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I will be extending my absence form day to day management of the site for the foreseeable future. Contact Mala with any problems or questions.


I will attempt to post in my game threads but you will need to be patient.


Take care.

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From the 21st through the end of the month I will have limited availability to access the forums or discord. This is just a heads up.

If there is a problem with the forum notify Mala.


You can leave me a PM and I will respond when i am able.


I will try to keep up with posting and should generally be available after 8PM central Time for an hour or so.



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  • 2 months later...

guys between having to get ready for potentially two storms affecting our area and now both of our cars not wanting to run, i am over whelmed I will be back to post and working on the site when I can.


sorry for the inconvenience

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one storm down due to its falling apart 

one more the worse to go. looks like we will get a miss for the most part unless it veers west suddenly. But my folks and Justin (shameless) are still in the direct path of what may be a cat 3 storm by landfall.


i'm trying to do some writing to relieve some stress so you may get a post or two from me soon


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Storm did not directly impact us here in clear lake so thats good.

MY parents house caught the edge of the eye and received some damage to roof, a tree in the garage and a workshed blown off it's foundation. lot of trees and limbs down. I have been there the last two day helping clean up. no power there yet. 


As you know Justin (Shameless) lives in Lake Charles. he and his family evacuated and are safe. Lake Charles is devastated, that is the only word i can use. you can see for yourselves by googling if you want.Justin hadn't heard from the people he lives with since before the storm last he heard they were going to ride it out. 😞

Yesterday Justin and his father went into LC to see the damage to their homes. Have not spoken to Justin since then.


Please keep him, his family, and friends and everyone there in southwest Louisiana in your thoughts and prayers.


As for getting back to normal here on the site. I will likely be here for a few more days as there is a lot to do but I will get back to posting after I am home. just don't have time or energy right now. I wouldn't expect Justin to be posting for a while to be honest.



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  • 3 weeks later...

An update (sorry to hijack your thread)   

I am okay, my family and housemates are ok.   My home needs a new roof, and is mostly unlivable.  I am currently living at my parents' home, and likely will into the new year.   Most of the city is still without power, and they expect it to be 2 months or more before we have drinkable water.  We Might get internet (crazy priorities, I know) back by the 28th of september, but also might not.  It is my hope that if not then, then probably on October 2nd I'll be able to come back and give another update.

Yes the cats are fine.   They've caused me alot of headaches, but they're worth it.

I've missed all of you, and look forward to coming back.    

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  • 1 month later...

As of Monday I have returned to work.  My availability during the day will be curtailed so if you need to get a hold of me use the pms here on site.


This also means that my posting will take a hit as I will most likely only be able to post in the evenings or on the weekends with regularity, although i will try to write offline and post when I can. Add to that, we are coming up on the holiday seasons. 


so everyone will have to be patent waiting for posts during this time.


Just wanted to let everyone know


have a good day


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  • 2 months later...
  • 3 weeks later...

more disruptions and stress.


We will be starting our move this weekend. I will likely lose internet sometime this weekend because of the move and do not know when i will get it back at the new apartment.


this will of course delay posting. but it is what it is.


i will keep y'all posted

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