah (in Jennifer Mason's yearbook)

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big picture of a penis scrawled on an entire page of Quinn's yearbook, with the caption under it:


"School can Suck IT!"

Craig or Keith (you will never know!)


Definitely Keith. Have a great summer, Q-ball. 





Candy, have a great summer! Hope you get everyone to sign your yearbook, I know you wouldn't have asked me otherwise. Glad I can be another cog in your need to be the Most. 


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